: I understand the shield nerfs but why nerf shield duration and forbidden idle at the same time. I'm gonna miss feeling almost relevant stat wise on Support. For Janna with the shield decaying its gonna be really easy to remove it making the ADC lose the bonus AD. For Karma you needed a long shield duration for R + E combo to feel like the shield and mini shields weren't wasted if you used them to give MS to team to reposition in fights. Now if you use them to deny burst (rather than to shield burst) or for the MS you are losing about 80% of your mid-late game effectiveness. Since all you have left is a small Q poke and sub par delayed CC E root. I understand shields shouldn't last the whole duration of fights and things like lulu having a 6s shield every 5.5s doesn't make sense. I'm not liking the direction league is headed where its becoming directed to people with elite reaction speed. I play on 50ms and I struggle compete with those on 0ms ping. All champs and items these days are becoming more and more skill reliant. Easy champs/items need to exist too for the players with good Macro but not Micro or players forced into off role or even just because some people enjoy outwitting their opponent over out playing them. Not all players aim to be flashy, some aim for consistency. I'm just salty my favorite supports are likely to not be meta anymore, I'll be back on tanks. Atleast there is always Taric to fall back on. {{champion:43}}
Earth to RITO Durrrr. You have nerfed all the good items for AP Supps as mentioned above. Are you guys drinking to much again ffs? CD'S - Nerfed like wtf. Cooldown is what you need as a AP Supp and now your telling us to play tanks ffs. What are you? Adolf Hittler now? Oh and you will no doubt nerf the tanks CD'S next patch so being Supp will no longer be useful or needed. SHIELD - We are there to protect our team mates but you want to let us get abused even more because our Shield is has less duration. HEALTH - Omg that's right we don't need health do we RITO, once again you guys drink or take to many drugs when you consider these nerfs or buffs. I know lets just make this easier. Just don't have items and bring back the Mastery and Rune systems but, with more of each. Bonus - Then you don't have to worry about screwing the items and the game further and you wont have to drink or take drugs to do stuff. Report Rito ffs >/> Once again do you even know wtf your doing what a bad Game Dev man just like the rest of them.
Rioter Comments
: so proud of the team,representing like bosses,hookers and beers on me when yall get home
Wait the beers are on me ffs :)
: MSI 2018: The Wolves have arrived
{{sticker:sona-playing}} Dire Wolves. I know you will get as far as you can but, you kick their assess guys :)
: Patch 8.2 notes
RIOT You are so stupid as a company really do you guys even think about what the fuck you are doing idots
: Patch 8.2 notes
WTF you retards Riot!!!!!!!!!! You have now fucked support up forever idot's with your Sight stone shit. Now it takes longer to get wards out you dumb shit company ffs. If your a non ranged sup your fucked you idots. Gee you guys just keep fucking this game over and over you bunch of fucken retards
: Patch 7.24b notes
Riot please do everyone a favour and get rid of (missions) WHY? Lets see then. People are playing Normal Games not bot games as Zoe just to get the icons and the other rubbish you offer. The problem is that they have never played this champ before and just kill the game for the rest of the team ffs. Look in bot matches it's ok np but in Norms and Ranked ffs go away. (BELOW) Leona: BONUS DAMAGE (Q) 30/55/80/105/130 to now this crap 10/35/60/85/110 Why the hell keep nerfing her and the other sup champS?? Omfg now she is useful as titss on a bull. You just nerfed the shitt outta "W" ffs now this crap. I have to ask you guys and girls this. Do you actualy know what the hell your doing or do you get off on people getting mad? I bet the answer is YES, we get off on disrupting the players we love making yall suffer Love RIOT. Might as well ditch the supp champs and play dmg champs bot lane from now on ffs. WHAT A SCAM THIS GAME HAS BECOME. Cant wait till the day this game stops working because of the rubbish you are putting in to it :) PS: This game is now getting micro lags and im not the only one getting them I have a awesome pc. Soon it will break ill be here to rub the salt in guys :) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Bronze V player deconstructing and exposing riots plans. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
@ adeafchronicler: Dude it does not matter about the B5. It's how Riot are killing this game. I have 2 sons, one is a D1 player the other is a D3 player and last time I heard my son the D1 is heading to the next Rank. They have both said the new system is mostly unfair as they had more choices with the old system. So it does not matter if your B5 or pro player DUDE! @ ChaosKnight: I assume your either from Riot or your just sucking up to Riot as they probably gave you lots of goodies. Like a lot of Dev's do for people who think the sun shines out their *** {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Patch 7.24 notes
