: Already know about the whole reasonable force thing and this comparison is much more getting then the original on that someone tried to use which was they robbed me, so I robbed them. Actually it is Riots problem, as it there game and if the solution to say, solve all toxicity in the game was to make a button that self muted people who couldn't control their impulse why would they not. It's at most 3-10 lines of code, cause most of the code they need is already in game. At most they need to do is something like "If box is ticked, then chat restrictions apply" Add a little more code so that actual punishments can't be turned off and there you go. A simple solution for people who can't control there impulse. My anger dosent as its something that comes from the game, not real life. And I'm just going to ignore that last little paragraph cause it just shows how little you understand about humans
I fail to see where anyone has robbed you. Even if that was hypothetically the scenario, that's still not lawful. You're still trying to justify behaviour that society has rejected and labelled as morally wrong. Riot is well within their rights to ban you based off that. The existence of people who avoid responsibility and consequences for their words does not mean that we are incapable of controlling human nature. Willpower is admittedly a finite resource, but it's one that you consciously control up to that point. If you choose to indulge in lower behaviour or put yourself in a position where you will, intentionally or not, you are a worse person for it, and you have no one to blame but yourself. If you life is so peachy that you only get toxic at people online, that doesn't mean your anger is contained or controlled like an adult. It just means you're used to getting things your way IRL, or that you're childishly failing to cope with something, and/or that you consciously or subconsciously believe that online public spaces are exempt from the rules that dictate physical ones. Whether or not that 'simple fix' of chat restrictions would change player behaviour, the responsibility of Riot to make their games better does not remove your personal responsibility to yourself and the safety of others. If you can't deal with problem players responsibly/without giving in to bad sportsmanship, you don't belong in the game. Other people are always going to be out of your control. This game is deliberately designed to take power away from you and put you in positions where you will, statistically, lose, probably badly at times. It's designed to rely on and value synergy and cohesiveness of mind. You have to be able to deal with bad team mates without losing your own cohesion. Entering into a game is like a contract; you play by the rules, till the end, or you face the consequences. Just because you see others breaking them doesn't mean the rules have changed. If you have one toxic player, you don't get better team synergy or waste your time any less by adding another one; you just make it more rotten for the three other people who have to endure it.
: So if the law states I can't hit anyone then some guy starts to attack me I should just take it and later report it to the police. I don't care what some random says about me but do you have any idea what " heat of the moment is"? If I'm being abused in the middle of a ranked game cause I'm apparently not doing my job as a jungler (which apparently is to never farm and just gank) then odd are I'm going to reply cause I'm this thing called a "human and amazingly humans have these things called "feelings" and "impulses". Just cause some people can not reply dosent mean everyone can leave well enough alone. Hell I've seen people ask for a way to self mute, I'm one of them asking for it cause not everyone can control there impulse. However Riot refuses to do something like it cause they believe it takes away from the communication
Actually, you should probably read up on the law because there's HEAPS of laws about self-defence and what you can and can't do. If you cause grievous bodily harm to someone invading your property you can actually go to gaol for a lot longer than your assailant. In many cases of self-defence, you cannot 'attack back'. You must use the minimal amount of force you can to get away, run for it, and report the crime later. The police themselves are taught to use "reasonable force", which is the minimum amount of force they can use to solve a problem. De-escalation of conflict is the biggest priority. In this case, the minimum amount of force you can use to solve the problem of toxic players is to mute them and report if their behaviour has been bad enough to warrant that. By the spirit of the law, that is the appropriate method of resolution. If they find a way to harass you once you've already muted them, that's the time to take further action by contacting Riot further. Also, since the space of Summoner's Rift exists as a temporary public cyber space rather than a physical space within your own home, you are not defending property, so that comparison is really inaccurate. The law when it comes to defending oneself against slander, on a more relevant point, does not permit the use of slander in return. If you were to take someone to court for it, you'd lose out pretty quickly if they found out you'd used the same tactics. If you have a problem with impulse control, honestly it's not Riot's problem to hold your hand through it and baby you through the consequences of your own actions--perhaps you should look into anger management tactics, particularly if your anger causes problems outside of the game. You are a conscious, self-aware human being and you are capable of self-control. If you are old enough to comment and debate on forums , you are old enough to take responsibility for your own words.
