Mitchy (OCE)
: We are the Chiefs Esports Club, Ask Us Anything!
Who's got the best lift numbers and what are they? ;) Who got the highest rank in KR? Why does Jish hate OCE :P?
: Ocean Week Recap
Hey guys, You probably won't read this since this is quite late, but given that the Tasmanian Terrors was the boss battle and the moment the Tasmanian Devil is actually fighting a terrible fight for survival against an aggressive face cancer it would be great if you could do something with some of the groups trying to save the species. Not sure if links are allowed here, but:
: Hello from Legacy Esports - Ask us Anything!
For Carbon: Thoughts on Dragon Ball Super? What's the key to a great Ivern? For Tally: Where is this Riven cosplay (for science)? If it hasn't happened then when is it happening? For Claire: How does it feel to be back in OCE? What's the difference between playing in Japan vs playing in Australia?
: Congratulations Chiefs eSports Club
ChuChuz played out of his mind. In the end, it felt as if the support/jg matchup was where Chiefs were ahead. Carbon seemed uncomfortable on Nunu/Lee Sin, after being targeted in pick/ban and Claire not being a support main was out of position sometimes. GG WP Chiefs. GL next year Legacy!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey man, Registrations close tomorrow night 6pm AEST (extended by one day) What you should do is submit a photo of proof of enrollment
I mean best I've found is an email that says welcome to the uni, is that enough?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: OUC FAQ and Rules
Hey man, Since i just enrolled in my uni i dont have a student card until August 8th, what can I do to prove my identity?


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