OMG Here we go again ffs. Dream Teams: Where are the OCE Dream Team(s) Rito??? You have as usual just include who you think would be the best for your company image again. I also said when they did a OCE thing with Australia and New Zealand they did not include certain States as it did not look good for the company image again. WOW do you guys get of this shit man, is your company so up it's self it does not care about any thing except the RIOT COMPANY? The answer = YES. You guys need to rethink how your company works as you really discriminate against other countries etc.... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Patch 7.24 notes
OMG RITO WTF!! Gee how many times are you going to NERF all the champs ffs? Sona!! WTF Why nerf her again?? She is already so squishy and you nerf here!! Do you even play your own game that you made ?? I knew this would happen. You introduce a stupid RUNES sytem that's no where near as good as the Runes and Masteries system was. Champs don't play or feel the same to play anymore. There are lag spikes when playing the game now. I know this as hundreds of people I know or have known say the same thing and now a lot of them are giving up on this broken game(so sad). I think the new RUNE system you made is basically a lazy system for people to play your game so you can sucker them in faster for more money. What I mean is if it takes a person to long to choose Runes and Masteries they will just say, (Ahh screw it takes to long). So you catered for the few and not your long term players thxs a lot. It does not pay to be loyal to any (Game Dev's) anymore as they show you complete contempt and only care about the cry babies, pro players and the minority players. I have said it before how long till this game just completely falls apart (broken). Just like other good game that started out great they added to much crap and the game started to lag and more bugs started to show EG: How long does it take to fix a Blizt Crank Skin? Over a month like wtf, you guys don't know your own programming (lol, lol, lol). Nerfing all the champs is a sure way to see 70% of them get stuffed into a cupboard until one day Riot says, Hey why is know one playing Sona? Ohhhh that's right we nerfed her so hard that she's not playable. Ok then we will increase her and the nerf her again. We are so smart at Riot, yes we are :) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Wolves on Worlds: Phantiks
I wish Dire Wolves the best of luck win it for us....WAIT!! Win it for yourselves guys, you deserve it after crushing Chiefs. {{sticker:katarina-love}} .
: Ability Update: Azir
Ok I have noticed a lot of you say RIOT don't listen and you are right. For eg: I played with guy called(Shanghia Daddy) he is a Diamond player. At the Champ Select screen I called Support and like 30 seconds later he call Support, so I said I called it you are adc mate. Well!! He started to call me all sorts of names eg: YOU BRONZE SHITT, BRONZE CRAP ETC.... When we were in game he said this to me: I HOPE YOUR MUM DIES, YOUR MUM IS A WHORE, HOW MUCH FOR YOUR MUM TO BLOW ME, I F.... YOUR MUM LAST NIGHT and it got much worse. So I reported Shanghia Daddy and still he is playing this game. I got banned cause I gave up in a rank game just once ffs. Hey!! but it's ok for a Diamond player to abuse Bronze players and get away with it right RIOT?? You now you can see that RIOT don't listen to any of us cause they only care about?? (MONEY and the Pro players)). So it's ok guys for the Diamond and above players to abuse us cause we are not important. Thxs RIOT :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
Once again (sigh) Rito just introduces more crap to this good game. In the last week look how many bugs there have been how long it took Riot to fix them ffs. So now they are going to add this to us and break the game further wow why am I not surprised with this crap?? Well it don't matter cause Rito don't care all they care about (sigh again) is money ffs. Every fucken time they give us a (patch) it come with..............BUGS............WOW man. For a pro company you are so crap really man. Gee do you even test things out before adding patches RIOT?????????????????????????????? The ANSWER IS NO YOU DONT FFS Guys (again) Get your shit together pls test shit out before you give it to us ffs it's not rocket science ffs. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Mindstar (OCE)
: Unfortunately we don't have an ETA at this point - but we're working as fast as we can to get everything online again
Get it together RIOT. For a pro company you guys are getting worse.... Sooner or later you will break this awesome game to the point of no return.
