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: Dynamic queue is Solo queue. How hard is it to understand that?
Dynamic queue is not solo queue. We are getting true solo queue back where we can queue only solo and not bring a premade of 5 vs 5 solo players. Dynamic basically fills the void of the old ranked 5's and atm is the only ranked option.
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Almasy (OCE)
TheBioB (OCE)
: I believe many developers have put a tonne of time, effort, planning etc into creating these skins. Plus many people really like it and want to buy it. Show some respect please...
TIME AND EFFORT? Fuck me dude, if everyone could put time and effort into something and have it work we might all be millionaires. You can put time and effort into anything but that doesn't guarantee it being a success. For example a singer with no hint of talent putting in years of practice; no one is actually going to buy and listen to their songs (unless they're so bad they become a parody). It actually has to be appealing to a potential buyer and if these skins aren't appealing then that's their fault for releasing them in this state.
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Rocka (OCE)
: i do
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: I'm seriously worried... I connected to a ranked game just as the servers were reset. After waiting 10 minutes, I left the queue. Now it won't let me to the regular client and I'm stuck waiting to reconnect to a ranked game with a team of 2. The others left because they got annoyed. Will LP or ranked wins/losses be changed? Will I get leavebuster? If so....
Olee (OCE)
: Could someone explain how the MMR reset for next season works?
K its (current mmr + 1200 mmr)/2 + provisional outcome = placement in the most basic form Can't be placed higher than plat 1
: Increase in foreign language
Did you climb up the ladder much? Diamond is full of non native speakers.
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: Someone convince me that Riven is balanced
Salty OP just mad that they cant play riven so proceeds to bitch about them being op. Riven has her weaknesses like every other champ, learn them then shit on her. EDIT: I am not a riven main.
: Whats up with matchmaking atm?
Because a lot of high ranked players don't play norms and now they might be playing a few normal games to see how shit the new hud design is and play for the event thing.
: I'm done caring.
I'll just leave this here
Blackavar (OCE)
: the new HUD
I agree its garbage, let me choose to use the old hud
: Teams lose most commonly because of the things listed above. That is what makes the statistic. It is very rare to see a team that loses without someone verbally abusing someone else. That is why a productive change will help the community have a more enjoyable experience winning and while losing.
: It has been proven that toxic players lose more games then most players who aren't toxic? Yes the result is you win or lose, but the experience of playing the game is what I am trying to talk about here in an efficient manner. The difference between criticism and someone being toxic, there is a huge difference. Criticism still needs to be given in a productive and positive matter where most people verbally abuse other players which isn't constructive. There issue isn't resolved and the player hasn't learned anything apart that another player is more then happy to verbally abuse, troll or threaten to leave the game because someone made a mistake. League of Legends has a competitive side which we all know is Ranked. So if you want to win and climb the ladder being a positive force for your team is huge. Not putting the team down, its why people lose. Normals is about trying new things and basically having fun. A lot of people just play normals because they want to have fun without any stress but even this environment is ruined by people that be toxic, ruining the experience for a lot of people to the point that some people will just leave or stop playing the game. Where there is a will there is a way and positive reinforcement being pushed into the community will change it and move it into a better direction. Fortunately League of Legends has a more favorable community then other games like HON or Smite.
Its a bullshit stat btw, teams become toxic due to losing
: Why do we get lame/boring topics on OCE homepage?
> [{quoted}](name=VENI VIDI VICI,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=I8lybPlg,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-19T16:47:03.337+0000) > > Yeah it might be good to read for some people but seriously we never get what NA gets. Why?{{item:3151}} Bwahaha NA are garbage as fuck anyway, EU/Korea masterrace
: You understand that how you replied to the post is what I am talking about? and because of this it actually results in more losses then anything else. People are trying to get better at the game and improve but can only do that in a positive matter. The community is somewhat just generally toxic like yourself. Some people play the game for fun to enjoy it and play with friends but when there are people like yourself that verbally abuse a conversation by being toxic it doesn't make the game enjoyable anymore. This is about the wide spectrum of change to benefit the game.
What you're looking for is unrealistic rofl. POSITIVE COMMUNITY, no one cares about you or your dreams in this game. 99% want one thing which is victory. If you don't win then it is certain that you and others on your team could have done something better to win, hence criticism. What your looking for is some real life friends, a single player game, or a game where the most rewarding result is not victory but score. When you learn that criticism stems from a competitive environment, you may finally realize that this isn't the game for you. There is no changing the community when the goal of the game is to win. You don't get more IP or LP for your individual performance, its all about the end result and it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you achieve it.
: Player Behavior in Oceania
Here's an idea. Stop being a bitch and exaggerating that people negatively influence your games every second game. Some one thinks your a dickhead and wants to abuse u and you cant take it mute them like the pussy you are. Someone trolls in ranked? Maybe get good at the game so that one loss doesn't tilt you to the point where u become delusional and believe this 1 game that happened outta 50 is the reason you are still in silver 5. You don't like it, tough luck. The simple answer is if you are good you will win more than you lose, When your winning your team isn't going to flame often. ANY competitive environment is going to have tensions, LoL just has the benefit of users being a name on a screen so they feel there is no shame in venting them because of the element of anonymity
: New Ranked 5's Team |Excellence| EXLE
Role: Any its bronze League: Diamond V Top 5 champs: Kalista, Gnar, Thresh, Yasuo, Jinx Age: 12
: Hi i'm Derek 'Raydere' Trang, ADC for the Chiefs eSports Club. Ask me almost anything!
