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: Umm, there is another comment here with the same issue I have, but when I press the link it just comes up with this: Unrecognized Account The Lag Report does not recognize this account. You may not have created created a Summoner Name yet. Please login to the League of Legends game client and create a Summoner Name. If you continue to encounter this error, please contact Riot Games Support. [Here's an image]( Update: Works on Safari but not chrome (I'm on mac)
I have the same issue, not sure what it means.
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: The final battle approaches
{{summoner:4}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
e z (OCE)
: Horse Power is Looking For players For Serious ranked 5s (Jungler, ADC or Support)
Exhausted (OCE)
: Bad Internet? better play ranked
I don't understand why everyone is having a go at the guy who made this thread. He makes a bloody good point. {{champion:127}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:127}} FOR LIFE LONG LIVE SANTA CLAUSE
Dawaraven (OCE)
: or anime
Please, anything but anime... and I literally mean *anything*.
: lmfao i wish i could accept it.. still in b5 with 0 points.. its getting harder and harder to even leave the 20 point mark.. constantly getting a win then a loss T_T
Haha thats pretty similar to my situation, however I'm stuck in the 90-100 point range of Bronze 4. I've been through 5 promo series so far xD
Niji (OCE)
: Why are there Diamonds etc in my normals?
It is possible that you are at their skill level.
Vente1 (OCE)
: How Riot is Better than the Government
Plus, Riot is not run by Tony Abbott.
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: i'd like to state that even though im stuck in bronze 5 i play lol every few days. yes oce bronze 5 is full of trolls and players that dont know how to do there roles properly.. but i prevail.. if im pissed at the game i turn it off.. dont rage at players.. etc what they could do is actually setup a tribunal system that works to deal with the players that feed and afk when they dont get what they are after.. or fail at doing there role that they picked in lineup.. if there is a way to fix these issues then it would be fine.. but till then nothing can be done.. I STILL STAY POSITIVE IN MATCHES AND FOCUS FOR TEAM PLAYS!! .. its what people need to do.. shrug it off and focus.. group up when needed... i also have received the ip boost and the mystery skin. cheers.. Long time player.. and long time non rager.. d3s.
This man deserves a Poro Snack! {{item:2052}}{{item:2052}} {{item:2052}}
: supports still gets no love {{champion:267}}{{item:3070}}
I voted for my sweet Sushi friend {{champion:267}} {{item:3070}}
: Tbh I'm pretty filthy at riot, the removal of DFG is annoying but the fact they haven't replaced it with a 3rd 120 AP item to fill the void that Burst mages need, as well as nerfing or not buffing champions that rely on it like Veigar and Syndra has really fucked alot of mid laners over. I think it was lazy and rushed removal of the item Tl,dr: Fuck you riot, actually have the compensations for the removal of DFG ready before you removal, cunts
They said they are exploring further options with 120 AP items. Surely that's enough isn't it?
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