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Geldour (OCE)
: Ranked Q downtime poll
I am in the same boat, finish work at 6:30am NZST so servers are down until 10am I believe. I always fall asleep before then. I understand why they are down and don't know if it is best enabling the queues at this time as the teams will probably be really unbalanced because of the lack of players online.
: Perma-kill mode (it sounds stupid but hear me out)
I had an idea like this a while back, but it was on the dominion map and whatever team is left standing at the end wins. I called it YOLO.
Zastarx (OCE)
: Walk to enemy nexus at start of game bug?
I just found this happening to TheOddOne about a month ago, I guess i haven't gone crazy after all!
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: What are some champions that need their ability nerfed?
Blitzcrank grab is pretty much a guaranteed kill on a fairly short cooldown late game.
: What champs in your opinion require very little skill to master?
: Favourite Champion?
I see no love for Lux on this thread yet. Let me fix this. {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}}
: Thanks FauxSho, Good to see you like these changes. Loads of Rioters spent days and nights on them. I'm someone who is normally reluctant to changes (I.e. we recently switched from Outlook to Gmail for email management and I was really against it bit now I'm loving it) so it took some time to get used to the updated SR and the new boards but I can already tell you I'll love them in the long run!
This just happened a few weeks back at the helpdesk I work for. Switching from Outlook to Gmail was so strange and took a while but now I couldn't imagine going back!
: You know what this place needs?
All of these Diana's are {{champion:119}} me crazy.
Taliyah (OCE)
: OCE Boards - Thoughts and Opinions?
I think it works really well for OCE. We are a much smaller community and to streamline the boards actually makes a lot of sense to me.
Xicious (OCE)
: Why are runes so expensive?
If you look at all the runes as a whole then sure, they look very expensive. You just need to be smart which ones you buy. A full rune page might set you back around 11k IP. 2 rune pages is all you need to start with, an AD and an AP. So ~22k IP for 2 full sets This might sound like a lot but really it is only 3 6300 IP champions.
: yay for new malzahar skin :DDDDDD
I really wish I did not just buy Overlord Malzahar last week. This one looks so good!
: absolutely the best treats on the planet :")
You are mistaken good sir, I believe you will find beef jerky to be the best snack on the planet.
: Tribunal and Refer a Friend are coming to OCE???
A great day indeed, praise be to Teemo! {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
: Kalista...
Haven't played her yet but surely you would have to start with Botrk for the attack speed to get as many spears impaled in the enemy for more rend damage.
Katgut (OCE)
: Katgut Fanart - Kalista, Yorick and Shaco
Loving the Yorick fanart, please do more champions!
ToxicHawk (OCE)
: Scheduled Maintenance - Patch 4.20 - 21/11/2014
Been looking forward to this, I know what I am doing tomorrow. {{summoner:11}}{{item:1039}}
RiotEarp (NA)
: Art Demo images from Arma and PAX 2014!
Thanks for the new wallpaper! Love your work. So sad I couldn't go to PAX living in NZ and all.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Positive play discussion
I am pretty quiet in my games unless I am in a playful mood but when I talk I am pretty positive. I'm game! Lets see what you can find.


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