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Tweaked (OCE)
: Looking for Iron 4 players
Wish I was in Iron heard its fun
: Buying Skins For 50% Off
If you have a job then all ears buy all the stuff on sale , if not your more than likely gonna have to rely on mystery gifts , Hextech are actually not beneficial as much cause 9/10 you will get a champion shard regardless. Mystery Gifts Skins well that would be my 2nd option if you want them keep and you get a good chance of getting something rare or something good. But Option 1 buy on 50% sales would be my way to go
: Need a good duo partner silver
weeboo (OCE)
: lol champions
Looks them up on google
Vez (OCE)
: You lost it for being toxic.
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Jennieeee (OCE)
: FPS lag or is my computer dead now
: Verbal Abuse from Client chat
Prob get these games as well
Flúffy (OCE)
: Happy New Year
Ãndy (OCE)
: Do real people complete reports?
Swearing in general is a offence XD
: looking for people to lvl up with
Add me bro im up for games :D
: Please, help me what to buy.
Moo chow bro the bell taunt is goooood
: Long queue times
Bruh it is holidays seasons and NYE is coming soon there isnt a lot of people playing the game till January . "EXPECT" 75% of your games to have a long queue time
Astara (OCE)
: That person was clearly being childish, but you also shouldn't leave a game. ONLY because your "friend" was not the only person you were affecting by leaving. Totally agree though, that you should not play with that person ever again.
Ye that is understandable , but if there continuous and say they were speaking there mind out loud and just saying it out of pure speculation over the top of there head , and not even really caring it does affect yourself in game. Plus they did it intentionally over and over again to satisfy themselves so not sure why
Ingénue (OCE)
: Had a "friend" unfriend and slander me because I wouldn't kick someone from my 5man to invite her in their place.
Ye have had that at one stage man its rough , It happened to me when I couldn't play with a toxic team they were all toxic , I decided to leave and one of there people in the group that was friends with me turned around and unfriended me because of that. Like cmon man was is with people behaviors on league
: Why leave? Why do you run away from insults? When someone INSULTS you, stay and reason with them. If the conversation become unreasonable, then let them have it; Tell them how you feel about their approach. What does running away with your tail behind your leg solve? It only demonstrate you're too timid to stand up for yourself. You can forget about getting a pay raise, if that is how timid you are. Not to mention every other aspects of life when conflict arises.
I did message them but they acted all defensive and just couldn't or wouldn't say anything to me that could answer my question so they just left
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: What is this LP
Wait so your overall win rate determines how much LP you get now?
: So many trollers in ranked
I agree with that guy I have accepted that till the end of next season it isnt worth going any farther. Around this time a lot of people are just trolling and grinding to a pacific rank it literally impossible. Plus a lot of the games i have been in theres always someone that afks comes back and runs down mid. Its not worth the grind as much. But prob do it at your own leisure
: Streaming 1v1's every Friday
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: Hey, what is your Discord?
OH I dont really use it much anymore everyone on list uses voice chat XD Discord: Yuki Hikado#8968
: Help me rank up
The Will of Bronze is always gonna have 1 feeder Bronze is toxic atm
: [B2G] WeR1 are looking for low elo players!!
Idm i think i time to spare nowadays lamo
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: Iron and Bronze. Possibly brand new Unranked too (if not for the first game in placements, then certainly once someone has gained a provisional rank).
Cool as Iron people seem rare :) guess u can only see them on bronze
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: Yes, my friend plays taric or poppy, no in between, and he plays them anywhere and everywhere, according to him yes, you can play taric jg with high chance of success
: If you can play, but are in wood 5, anything can work.
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: Next week most likely.
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: Honor level ward skin
No unfortunately . Noooooooooooooooooooo When season ends so does honor level
xiaoxin (OCE)
: I got troll reported by 7 people and lost my honor level and end of season rewards
Alot of people would just go /mute all in this situation and not pay attention to it tbh
: Looking for a duo player that can mess around with.
Yeah Im down normals/ draft are just fun to fun game modes
A Bronzie (OCE)
: Player giving up
What I find funny about bronze in general is that after they get killed in first blood they automatically rage and afk straight after. But that happens regardless in any lane or situation. I hate to see what Iron will be like tbh
: this error code 003 not letting us play fix it riot people are grinding and before season ends.
"Something's up with our servers and its preventing you from patching " I come home from work to see this on my login screen ? Please riot the season ends like in 3 days at least let us play till the season ends
: I liked the first orb it was great, loved that I got a free skin! Amazing. The issue is I've gotten at least 4 Honor 5 Orbs since then, every single one was lackluster compared to the first one (dramatically) as they only contain a small amount of essence and a few key fragments (which you get all the time anyway). As it stands I'd rather get a level up capsule than an Honor 5 one, if you were able to get skin shards from each following orb you received at level 5 then more of the player base would be incentivized to become honorable.
I think the lvl system is kinda pointless in a way though eventually ppl will max out blue essence at one stage and own every champion . Feel like Im getting towards that stage eventually.
: Honor Level 5 Orbs Lackluster
I actually thought about that as well like Grey Warwick is not bad but having honor 5 I was expecting something grand
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: Apologies for replying so late. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Apologies if my skills are off your charts.
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: 2 New Divisions Ranked 2019
I Feel like riot wants people to suffer in a way , like I think people in a higher rank are gonna feel what the lower ranks have felt for the next season. Like you can easily tell that riot wants this to be unbalanced
: 2 New Divisions Ranked 2019
Iron will be the lowest rank apparently LOL like isnt Iron better than bronze , I got so confused so apparently being In Iron 5 is worse than being in bronze for next season
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: Depending on time (i generally play at night) - Shower - Dinner - Alcohol (in small amounts) - Waste time trolling in blind pick - Go play a different game In promos however, i just straight up stop for the night, its not worth letting even the tiniest bit of tilt affect you in promos, better to come back fresh faced
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