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: Totally agree. Riot have always just tried to make healthy changes to the game and I think all their decisions about the game have always been for the best. Also, I don't mind, but it could be unprofessional to put 'shit' in an official post.
True but I think most can agree that swearing to emphasize a situation or statement is far more acceptable than swearing directed at someone with the intent to hurt. Just like how Gangplank saying "Shiver me timber, that tower fucked me harder than the entire Demacian navy!" in game is acceptable and not worth reporting.
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
Perhaps the members of Riot find it painful to read and listen to comments of the community because the community is often rude and ungrateful. Like now for example, everyone is being very abusive in the comments section and expects Riot to read all of it and kiss up to them for their trust? The community needs to meet Riot halfway for there to be any trust. Also, Riot is probably afraid to play their own game with the community. Could you imagine the pressure? Just because they work on the game, doesn't mean they have to be good at playing it. That and given the current relationship between Riot and the community, it would be expected for some people to attack Riot during game play. I'm sure Riot must set up private matches with each other from time to time but playing with the community will accumulate better feedback as it will come from those with different perspectives and experience with the game. I just hope that will be possible.


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