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: As a Shen main I am also very disappointed at this... The big blade is silly and the weird energy blade is just not him. All up, as a fan of Riot and League of Ledgends, you have really let me down.
1 Shen main out of the whole OCE server, guess we should keep him the same just for you as you are apparently the only one that actually likes him, c'mon man don't dislike riot for trying to please a broader range of people than just the people that play him, even if unsuccessful they still tried and people that dont play him at all probably will like him because they wont be able to even compare new shen to the old shen so i think this is a good choice and looks alright
Jack0NZ (OCE)
: Pool Party Mundo will still be available for purchase
yes but it was going to be free if we achieved something for a reason, coz nobody will buy it hence why it will be a dead skin
: Patch 4.21 notes
so how long til these new skins go down? coz no new skins stay up anymore
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