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: Could the 'tick' be coming from your keyboard itself? Sounds like it's broken...
I have checked and it's not my keyboard, the sound is definetly coming from LoL.
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: Pretty sure we already have something that resembles the concept of dinosaurs, His name is Cho'gath.
And a prehistoric Cho'gath skin which looks somewhat like a dinosaur.
: League Of Legends Story mode
How would it work though? Would it be 1 HUGE map per champion that's like a regular world with no lanes?
: I had an idea about a new champion that i think riot could make
You genius. Although if Riot were to make this champ I think they would scrap the idea of the champ being bread. Also I have an idea for an ability. Maybe he could throw a pot of melted cheese to slow down the enemy which will also cause your true damage + AP to the enemy.
: He is shifting away from that now thanks to the tank meta, AP=/=AD
: yellow Liiiiiiines, floow maaah waaaay...
I'm still trying to figure out whether this is an actual song or not. I've done about 5 mins of research and I haven't found anything :c.
: Since Ezreal doesn't do damage, the fact his basic attack is a tiny little white line is rather appropriate. Riot is all about clarity, and this is a fine example of correct implementation.
But Ezreal is an ADC. :c
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