: there is no point in playing tanks I sed afew months ago if riot did not buff the shit out of tanks they would die as fast as a adc but no I'm just the fool
Agree... They should just delete the tank champions altogether, what's the point? Just played a game against a Talon without his full gear, basically killed everyone with 3 buttons within a second. A real live walking fountain roaming. NOT EVEN FULL GEAR and nowhere as farmed as the player on our team lanning against him. GJ riot I'm just going to play candy crush lol
: Tanks are still effective and always will be, you just have to not play into the enemy. If they have a full damage comp, just don't give them any kills and don't fight early unless it's a clear win. Then, since they're all squishy, you just walk over them.
Don't forget, tanks nowadays are squishy too... you pop like an adc, but deals nowhere near adc damage. Before you even walk near them, you die, not even close to walk over them.
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: Tanks help win teamfights
They used to, not anymore because they have lost all functions nowadays
: Very few tanks can come back from being pushed behind. Because you will still get shredded. Late game, you will still get shredded because % penetration is stupid. That said, if you are taking the hits instead of your damage dealers, you're doing your job.
Yea I understand if you act as a good meat shield you will do well, but nowadays, against a full team of damage dealers/cc, you only buy your adc like 1 second at most, and honestly, who wants to play as a meat shield that last a bare second?
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