: Akali's last skin sale 9th September 2016 256 days ago {{champion:84}} Azir's last skin sale 22nd July 2016 305 days ago {{champion:268}} Kayle's last skin sale 28th November 2016 176 days ago {{champion:10}} Cammile last skin sale NEVER Released 228 days ago {{champion:164}} Yet amumu and ahri have had 2 this year like wtf rito {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Camille was released December 7th, 2016 which was 167 days ago, not 228.
ebonylion (OCE)
: eyy guys I play csgo is there by any chace someone cpuld gift me a kife
Sure man, what's your steam name?
: Hi Riot, I redeemed a 25AUD RP card this morning but the amount did not appear on my account. Then I saw the RP purchase temporarily unavailable sign. What do I do now, and when will I get my RP?
put in a ticket to riot [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) immediately. I'm not sure what to put it as, maybe technical issues? just put something in ASAP and they'll get back to you.
: wtf is that bronze slipkns logic? If someone streamed and showed this in front of an audience it obviously can't be random shit. It is a legit one
slipkns? god the people running this scam can't even afford people who know english. How come every single account that's saying that this scam is not a scam are lv. 12 and below? is it maybe because rito will ban them all for being a scam? And don't just use "this random guy on twitch said it wasn't a scam" bull because it's a scam and you're just making yourselves look even more like pathetic waste of a human. Find a real job, make your parents not hate their child.
: is this a scam?
this is 100% a scam and everyone who said it's good is in on it and lying about it. don't listen to anyone and don't do anything with the link.
: We’re changing up discounts
I think it is very poor of you to link to the NA extra bonus RP amounts. Sort of rubbing it in our face that you decreased the amount we get.


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