: hit me up fam Been hittin up Nami a lot, but play a lot (like A LOT) of brand, leo and veiger sup <3 Always down to play
Hey, I just sent you a friend request, if you down to play some games tomorrow I should be on.
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: Abyss eSports Club AMA
What are some tips for getting better at gp and irelia as those are my mains but i am not the best at either (I would like tips for laning phase and teamfighting) i really appreciate your help on this and the other question i asked. i got bronze 3 last season and dropped to bronze 5 just so u can gauge what u might give me tips on. also could u recomend some top laners i learn for when my mains get banned, i pref lane bullies.
: Abyss eSports Club AMA
what are 5 tips you'd say are most important to improve and climb in rating???
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: Hey there, Have you selected and saved the images you want to appear in the settings for the screensaver?
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Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Yeah, you needed to enlist in Ocean Week.
aw they need 2 make that clearer i thought u just earned them by playin
: Ocean Week Mystery Champion update!
wait did you have 2 sign up 2 get rewards and i didnt get the icon either
: L E A G U E O F T H U N D E R L O R D S


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