: Nautilus Reef January 2016 Update
I dont quite understand how you could put even 10,000 or so people on the memorial. Are they really small names, or is the memorial gigantic?
Wuks (OCE)
: Hey atodtniasiht, Dragon Trainer Tristana is indeed Legendary; however, the Legendary Snowball event you're referring to does not begin unil December 23, 2015. I'm sorry if there was a misunderstanding. For more information about the events including dates and restrictions, check out the Snowdown page at http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/look-out-its-snowdown
welp, at least i have a kickass dragon
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: Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, revealed
Hes literally Zilean on Pingers "I take the ancient chimes to fly maan" Suuure "Nah man, they also help me get the Meeps back" Sure they do
: The wonder above
Guys, The first star allignment is the frozen watcher, as in the one from the place braum's from The second one is representing Shurima, as in Azir, and the overhaul of their stories (if i hear hubris one more time...) And the third one, if im correct, is an allignment based on the dark ritual that transformed Arnold into Sion. I don't really know what this means for the next champion, but i predict an overhaul of people from the place/thing the symbol represents.
Deche (OCE)
: [Champion Concept] Rean - The cursed blade
Wumachine (OCE)
: DJ Sona Confirmed
etherial is the best one imo
: Sick Zed SKin
lol doesnt like skeletons due to chinese beliefs (eg. karth skull face, sions arm) so not anytime soon probably.
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Patch 5.2 Bugs Megathread
Hi, im not sure if its my computer, but it seems that blitzcrank is getting a fake shield from his passive thats permanent
: kids go back to school yay
OP probably doesn't have a job i suppose?
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
: I think you may have been a bit too late.
Nah i was just being impatient, it came out like, 5 minutes after i writ this lol
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Ocean Week Q&A!
Just how many names are going onto this trophy anyway? Like, how big is it? And how are you choosing summoners names? By choice or by who did the 3 points first?
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: The 2015 ranked season is here!
Going for bronze 4 wish me luck!
Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Have you ever decided that effects have to be kept on certain champions to keep their identity intact? On braums two original skins, the shields eyes glow when he moves it but that doesnt seem to be present on el tigre, even though it is one of the coolest efects he has?
: I'm bored so im gonna make up some useless or broken op runes
: Havent gotten my gift yet
Got it this morning! i guess it was just a patience thing.
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: Annie in wonderland
still aint gotten my one :/
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Hide 0n 9 (OCE)
: Cassiopeia SO OP as top and mid
seems like only yesterday that she was the worst champ in league
: Oceanic skin
crocodile hunter braum carries crocodile as shield, shoots mini crocs or teemo abbott the hartred he's create
: Looking for boyfriend to treat me nice.
: Skins Unavailable?
Sackboy (OCE)
: I see, I see.
dominion normal draft?
: Queer chat
Its the same problem with banning other words. "But me and my friends call eachother n^^^^r all the time?" Well yeah, but a majority of people would use the word more negatively and offensively than those who would use it for common language. "But why is c^^t banned? we use it all the time in australia, its pretty much like saying mate, and its not really racism" Yeah, but its also the word used to describe a female's genitals, and thus, a swear word. Its not really a matter of discrimination over gay people, its just, where do you draw the line? should n^^^^r and c^^t be unbanned as well?
end theme (OCE)
: make leaving deduct ip
Punished for bad internet
: Sandwiches come from a far away planet where they roamed free. Long ago the government sent out massive spaceships to find habitable planets and came across the sandwich world. Naturally the first thought to cross their mind was "I wonder what it tastes like?" so they went on a 'hunt' (murder spree more like it) and were quite impressed with the way these astonishing creatures tasted. In no time at all they started capturing, breeding and mercilessly killing sandwiches for human consumption. 50 years passed and the sandwiches were all but wiped out, the government had none more than 10,000 left and the numbers were dropping by the day. In a last ditch attempt they used their cloning machines in an attempt to make more, however something was different about these sandwiches. They did not move or speak or roam. They were lifeless. And that is how the modern sandwich came to be.
That does explain the ancient pyramids originally being inbetween two slices of bread
csm (OCE)
: The modern concept of a sandwich using slices of bread (as found within the Western World) can arguably be traced to 18th century Europe. However, the use of some kind of bread or bread-like substance to lie under (or under and over) some other food, or used to scoop up and enclose or wrap some other type of food, long predates the 18th century, and is found in numerous much older cultures worldwide. The ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder is said to have wrapped meat from the Paschal lamb and bitter herbs between two pieces of old-fashioned soft matzah—flat, unleavened bread—during Passover in the manner of a modern sandwich wrap made with flatbread Flat breads of only slightly varying kinds have long been used to scoop or wrap small amounts of food en route from platter to mouth throughout Western Asia and northern Africa. From Morocco to Ethiopia to India, bread is baked in flat rounds, contrasting with the European loaf tradition. During the Middle Ages in Europe, thick slabs of coarse and usually stale bread, called "trenchers", were used as plates. After a meal, the food-soaked trencher was fed to a dog or to beggars at the tables of the wealthy, and eaten by diners in more modest circumstances. The immediate culinary precursor with a direct connection to the English sandwich was to be found in the Netherlands of the 17th century, where the naturalist John Ray observed that in the taverns beef hung from the rafters "which they cut into thin slices and eat with bread and butter laying the slices upon the butter"— explanatory specifications that reveal the Dutch belegde broodje, open-faced sandwich, was as yet unfamiliar in England. Initially perceived as food that men shared while gaming and drinking at night, the sandwich slowly began appearing in polite society as a late-night meal among the aristocracy. The sandwich's popularity in Spain and England increased dramatically during the 19th century, when the rise of industrial society and the working classes made fast, portable, and inexpensive meals essential. It was at the same time that the European-stye sandwich finally began to appear outside of Europe. In the United States, the sandwich was first promoted as an elaborate meal at supper. By the early 20th century, as bread became a staple of the American diet, the sandwich became the same kind of popular, quick meal as was already widespread in the Mediterranean.
Well i guess that settles it. The jews were behind it all along!
: How does the new Alistar look guys?
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: Patch 4.21 Bugs Megathread
I somehow one hit the crab as blitzcrank :D I felt like playing ad blitz, and because of my 16/3 adc, i was able to build an IE (before boots :L) and later into the game, i decided it was time for the crab to fell my critzcrank build. The crab proceeded to run into the mid brush, as i prepared my E. And as i delivered the blow, the crab insta gibbed! Theres no way i could have dealth THAT much damge! Its a shame noone noticed me doing it :\
Sackboy (OCE)
: Poros aren't real, therefore they don't make any noise.
then explain how santa baron powers his sleigh?
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