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: Darius is a walk in the park when the enemy top lets you stack passive for free. Darius is a very good pick at the moment for sure but hes pretty much all or nothing and there are plenty of champions in the meta that do fairly well against him. Zed takes way more skill than leesin to be played to his max potential imo and its no one but the zed mains in high elo who understand this about zeds kit. The problem with zed is that even if you play him to his max potential, he cannot 1v5 like some other champions can, for example vayne. Since he is limited by his energy and his main kill potential is all in his R. Which means he has to be strong at least in the 1v1 and in laning, he is afterall an assasin.| Leesin on the other hand cannot be weak early game or else he is useless. Thats pretty much it. He has to be strong early to reward good players with him because if he doesn't get ahead early he is basically a champ with a 1 knockup and thats it.
I feel like both Darius and Zed are champs that are overtuned in lower ranks simply because players can't play around their weaknesses but they become balanced at higher elos. Lee is the opposite as most people who player him at low ranks make him seem useless but a really skilled player can still make him look good.

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