Azusu (OCE)
: Lunar revel contest - A Taste of power.
Oof, I hope the poor pig is okay ;; nice description tho, damn that first paragraph got me slain * ^ *
Hyunmee (OCE)
: I find it so challenging to write in present tense - you did such a good job! Your descriptions were really nice - the dumpling made me hungry lol! Not to mention Tahm, Azir, plus a Twitch mention? <3 <3 <3
Dawww c: Thankyou!! Thanks for reading and I’m glad u noticed :D {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: Boards Community Lunar Revel Fanfiction Contest!
Hey, since the lunar revel lore surrounding most of the skins is not very developed (in comparison to, for example star guardian), would there be any penalties in place if some details from the “existing” skin lore were to be disregarded or missing from the creative piece? I am also unsure if the brief description of the skin lore when viewing the skin in-client is the entire background for the character within that universe, and if there is information missing, would you be able to kindly show me where else I might be able to do research? Thankyou! And good luck to everyone participating <3
AriaOwl (OCE)
: Love it !
Magery (OCE)
: this is a vow
im in love {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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Achenar (OCE)
: Skins Story Slam 2018 - Enter Now!
Is it okay if we mix and match skin series that aren't stated to be related in the League lore? (for example, writing a story combining aspects of the Arcade series skins and Mafia)
Achenar (OCE)
: Oh shoot, I thought you'd gone for the triple! I'll fix my listing. XD I loved how bright and lovely your colours were. :D
Achenar (OCE)
: Star Guardian 2017 Fanwork Contest - Winners!
Hello!! everyone's submissions look really good haha- one small discrepancy though, the art I submitted was of Aurelion Sol and Fizz, i think you mistook Aure's pet for Gnar :')


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