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Nijel (OCE)
: OCE is Best Place 1v1 Tournament
I'm really looking forward to it! Let's hope I win! Hahaha.
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Gankazaur (OCE)
: Winter/Christmas Skins
We did it boys! :)
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
Now I want to buy the 10 champions I deliberately haven't unlocked for the mystery skin o.o
GunGale (OCE)
: ***
After playing for four or five years I can assure you some people don't get used to it, I usually don't mind, but when im on tilt and just wanna relax, don't play so well, and lose the game, and people find the need to be dickheads, It can be kind of annoying.
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Tele (OCE)
: Lets not forget what our brother {{champion:154}} Zac experienced. Was basically given a 1 colour chroma pack on release, and then did not receive another skin for over **2 years**. Elise mains should consider themselves lucky.
Mhmm. Many champions haven't had a skin a lot longer than Elise, so unfortunately for all the Elise mains out there they may have to wait a while!
: New Elise Skin???
Well, she technically has three skins, one of which is currently unavailable. Also, her most recent skin came out not too long ago, so Riot probably isn't looking to make a skin for her at the moment.
Anserem (OCE)
: Cool video! Love the transitions dude- a nice change after always looking at the same ones from Realm games. Although this is my personal opinion, I think adding the in-game sounds could be a possibility. The spamming chat sounds are always funny to hear, when someone steals a penta :P
Yeah! I might test that out in my next video, thanks for the kind words! :)
Amaryliss (OCE)
: Lmao, nice vid! Dat unofficial penta tho haha. I'll definitely subscribe when I get back to sydney...can't login on google('suspicious activity') right now...Q_Q Reminds me of that time when I was playing Lux and no matter how hard i tried i just kept getting a last hit(not in the I want dat kill way, but the I have horrible timing way) on a champ that was supposed to be killed by a rlly fed tf. About 7 kses that game... He raged, I tried to apologize and explain, but we ended up having a good laugh about it xD
Haha! Thanks for the kind words! :)
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: 2015 ranked season has ended
Bipolar (OCE)
: I'm going to kill myself.
Go away vvvortic.
bollockz (OCE)
: Boards Event - Win Championship Thresh Skin!
Entered :D Let's hope I win!
: I've had the same issue, 8 LP from last game's victory. I think it has something to do with Riot activating Loss Forgiven for the teams who have disconnecting players pending this connection issue. It's a pain in the {{champion:22}}. Not worth playing ranked atm as i'm bound to lose more LP than I gain with LP offset enabled.
Agreed. Wanted to grind games for Gold, but if I'm getting 8 lp per win and 16 or so per loss, don't know if it'll be worth the hassle...
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: ***
Obvious spam is pretty darn obvious.
: [BUG REPORT] Kindred passive not stacking
Could you perhaps record this?
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Nijel (OCE)
: I Need To Mystery Gift Someone
: Riot didn't add bots to ARAM xD People are 'botting' league. So they're setting up programs to for example grind accounts to 30 and sell them. They're not the bots you encounter in CO-OP vs AI
This would explain their summoner names. You know, not the usual 'Annie Bot' 'Ryze Bot' etc.
: Bots on ARAM?
I was in an ARAM game and someone was playing quite odd, (like a bot) and didn't think twice about it until an ally said is this brand (I don't remember who it was) a bot? And I thought he was just calling him bad, but maybe Riot add bots to aram?
: Is this Mid or Afk or something, the music sounds very familiar to me xD...
I got the music off of a no copyright music channel/website (I can't quite remember). From memory I believe It's linked in the description, so you can check it out if interested! :)
: Rito pls 18 RP off the release Southern Cross Kassadin
You should change your summoner name to pablo picasso.
: Be Victorious
: RIP riven
No no no, I have a simple solution. It involves riot deleting ALL her game files.
: Order. Chaos. Pick your side
What do you mean, the wardens aren't white and gold? they're black and blue...
Nijel (OCE)
: How do you think we should go about becoming less toxic?
I suppose thats the reason why this issue hasn't been solved yet. **There is no logical way to solve it.** People will be toxic, thats just who they are in the end, you can't change that. Some people will just have the urge to fight and flame at fellow teammates. And the whole 'banning' these players idea is a bit like panadol, just a temporary relief, as while all will be fine while they're unable to play, but it will most likely only infuriate them more, resulting in them being more toxic, making the community even worse. I kind of like the idea of rewarding positive players, as it gives the toxic players a goal to strive for, whether it be the free skin, or summoner icon. Then again, those who don't receive it may inhabit the "_I don't care, I never wanted (x) anyway, _" Which would make them continue their negative behaviour.
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Nijel (OCE)
: RP Giveaway (more to come too)
I think we need a less toxic community, in OCE.
: Black Alistar petition
Sorry, but as much as I'd love to have this skin, if they brought it back it would completely ruin the rarity of the skin, which I'm sure all the players who currently own, would really dislike.
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Robo23 (OCE)
: I think someone has done this b4
All it is, is an easter egg for the upcoming champion, Kindred. I'd happens randomly upon death, so it could happen on any champion, with any champion killing you. Hope I helped.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Ahh I love baron steals!
Love to see people (especially riot employees) are enjoying my content!
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: that number #1 flash graves ult
I know right, it's crazy!
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: Creating a system to counter scamming in League of Legends
The problem with your solution, is that some people would take advantage of it, refunding their mystery skin over and over again, until they get the one they desire. Maybe they could make it like the aram re roll system. I don't know, just a thought. I feel you man!
: How do I actually win a game Riot???
Your problem is your attitude. Not your teammates.
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