: For everyone in the team: - which victory was the most satisfying? - what would you have done differently if you could go back in time to do better at MSI and RR? - What's your take on SIN? Are they really the up and coming force able to constantly stay at the top side of the ladder? - Who is your favorite Rioter and why it's me? MM
This is a good few questions @Lothey. See.
loathey (OCE)
: Hey guys! Sharp: How did you feel about the Rift Rivals format that allowed for OPL teams to help each other - specifically the King of the Rift day? Players: Which one of your teammates is the most annoying to live with, and why? Rippii: How do you put up with them?!
@ Loathey: Dude you ask 2 stupid questions OMG Players and Rippii. Dude grow a brain will you your from Riot ffs. What you want the team to turn against each other you dip stick? PS: Don't comment again ffs omg{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} PS +: Gj Direwolves keep up the good work :)
: Oceanic Uni Stories: Semester One
Well here we go again. Aussies only though. Uni students are a burden on the Australian budget as I have said before. They borrow money and 80% of the bludgers never pay the money back to the tax payers. Us common folk have not much choice but to work as we need to live and these Uni guys get a nearly free ride to riches awesome? Wait!! Off our backs though, you know the poor people of Australia. I have seen a lot of these Uni guys and girls and they party, take drugs and etc....... They just get given their shit and look at us common folk and laugh at us. This is true I know, know you say! Yes they say to me and others hey man I have a Uni degree you don't know what the fuckk you talking about! Hhhuu talking about? I have been doing this job for 10 years I know what I'm doing. No you don't I went to Uni idot! Look Uni people will carry on about this but at the end of the day TAX PAYERS ARE PAYING THIER FOR THIER ED.
Bman7200 (OCE)
: It's all new and exciting, but also very pleasing to hear that the these runes will be adaptive :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
OMG Are you for real. Your as bad as Riot ffs {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: As for the refund for spent IP on runes. If you give us champion icons, I will legit quit the game and never come back
I have said this before guys. Riot don't care how much hard earned cash you have spent on IP boosters etc... Riot are as I have said before many times, only care about the Pro, Elo players and OCE Show you see pros take out each other. Of course Riot will say what I'm saying is not true but don't let them fool you yea. Riot are taking a perfectly good game and trashing it. I have also said this before, where Dev's continue to add/delete things and then the game is so full of bugs, lags badly and everyone is confused about why the Dev did this. Riot as all Dev's have been told get of your high horse and stop ruining a otherwise good game. PS: I want my money back for all the Boosters I paid for not skins, champs and other crap. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Lol me too i have 13k that i was saving for runes then they announced the new runes for free
Yeah but Merkel Loves Devs ****
: im just annoyed i spent $25 for rune pages, i wouldnt mind like a free skin of choice or something like that, idm about the ip i can start earning more next season for champs now instead of runes.
I agree dude ik how u feel we are all in the same boat except MERKEL who loves devs
You Pawn (OCE)
: Merkel you **** You lick up to RIOT yeah GJ. Dude you ***** you are so far up RIOT u don't get it you ****
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Report Merkel for sucking RIOT off pls :)
Merkel (OCE)
: lmao large flocks of people arent going to leave the game for something as trivial as runes. Getting a full refund on a purchase most of us have got bare minimum atleast a seasons worth of use out of is absurd anyway. I would be satisfied with some free champions or something along those lines.
Merkel you **** You lick up to RIOT yeah GJ. Dude you ***** you are so far up RIOT u don't get it you ****
Finny3 (OCE)
: They've already said that there is going to be some sort of compensation for the runes you lose. They obviously aren't going to give you the ip value of the runes back because that would be ridiculous. We just have to wait and see what they come up with
If they don't compensate us, then watch millions of players ditch this game and go to DOTA. I mean LOL was a take off from DOTA and everyone is saying it sorry.
