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: Add me to the club! - Lee Sin God - Rank 6 Lee Sin OCE (League of Graphs) - Challenger Flex, Diamond IV Solo
You have to many pending invites so it won't let me invite you.
: [OCE] Jungle Mains Club
I'll join :) add Your Mate Moris
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Ediwir (OCE)
: Exactly. Especially considering how easily players get fished. I mean, i've seen people being fished in the dumbest of ways. I've even fished one of my friends myself by posing as a diamond with a lv1 smurf, took less than a minute. Or when i got a friend to start, the first thing he asked me is "do you know if there's any, like, hacks or stuff? I'm searching but maybe you know a few". Jumped in right in time before he lost his account to the everflashing singed scam. Just... Don't trust people to be smart, man. Ever.
I have been fished before but should other suffer because of my stupidity.....? no.
: I was thinking about something similar to this the other day. Maybe not give owned skins. But "lend" owned skins for that game. Similar to the Skin boost where you get it for that aram.
Na i would prefer send owned, I wanna send a skin to my alt because i don't play that champ on my main.
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Your Mate Moris

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