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: Your entry came through fine, we use the content of the actual post, not any attached links, so all that link does is tell us that you were the author of both for our plagiarism checks (e.g, another entrant also submitted to a fic site, so the entry came up as 'stolen' but it was just cross-posted). In other words, you're all good :) Results will be up real soon if all goes to plan.
*Narrator Voice* It did not go to plan.
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: Unfortunately, it just wouldn't be fair to the people who submitted properly. If we allowed yours, then we would also have to allow more than a few others that were submitted incorrectly. We wish you the best of luck for future contests (and there will be more) but regrettably, we cannot make exceptions.
Aw, now i've turned to a life of crime.
: Boards Community Lunar Revel Fanfiction Contest!
Hey, I submitted my story to the boards on time but didn't see I also needed to enter a google form. I updated it now though! Can I still be in the running or have I missed out?
: LRF| Duty and Desire
I like it, a good read in spite of being romance-focused. The start is a little vague and hard to follow though.
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: Hey folks! Just letting you know that we've added in a rule we forgot: "No inappropriate summoner names". As with previous contests, we won't be showcasing anything under an inappropriate name so if you want to submit with one you'll have to do so under another account or after a name change.
: Hello, I just have one question (actually a few :) ) First of all, would all the "Warring Kingdom" skins considered to be one nation? I.e. Warring Kingdoms Katarina would be in the same country/city as let's say Warring Kingdoms Garen or Jarvan or Xin Zhao? Secondly, is Jarvan the prince of the Warring kingdom country/city, and if so does he have any relationships with Azir, who is the emperor? Thirdly, since in Katarina's skin description she is said to be a princess, does that mean she is Warring kingdom Azir's daughter? Or is her father completely unknown still? Finally, would Katarina fighting Garen or Jarvan, or Vayne fighting firecracker Kog'Maw make any sense at all? Apparently not finally but are the Lunar Guardians and Lunar Empress Lux considered "gods"? Since Radiant Wukong is supposedly ascended, would he be able to let's say challenge lunar guardian nasus for his spot? And is he allowed to win? Thanks
It is an unusual alt universe. Warring "Kingdoms" by nature imply more than one nation. Each skin is loosely a reference to dynasty warriors so that is where you can take inspiration from in regards to relationships. Wukong vs Nasus sounds like an epic story!
Tele (OCE)
: Yep! You can find a list of all the Lunar Revel skins [here](
: Boards Community Lunar Revel Fanfiction Contest!
Is Warring Kingdoms and Lunar Wrath part of Lunar revel?
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: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Vote Now!
Dang 450 votes on the 22nd hour of posting, what a popular contest! I guess the void just isn't that eye-catching {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rafboi (OCE)
: Gamble of Sorts; Twisted Fate's Piltover Expedition
It's a good read, suggestion wise try to cut down your bigger paragraphs into smaller chunks, no more than 3 sentences per paragraph is pretty healthy to the eye.
: Seeing Red – a Blood Moon character study | SSS 2018
Jellerino (OCE)
: Odyssey Rhaast Story [Dark Star Crossover]
Well my first story was Kayn so I'm pretty biased buzz
: Antithesis -- God-King Garen and God-King Darius | SSS 2018
The Opening paragraph descriptions were pretty heavy, but i stuck with it and really enjoyed the ending. Nice work!
Zaxiadus (OCE)
: Paradoxical Enmity - Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol & Blackfrost Anivia
Magiliam (OCE)
: Evil and Irritation (Arcade Skin Story)
Dang i wanted to do Arcade too, glad to see i woulda been destroyed if i did. Nice!!
WiseyBoo (OCE)
: An Elderwood Chronicle: The Birth of Elderwood Kindred
: Thank you! That's what I was going for
: [BLOOD MOON] The one who gave everything; the one who takes everything
: An Omen of the Dark
SkyWinter (OCE)
: Broken Code - Teemo's Story
Omega lul teemo. Nice job!
: SSS 2018: Blood Moon Musings
This is fucking awesome geez Louise, nice work!!
Donut (OCE)
: The River God's Pit-Master Cook-Off
This is just food p*** at this point. I loved it!
: The Pulsefire Paradox - SSS 2018
Velaraeda (OCE)
: Blade's Shadow — A Blood Moon Fanfic | SSS 2018
I really like this one. Well written and formatted. Lovely read!
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: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Enter Now!
Achenar (OCE)
: Oceanic Artathon - Sponsored by Wacom and SMASH!
Does it have to be LoL champion or can we do LoL 'character' like the Writing Contest?
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: A Touch of the Void Writing Contest Results - Sponsored by Logitech
Congrats to the other contests and congrats to Xlullaby shooting us out of the water haha! Let's hope there is another contest soon! {{champion:202}} {{champion:141}}
xLullaby (OCE)
: yiikes. I liked yours/the koggo one/MONSTER better.
I was quite happy to lose to yours. I really liked it. Do you have like a reddit or blog where you write more stuff? I would be very interested!
Achenar (OCE)
: VOID FINALIST: The Seven Aspects
This story won @ Achenar by the end of the contest's time limit if you not keeping up with it.
: loved your story mate, congrats on second!
Achenar (OCE)
: A Touch of the Void Writing Contest: vote now!
Dang nearly got first place :P Congrats to all Entries.
Achenar (OCE)
This is my favourite of the bunch.
Achenar (OCE)
: A Touch of the Void Writing Contest: vote now!
Big fan of putting the Jhin main in the 4th slot aha {{champion:202}}

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