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: One game banned
A little update, ban is now over and my level 5 honour is wiped, so now I can't even get the end of season rewards. This is such a joke. no wonder this game is losing people...
Ninox (OCE)
: The reform card is just the little popup box that comes up saying you are banned and why. AFK bans (which result in leaver buster punishment timers) are unrelated to this. The system is tuned way down for intent feeding to prevent false positives (i.e not banning people for just playing badly) so the chance of one is very low, though not impossible. If you believe the punishment was made in error then appeal through the support link I gave you. They will be able to give you more context on the punishment, and if it was falsely applied, remove it.
I sent a support ticket as soon as I got the ban. I think I didn't structure it well enough after reading your comments. Hopefully they can see that it was in error Thanks for your prompt replies.
: I don't really care what it looks like, just don't make it S's needed. Especially if its a champion thats popular, it is becoming harder and harder...Getting Ornn to rank 5 I got countless S's, it was so easy...same playstyle and I'm getting A+ consistently but shit all S
Ninox (OCE)
: There is not. There's a vague possibility it was a false positive for intent feeding, but given how long the system takes to punish intent feeding because of the time it takes to confirm, that seems rather unlikely. Whatever the case is, and whether OP knows what it is or not, there's more to the story.
Hi Seras, Thanks for your reply. I finished the game and went to start another, then it kicked me out of champ select and informed me I was banned. I logged back in and it said I was banned due to intentionally feeding and it had said "you intentionally fed in these games" and had a link to only one game, the one I just finished. I definitely did not promote suicidal encouragement or hate speech and the ban was not in relation to that. so I think It is safe to rule those out. I legitimately believe it was because I played bad one game. on a side not, what is the reform card? and how do I find it? Thanks for your help. I know a few years ago on the NA server (before OCE Server) I used to get banned abit for AFK, maybe it is to do with that? but I have never been banned or restricted in at least 5 years. and have obtained honour level 5. Thanks
: Wait. I'm confused. The client linked you to that specific match history, and said you've been banned because you played like shit?
Yeah, said I was reported over 1 game, and linked to this match history. I had a few off games before that, but my whole team lost and no one was too angry at each other.
: Porky pies? There's no way you'd get any punishment for performing poorly alone - regardless of how many reports you received.
not entirely sure what you are trying to say? when I logged in, it said I got reported for 1 game only. and I clicked "Game 1" and it took me to the above game history
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Ninox (OCE)
: The point of gemstones being rare is because you can redeem them into Mythic skins. The option to convert them to Chest+Key is really just for people who don't care about the mythic skins and/or have all of them. It's like how the event tokens always have an option to convert to BE, it only exists as an option to use up those last few tokens or for people who don't want any of the other stuff.
But if i did use a gemstone for key/chest thats 150,000 BE on a skin shard. this is the worst trade deal in history. There is nothing else to use BE on
: We should get BE if we win a game
I am level 95 and have 52,000 blue essence. The blue essence shop sold a gemstone for 150,000 blue essence. if i earn this much BE by the time the store comes back ill get one gemstone. which equates to one chest and key, which equates to one champion shard. All this team playing league and i get one champion shard. What is the point of BE if you have all champs. pointless. New BE shop better have some goodies. Also please release what is there early so you can save up. or keep BE shop up always.
: Level 8 Champion Mastery
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PurpIe (OCE)
: Ayy, I gotta try this in a custom or something sometime :) I always thought after the ap nerfs to the ap items a while back it wasn't attainable. Can you explain the seraphs embrace ap thing?
seraphs gives mana based on max mana, rod of ages and morellonomicon gives mana and 100 ap each, making the mana pool go higher, increasing your ap
Fitzky (OCE)
: Nice play, but the frame rate was atrocious. If you want to win and want Riot to show yours you better fix that up.
How can I fix it? I just downloaded it like they said.
: Nice play man
Thanks Mate. couldn't believe I lived through that
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: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech My pro submission, give me your thoughts
: Chroma IP Sales
twice a year they have Chroma IP sales, where chromas are purchasable for IP instead of RP
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RLG Shaky (OCE)
: Best URF Champion?
Vladimir, build full hp, spend all game in pool dealing amage based off bonus hp, while healing and doing aoe damage, poll has like no cooldown
Dope Dog (OCE)
: Need Duo Gold+
add me, im looking for a duo
: 69% winrate with Rengar
i had 100% with sion, for 8 games, then lost 2 in a row, so sitting on 80%. I remember when hecarim was released I mained him , the old philosophers stone, heart of gold path, stacking money for days, had a solid win rate of like 82%
Falconite (OCE)
: Junglers with good burst, cc and sustain
{{champion:9}} {{champion:111}} both come to mind, naut doesn't have sustain ,but shield kinda negates damage, especially with buff. fid has CC, sustain and dps burst
: So?
she can nuke baron like crazy, plus it has an ap scaling
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: Try before you buy
why not youtube the skin? and see it there
my sister plays lol. and shes gold


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