I know your probably not the right person to ask but anyway since your in the Pro scene, How much room for esports growth do you think there is for Oceania? Australia (who holds the largest population of the region) as a whole is hooked on competitive sport with a wide diversity in the sports watched and participated in such as the AFL grand final, the state of origin, a wide following of soccer across the country as well an interest from many in the commonwealth and Olympic games, do you think there is room for esports to grab a following from people who are unfamiliar with the scene and history of LoL?
Korossal (OCE)
: Finding a Main
Gnar irelia rumble are all freelo
RLG Shaky (OCE)
: how about instead of normals draft picks, they bring back Dominion :D i think yes, but i agree 100% with team builder being garbage and should be replaced.
I wouldn't mind dominion either. Ill edit the poll to be replace teambuilder/keep teambuilder.
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Flood (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=CrepeVictim,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=8v6ueRFZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-23T07:45:21.944+0000) > > this community has no interest in making the game a better place. Pretty much sums up LoL community.
because only a few sensitives feel there is an issue
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Flood (OCE)
: Pool Party Mundo impossible to get?
You understand that monday is probably going to have the lowest numbers right? Expect the numbers to double or triple on the weekend and also slowly increase as we get closer to the weekend.
: Silver is the MMR of Unranked. So you get a lot of new accounts and less experienced. Once you hit Silver 1 it gets a little better. Bronze is easy, the real struggle is silver 4-2
Bronze Silver and Gold are all easy. The stuggle begins in plat 2 and extends to plat 1 and diamond 5. Most Diamonds don't care if they win because they have achieved realistically the highest rewards they can, so they will first time galio. The plats are so toxic because they have the dream that they can make it into diamond and any little mistake ends up in crucifixion. Then once you pass this hell you end up in diamond 4 where in the early hours its not uncommon for you to end up against master and challenger players in ranked as d4 is the top 1000 players on this server.
Brilliant (OCE)
: Power Rankings
Because there is no chance.
: Apparently i got demoted without noticing.
Oh FORGIVE ME! All of what he wrote is complete shit and the thoughts of a ~~silver~~ gold 5 0lp player. Same thing anyway.
Flood (OCE)
: Lol where do you get your statistics from?
All of what he wrote is complete shit and the thoughts of a silver player.
: My Teams
Duo with someone who you believe isn't retarded? Now you can only have 3 retards on your team.
: LGC Carbon AMA
How big is the gap between you guys and chiefs? How do you think a best of 3 or 5 against them would go?
: Congratulations but ill let you know something about 100-150 of those losses are from dcs/afks/trolls and bad matchmaking so please youre not as unlucky as me. and you need some Luck in soloque btw.
Yea Soooo true only reason I'm in diamond and not challenger is because of my 140 loses 100 of them have been because my teams so stooopid and we throw the game after i was 17/2 on fizz at 3 minutes in because they dont listen to me and then I go afk because I cant take their stooopidnuss so we lose. Like honestly If this wasnt a team game I would be best player oce but these teams always holding me back and It's not like I ever make a mistake because I dont you know. IM such a good player and this one time I vsed a challenger bot lane and we beat them and it wasnt because they played heimer adc and eve support, it was because I am a challenger level player. /S
: Can someone explain this to me?
What exactly am I looking at? How this matchmaking is within 12 mmr and is one of the most fair games possible mmr wise? Or am I looking at your 700 games in silver?
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: That would be a lot of video footage. Reporting people is effective - they'll be evaluated for chat restrictions and potentially bans.
When is the player reform system hitting oce?
span (OCE)
: solo Q vs ranked 5's
> I main tanky, cc, teamfighting champs, so i'm finding it hard to carry myself and my team to victory without dealing tonnes of damage. Uhhhhhhhh These champs are easier to carry with than adc's. You litterally wait for the silvers to clump pull the trigger and then your assasin(s) get a field day with their carries. If your team doesn't have any assasination potential on their carries then you make sure ur slowing and stunning the enemy frontline as they are approaching ur carries making sure your carries can dps while making sure to kite back. Don't kid yourself by saying "I have a good understanding of the game" as people with garbage mechanics but good game knowledge can make it to gold and they do that on supportive style champions. Your issue could be you don't have the time to grind 70-80 wins which is what it took me to go from bronze 3 to gold 5 on a smurf. Right now the meta favors tanky cc trains so you should be finding it easiest to climb with them right now. EDIT: Also assuming you play top lane and run tp tell your support to keep a ward in the bush closest to the enemy tower so you can tp for free double kills.
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: I'm Bryce 'EGym' Paule, Support for the Chiefs, AMA!
Being realistic do you believe you can secure a spot as a wildcard team at this years worlds? And to add to that do you think you could pull off an upset if you were to make it?
Talon12 (OCE)
: its riots way of saying, we don't want more than 30% of OCE to have a free skin
Fun fact: Only 8% of the community got the reward in season 2
callyt (OCE)
: 13LP Silver "TOO" high. some part of that makes me laugh. Excuse my phrase, it's not directed AT you.
Because your beating on players who are lower skill due to match making being lower. Hence the system cannot give you the same points that a player with silver 5 mmr would have. The old system would have had you at bronze 2/3 elo (1050-980) as it did not mask your true elo. The system sees you being in silver 5 as a mistake but due to riot making it so you have to drop to bronze 5 mmr to be kicked from silver, you will continue to see bad lp gains. The solution win more games than you lose.
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: > 140-150k ranked players source? 139k Cumulatively, this does not include players who are still completing their promos.
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Sephyre3 (OCE)
: We'll get progress pics when it's being created. It will take a bit of time but we'll keep you updated =)
is the site going to be possible to scuba dive at?


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