: Wait, does Riot really gove you a skin if you just bought PAX tickets? I did not know about this and i bought my tickets moths ago. I also didnt know that Riot wast even going to PAX Aus :( {{item:3070}}
yea but you had to have bought it before, like may or something
: Even though I believe thats a terrible pick (mainly because the lane being so short towers can be used to kill your ghouls while they stil manage to last hit) if no one had locked in the mid role before you in ranked draft and you clearly said you were going mid and you make it work I wouldn't report you for trolling lobby, i'd report you assisting enemy team after if it failed miserably (meaning you lost cs tower and kd badly b4 12mins approx) This is more to stop people choosing roles already locked earlier in the lobby than off meta picks. Assisting enemy team is already good enough report for exceedingly off meta picks, when they fail miserably (like nami mid). I have no problem with mids in support role (zyra,lux,orianna,brand,annie, syndra etc etc) as long as they buy a sightstone b4 20 mins, its when they go mid and someone in the ranked draft has already called and locked in a mid and they go mid leaving your adc on their own that their needs to be a way BEFORE aswell as after the game to report it.
This is something everyone has to get in there heads. The report system isnt there for you to report someone that was having a bad game, or just generally being bad, It's meant for people that feed on purpose or be toxic.
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: i think you only get the skin if you bought tickets before riot announced they weren't going to be at pax aus this year
Yea i know that, but still dont know what to send
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I love it how most of the people saying gold isnt that good are silvers xD
Wow, I can't believe these people saying it's not an achievement :O I'm only silver 5 and to me (and probably you) It's a massive achievement. Can't people just congratulate you instead of saying it's not that good... Well anyways, CONGRATULATIONS :DDD Gl on getting to plat now :P

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