: This shit all sounds fucking dumb. Shitting on the already garbage assassins and buffing the fucking strong ones. Classic Riot. What's new? :^))
The mini reworks are receiving both nerfs and buffs. And the major reworks are being changed to be less bullshit, and more skillful. They even stated what they're looking to change/nerf is the "bullshit" aspect of how Assassins can just lol1shot you if they are fed enough, whilst improving their scaling and team synergy, which are the 2 biggest issues with the entire Assassin class in League. So to say they are just "shitting on shit champs and buffing the OP champs" really shows you put little to no thought in this comment, and just wanted to take a shot at Riot for "trying to improve the game." You're the type of people developers hate.
ItzDenDay (OCE)
: ***
Did they do that for the Mage update? Did they do that for the Marksman update? Did they do that for the Bruiser update? What made you think of this lol?
: Patch 6.11 notes
Can we get a new Malzahar skin? Since his last skin we've seen 2 Fizz skins, 2 Gnar skins, 3 Draven skins, 2 Renekton skins, 2 Yasuo skins, 2 Braum skins, 2 Ryze skins, and many other champions have had their turn for recent skins. You didn't even update all his skins and splash arts when you reworked him. Also, he doesn't have any above average skins. I thought he would have been perfect for a super galaxy skin. He could have looked like some kind of power ranger who shoots laser beams instead of void magic. Was honestly really annoyed to see Fizz, a Riot favorite, who also recently got his Cottontail skin, get it instead. {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:90}}
bloodmoth (OCE)
: its pretty terrifying to see this item released into the wilderness without any real balance changes to obvious outliers, and in most cases many of the champs who will abuse this item dont _need_ any help in the first place. I completely support the item and itemization for AD assassins, but only if champs are balanced around it. Not looking forward to this patch :/
Have you ever heard of {{item:3157}} for AP or {{item:3139}} for AD? Unless you're referring to tanks needing something to counter it, in which case, what are you on?
: Data and Champion Balance – Part 1
Whether you read this or not, here are some champions who, in my opinion, require reworks/nerfs/buffs: Galio: I never find this guy a problem when against him. He has some good lane harrass, until he runs out of mana after 2-3 harasses, then he has nothing. Needs less mana cost, but if doing that can foresee him to become overpowered, then he needs a rework, because he currently is the joke of league of legends, as well as quite possibly the most underplayed champion, both due to power, and how unappealing he is. Warwick: Polar opposite to an in meta Jungler. Has almost no gank potential until level 6, which automatically makes him a bad jungle. His E is more of a burden than a blessing, it alerts enemies of where he is. Also, he's a 1 trick pony, so easy to predict and counteract. I suggest maybe nerfing his ult, and giving his other skills some form of CC or chase. Maybe reworking his E to some form of dash? And just a suggestion, but maybe add a slow to his Q? I feel like he can become a great in meta Jungle with just a few small tweaks to make him more versatile, at the cost of some pure power, kind of like the Fiora rework. Poppy: Heard this champ is receiving a rework soon. If true, greatly awaiting it. Quinn: A lot about her is everything an AD carry Marksman shouldn't be. Most people consider her the worst AD carry Marksman in the game. Her skills force her into poor positioning in team fights, and her passive can sometimes create misplays. Aware that she has a heavy snowball effect, so maybe nerf her snowball potential and rework some skills so that she can position herself better as an AD carry. Taric: Heard this champ is receiving a rework soon. If true, greatly awaiting it. Yorick: I feel like Yorick could have been 1 of the updated Juggernauts. He was very similar to the old Darius, where his lane phase was insanely strong, and a great counter pick, but his overall team synergy was lacking. He's also a very easy pick for lane phase, not requiring too much skill, and just slaughtering your lane enemy, just like old Darius. He's also incredibly underplayed, due to most people not knowing how he works, and "Yorick, the gravedigger who let down his family because he was too ugly to get a girlfriend" doesn't really appeal to many people. I suggest a similar rework to the Darius rework, where you removed his easy win lane phase, but replaced it with team synergy, that also requires skill to play at his fullest. Maybe give his lore a tweak to make him more appealing too. Everyone let me know what you guys think of these ideas, or suggest other champions. I'm keen for balance discussion.


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