You Pawn (OCE)
: Hey RIOT why don't you make some more(MAPS) rather than screwing around with the game that's not broken ffs. You have had the same (Maps) for f***** years and they are getting boring. Make some maps simular to Summoner Rift or is it to hard for you to do. Other games offer (New Mods) or DLC but you guys offer jack. Time to create new maps maybe you might get some more people willing to blow their money on this FREE GAME. It's a no Brainer.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yeah I agree with you man. New maps please :)
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
Hey RIOT why don't you make some more(MAPS) rather than screwing around with the game that's not broken ffs. You have had the same (Maps) for f***** years and they are getting boring. Make some maps simular to Summoner Rift or is it to hard for you to do. Other games offer (New Mods) or DLC but you guys offer jack. Time to create new maps maybe you might get some more people willing to blow their money on this FREE GAME. It's a no Brainer.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
I have played this game for many, many years now. I spent RP on IP boosters and lots of them. I also grinded my ass off to get the IP to buy runes. Well......Once again we see RIOT try to fix a game that's not broken omg. I guess and I have said this before RIOT only care about the players that are professionals. They just don't care about us normal people. Well just like all good games, dev's start to break what is not broken and then the game base is shattered to pieces. One only has to look at games on Steam and see's what happens when as a Dev you wreck it. Congrats RITO you will lose a hell of a lot or players that will cost your company MILLIONS but hey, you don't care do you. You already have tons of dollars. Cool I cant wait to see you flush this game down the toilet like other Dev's do to their game(s) Lets be honest and people say they nerf everything the professional players want and never ask the normal players what they want, well they do ask you but choose to ignore it. GAME OVER.... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Patch 7.12 notes
OMG OMG !! Hey lets nerf all the good items we mortals use. The items that are nerfed are items that the ELO, OPL and pro players use all the time. What is the point of continuing nerfing items ffs So I think I wont buy any item from the shop and just walk around the game naked, seems like the best idea ever. Same with the nerfing of the recent champs. Gee RITO start to think about other people instead of the Pro Players ffs. HONOR SYSTEM WTF!! Gee get you other shit right first instead of this crap ffs. Its like adding DLC content to a game that's broken, wtf you guys thinking or do you think ffs. As a dev you seem to be going from one bad situation to the next ffs. Worry about your bug ridden Client 1st. OMG that's right, to hard basket ahy. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Hey everyone! First up I want to say that it's really promising to see everyone wanting their region included! It's definitely a shame we couldn't start with every region within OCE but I want to share how we approached LOO and where we're going to go after the event this weekend. When we first started talking about the event we didn't know how popular it would be. So, we decided to start off with a fairly basic concept to test the waters. Once we know how passionate the fans are about the concept, we can use that insight to make decisions around what we do going forward. When it came to team selection we decided the priority was high competition, rather than inclusion. We looked at where our OPL and OCS players grew up, and felt that NSW, Qld, Vic and NZ had way more pro players than the others. Queensland was actually touch and go, and that's for Australia's third my populous state! We also kicked around the concept of an All Stars team, but decided that in the long term it would be better to encourage the other regions to produce more pro/semi pro players rather than throw them into a 'the rest' team. If LOO goes well and we start seeing more players emerge from the other regions, I'd love to see Tas, WA, and all of the regions have a team. I think a pacific island team would be really cool! So the best thing you can do to make a case for your region is start competing in the OOL and other grass roots tournaments and make a case for inclusion!
