: Chat restriction is broken
I just got a new notification in the notification bar saying 15 more games. So hope it is fixed now. Hope I helped in some way :) thank you
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: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
Can we please have a setting to not have this on our account? I would not like to have this thank you
: Are you coming to HOYTS next week?
You know the best Idea is to do it at the "Drive In" You could have had more people there... You guys don't really think it through do you? Dumbass Riot Games
Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot read this please
Lol graves is nothing now. haha he doubled the amount of counters he has and now he is not even considered an ADC lol too easy. Read up on some late guides to help you in top lane
iAkeno (OCE)
: Dragon could have been pulled out so steal potential is lower.
My ward was placed so you would see that. You would see attacks or something. It was a bug as I was certain they took drag only 1min or so ago. And I cant leave this on the NA website as the bug is not on NA duh
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: Automatic Logins - Riot Read
You are an idiot mate. My password is 5 characters. I just cant be fucked doing it. And it is soooo simple for Riot to put that in. I could do it for them in 20mins LOL but Fortunately I do not work for them
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vlphv (OCE)
: Eve is meta lmao
Not anymore now people can upgrade trinket for a free vision ward whenever they want it. When playing against an eve, the adc gets BF sword then straight to vision trinket. It is not in meta anymore
YedStaar (OCE)
: I'll be honest, had no problem that he was Diamond but the fact when I looked at the stats before it was changed, it put someone else's name on it which I find is quite unfair since the guy should have shown his real name and i guess he did over time. Edit: I solved the issue, spoke with the guy, apparently there are 2 other guys with the same name lmao
Ok no worries :) Glad you found the issue
Hi there Vanellion. There is a section on the end screen that you can report these players. Please refer to that as your first option. Otherwise I can suggest to record part of your games as evidence and send it to support@riotgames.com they may be able to help there.
vlphv (OCE)
: Looking for Ranked Team (Jungler)
Hi there. I like the fact you are looking for a team. I see you main jungle. Do you have any other champs. Those champs are not as viable as they used to be. Lee Sin, Rengar and Nunu are still strong but not Olaf or Eve. Try and check the Meta and see what Champs there are for jungle.
YedStaar (OCE)
: Hacker found - xl Kenny lx
There is no proof of a name change that I can see. Plus you are sometimes put against higher ELO players because of the match times. Do you want to wait 15mins for League to find someone at your level or do you want to get into a game at a reasonable time with someone a little higher? ELO means nothing. Diamond doesn't mean anything. So many people buy accounts these days. I have versed many diamonds and won. I am only in Bronze and I admit that is where my level is. I am not too good at this game but Diamonds don't mean they are good. You may come across a few that are pretty good and that just means that you need to watch what they do in game and hopefully learn from it. Do not complain here when you had a great opportunity to learn some league from a diamond player and move up. Next time just accept that he is diamond and watch and learn for future games. That is my advice. You don't have to listen but I don't need negative comments after reading this. I am just giving my opinion and I am not trying to be mean. Thank you for listening. AndyTheEskimo
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Coldie (OCE)
: Not on max settings, maybe medium settings and you would be able to sustain 60fps. The video card is rather old and you are most probably going to need a good cooling pad to keep it alive playing league.
Hey mate. I live in Australia Gold Coast. I dont know about you but I recently built a gaming computer on a low budget as I do not earn enough. My full computer cost me $760. That included: - 21" Moniter (Full HD 1080p) - Intel i3 processor - Graphics Card (not the best but it ran LOL at highest settings). - Motherboard - 2x 4Gb RAM - DVD Drive - HDD 500Gb So I do not know your budget but honestly look at a gaming computer for gaming. It is the best and cheapest option. Not going against Laptops. This is my 2 cents of opinion. Thanks guys Enjoy I am here if you need help. AndyTheEskimo

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