Gehirn (OCE)
: Where are you getting the number of 200 BE from? I'd be seriously concerned if that was all you were getting. I can see from your own leveling capsules that you got shards worth 900 BE in your first leveling chest, and 960 from your second one. You unlocked a champion with one of the shards for 810 BE, saving 540 BE from what it would have cost to purchase it from the store using BE.
Even though that was exaggerating, it is still a problem, as you can see in this forum. To sum up, I would suggest after the next update, to be able to reroll champs back AND receive IP/BE after each game, instead of after leveling up. You see, this would definitely help Riot as well cause after the recent changes, people may have vowed not to buy anything from your store with real money. This way, by changing some things back, everyone will be happy with the way Riot is progressing and actually LISTENING to their players, unlike some other games. I see it as a win/win in any form :) -ZeBooshDog P.S I did a quick calculation, and as of 9/11/17 4:50pm AEST time, 75% of the community agrees to changing to the ability to reroll, and receiving blue essence after every game. Around 100 essence for a win and around 40 for a loss would be absolutely perfect!!!
Fitzky (OCE)
Yeah, that would be a good solution, but this is Rito we're talking about. It might not work...
: Revert BE to IP
Yeah, it seems like Riot is trying to get peoples' money by using this form of currency. I mean, the new runes a perfect and a great addition to the game. The one thing that needs to be fixed is the currency. Instead of IP, blue essence is used. What's worse, you don't get it after a game, but after leveling up. As I said, I think riot is just trying to get peoples' money. Also, blue essence is wasted because you can only get it by disenchanting a champion shard, which you could've used to get a new champion. All in all, I believe that Riot should revert back to the good old way of currency! -ZeBooshDog (OCE)


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