Dude go do yourself you have discriminated against us
: League of Origin: New Zealand
Well lets see. I have watched all the OPL this weekend 10/6/17 to 11/6 /17 and guess what? It appears Riot don't give a shitt about us all anyways. why?? Well I have seen some many bugs, pause's and game stops these last 2 days it's unbelievable......WAIT no not really. Dev's take us all for idots as riot do so often. The new client as I have said before is TOTALLY BROKEN. Why fix something that's not broken?? Well people that's what DEV"S do!! OMG!! Devs don't get it. wait!! yeah they do. You idots just keep the money coming in cause we gots a name now fools...heeeeeeee.....hhheeeeeee suckers.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Fire Ashe (OCE)
: Not sure where the other states are at. By sheer population alone VIC NSW & QLD should b in the top 3. In saying that were's TAS WA SA NT??? Im KIWI born ex 40 yrs South Aussie now in Darwin.. Which makes ya go wtf?? Im a 4 yr lol player with 2 lvl 30 accounts. PVP has given me some experience but im not into the glitz & glamour of nationals or worlds. Leave it to the guns. There is some awesome talent out there & if Brazil 2017 is anything to go by.. Faker went 0 4 0 in one match alone in first 10 mins., So there's hope for anyone serious enuff.. The KIWI team have certainly done their homework & it will b interesting to watch.. Good luck to everyone.. NT is a fly in fly out state mainly, not sure on the LOL population.. I don't C many locals in my games & chat rooms. Lots of support for AFL. NRL is either a QLD or NSW thing. Waiting for state of origin series to C who has the muscle..
Fire Ashe (OCE)
: There would need to be enuff player support to make it financially viable to recognize & host an event. But I don't think the population has the numbers.. Prove me wrong as I live here. (Darwin). I don't C many locals at all. Certainly would be good pride in the lesser states getting on board a national LOL program. Would luv to C a nation program & roster going live.. Cmon Aussie LOL..
: Maybe people in those States and Territory don't have enough people wanting to play/good enough to compete, as seen in the NRL, it's just NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, NZ. If you want a team in your own state/territory, it would also cost to run it, what many people couldn't be bothered with. Hope this answered your question :)
Oh you have tickets.................On youself
: ???Tasmania ??? Hey does anyone know where Tasmania are. It seems that this place do not exist or people can only see South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory on their map(s)
It is at the bottom of this awesome country with South Australia. I do understand what your saying here and I agree RIOT can only se NSW, VIC and QLD. RIOT have discriminated against the other states and territorys. We the other states are not rich or we are basket states so RIOT don't want anything to do with us{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: League of Origin is almost here
Ohh goody. Look!! it's all the RICH STATES OF AUSSIE. That's it there are only 3 states to Australia now I remember. My school teacher lied to me saying there your more than 3 states. Yeah ill buy all the jumpers and **** on them just for a laugh. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: League of Origin: New Zealand
Hey does anyone know where South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory are. It seems that these places do not exist or RIOT can only see Queensland, NSW, Victoria and New Zealand on their map(s) {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: League of Origin tickets
Stupid RITO again. I was in a rank que and I did not see the ban thing going for me and by the time I did see it, it was to late and you ban me for 5 fucken minutes stupid DEVS really this is crap and so unfair but what the fuck o you fuckers care right, I put my glasses down for 4 seconds and look up and hey take this in the ass stupid. Stupid RITO
: Introducing the Oceanic University Championship
I have spent a lot of money on this game and to be screwed like this.....Shame riot.....shame
: Introducing the Oceanic University Championship
So that's how you work RIOT. I have been banned for 5 mins for leaving a game that I did not leave. So that's how you do it. If someone leaves a bad comment on your site(s) about what your doing etc.... You wait a few days or weeks and then screw the person(s) over, Nice. I have said a few things you did not like and this is how you get me back. We all err..... some of us know you as RIOT can do things to accounts and in game things like... Freezing parts of the game for 1 to 2 seconds as I have noticed that you have done to me lately I also know other that have had the same thing as me when they have left a few to many comments saying RIOT is doing bad by us as people. Ohh wait.... RIOT will say to yal...hey we would never do anything like this to our players :). Bullshitt all companies do it and RIOT is now part of that crap.
: Team selection begins...
Damm League Of Origin, more like League Of Discrimination. Lets just pick the non-basket case states, it looks better for us. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
I 1st played this game when it stared many years ago they use to care about all not a select group of players. Now it's about the money or some other shitt. They had nothing years ago now they do what other companies, who cares what you think anymore we got our millions so fuckk you lot if you don't like what we doing. The funny thing is when a company thinks like this these days we have the power eg: face book twitch etc.. Rito can easy be brought down just as quick as they were created right guys. I think you Rito guys want to pay more respect to the average people here in your game land rather than the ELO and Pro plyers. Where does your bread and butter come from?? What (fish) on utube and other media.
You Pawn (OCE)
: Once again a Riot employee just ignores all the suggestions all of have made here. Who cares about you guys telling us how to make our Client better, what the F*** do you lot know about making games. That's it we wont be asking you guys anything anymore just use the client or F*** off gees.
Agent Mindstar how much do they pay for the shitt you just said{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
Shady is back guys. You want unfinish shitt check out Steam Games and now Rito wants use to back them ffs OMG............LOL lOL LOL.... Devs think you are stupid guys. I say revolt against them and don't buy shitt from them even though I have spent at least a grand or two on this game. Gifting most times and skins etc.. GOD imam a idot
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
Guys lets be honest here. Riot do not care what you think and this is why making a comment here does not matter in the least. They don't care if you like the New Client or not so I'll say what they are thinking. If you don't like it then you know what to do. Like 90 percent of Devs they don't care what you want or like. Now where is that million dollars I stashed away {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} PS: They only care about the ELO and PRO players not us lower form of life, gee i'ts not rocket science.
Mindstar (OCE)
: We're confident that the updated client is ready to go - if we weren't we wouldn't be rolling it out. There has been a lot of discussions and feedback around item sets - and we've certainly heard the message. They won't be in the upgraded client initially but they will be worked on in the future. In the mean time you will still be able to use third party sites and the API to keep your sets up to date! Cheers Mindstar
Once again a Riot employee just ignores all the suggestions all of have made here. Who cares about you guys telling us how to make our Client better, what the F*** do you lot know about making games. That's it we wont be asking you guys anything anymore just use the client or F*** off gees.
: We're being FORCED to update to the new client when it's not even finished yet?
I agree with you - FORCED. First of the amount of bugs it has gives me the poops. 1 - When player leaves box still appears the next day or the same with gift box text after person receives the gift. One box did not close for days. 2 - the new client does not show how many games you have won like the old client - in you Profile Box. It only show ranked which tells me Riot don't care how many Normal games you have won or bot games. 3 - Slow, lags, takes forever to get into a new screen eg: Store and match history etc..... 4 - In the old client you could click on the Champs Icon when your in Game Queue and see if they where AP, AD, SUPP etc... In this one you cannot do this action. So if you forget a Champs abilities etc... YOU ARE SCREWED. 5 - One of the most worst problems is the start of Rank match - If your the first person to ban a champ and your busy typing you can get screwed real fast like 10 seconds fast and if you don't ban you get the ban in game time eg.5.00 minute ban you left the game. What a load of crap RITO. I am now starting believe that all DEVS do not use testers for games anymore, just release and watch the money roll in and don't worry about the complaints> Just check it out on Steam for example of game DEVS. Just ask the OLE and Pro players they should know whats wrong.
Asriell (OCE)
: How to disenfranchise players 101: literally don't represent half of them.
@ CptStupendous Really dude the guys that are above are from the OLP series on Saturday's and Sunday's shows, no brainer there. So that tells me that you have left us high and dry. I can see why you choose those states ahy. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to work that out. {{champion:31}}
: Introducing League of Legends: League of Origin
What do you think that there is only Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria in the Australia?? Better check your map RITO there are other states or we not hip enough for League?
: A blood moon is rising.
Riot get rid of this Blood Moon Summoner Rift field it's really bad same as the Winter one just leave the Rift alone. Some champs are so fuckingg hard to see on these 2 fields it's not funny ffs
: Well the game is free to play. Riot has no obligation to be handing out cosmetic items, that have no effect on matches, to it's player base. And you are not really missing out on anything. All items involved are for Hextech crafting only! No icons, wardskins or champion skins - just bonuses to make additional crafts. Please don't complain about small things like hextech promotions. As you said, "Riot games is a company" and they need to "make money". Them giving out free chests every now and again is already a big loss to their sales. The only way they can take those loses back is by giving bonuses to people who purchase.
Did Riot give you free RP mate.
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