: Giving up
I know how that feels. I second the recommendation to play ARAM in slumps. I take frequent breaks from League, though I can never really stop playing for too long. I find it hard to get the same mechanical satisfaction from other games. Even if other MOBAs have better communities, they just don't feel right, and they don't have the unique characters that I love. I swear I am so bored by hearing Dota players telling me excitedly about the *single* tanky lady they have, as if that somehow competes with being able to choose from 3 main tank ladies and several others who can get kinda tanky with the right build. :P it's really not the same. Anyway though, I main support, so I understand the pain of bot lane. You can turn an average player into a great one if you play right, but say, playing Soraka you can never really carry a team by yourself the way a good Tryndamere could, so your game history can start looking reaaal sorry after a while. I got some hostility from people in solo queue who looked up my match history and saw five losses in a row. But for one of those losses I got an S ranking and it was honestly a great, tight game, I had so much fun. Three were surrenders--I was outvoted on two, and I gave up and surrendered for the third because I was tired of the bad team synergy and just wanted it over, instead of trying to lose with honour or turn the game around. It was so frustrating to put genuine energy into so many games, only to have people give me flack for it when I continued trying. I'm not a perfect player, which is why I stick to norms, but some people still act like it's a great personal offence that you have fun and enjoy a game when they're trying to _win _in a system that's set up so it's statistically impossible to win every time. >_> I'm probs talking too much so I'll get back to it-- I think this is the point when self-care gets really important. Take time out for yourself, have a snack, do life things, don't burn out on League. It's a great game, addictive as hell, but you and your time are **important**. I know it's easier said than done to not waste time on something that doesn't make you happy. But you really don't deserve to keep hitting your head against a wall when the wall is refusing to break. Especially since said wall is entirely optional. Go back over your to-play or to-read list, if you have one. There are so many amazing worlds to escape into, it can be a shame to only use one. Short narrative indie games can be a really good break, and since they have an ending, they don't stop you from coming back to League if you find the urge taking you again.
: Inappropriate/Offensive Team Names
yeahhhh I am 100% in agreement there >_< I have a bunch of random adds on my account, and one I thought was a decent player recently started talking to me again being kinda toxic, and when I checked his profile out to figure out who on earth he was in the first place, noticed he'd joined a club which was literally named after the Ku Klux Klan. I blocked+unfriended but there was no way to report. It reeks, completely and utterly. I gotta wonder what kind of stuff goes on in that group. Is it racist teens who are detached from racial violence enough to think it's funny, and shove that in the faces of people who have to deal with that fear every day? Or is it an active group for planning hate crimes on the League servers and encouraging hate speech? Best case scenario, it's maliciously ignorant and encourages asinine and toxic behaviour in and out of the game. Worst case, I don't even want to think about. It's really screwed up. I know Riot has been working hard trying to stamp out toxicity in the community but I'm honestly surprised that some of those names/tags weren't blocked from the group options from the first place, and I really hope they get on it quickly. You'd just think they'd have learnt to anticipate those kinds of disasters from the long journey of managing the community so far.
: My Inferno Syndra skin concept and abilities
Abilities look nice and I'm sure many people would like the idea, but actual skin+outfit design is solidly average if not outright boring, nothing different from what's already on the store. Consider shaking up your designs with influences from makeup/costume designers: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/3d/a0/f8/3da0f8d0b34f069c536815e72b526d80.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/00/5c/b8/005cb827ba20dc2f38270934058e836d.jpg http://tinyurl.com/o7sgech https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/de/62/f0/de62f0cbcd240f47be9edb5d5526c5c3.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/f6/64/14/f6641426b7668bdef468322c8980623f.jpg There's so much you could do with her headdress in particular. It's just a waste to regurgitate her old template and colour palletes already used by dozens of other champ skins.
: Thank you for being one of the very few people who break up walls of text. Now I've said that. The majority of people don't care, especially if you run across one of the many %%%%s who just be %%%%s for the sake of being %%%%s. Often if you reply to them you'll just be making the situation worse. As GoldenTomato said just turn chat filter off, most people do this, I know of very few people who leave it on (only one I can think of off the top of my head is LoserFruit but she is a streamer). I also doubt the viability as LoL being a place where you can discuss LGBTQ things with people, very few mature people around. PS: banter banter banter.
I'm a firm believer in provoking situations where my expectations of other people's maturity are bound to be disappointed. :P ~~how else could I play LoL~~ It still leads to more interesting things than moping about the stupidity of humanity does, anyway. Good points, thanks for your addition~
Justify (OCE)
: pretty sure a large majority of gay people in Australia are tolerated, if not welcomed and enjoyed.
I like your attitude. I hope that's true. ~~I have my opinions, but well, I'm an opinionated over-analysing busybody, sooo those opinions are pretty largely irrelevant to most people :P~~
: Its the same problem with banning other words. "But me and my friends call eachother n^^^^r all the time?" Well yeah, but a majority of people would use the word more negatively and offensively than those who would use it for common language. "But why is c^^t banned? we use it all the time in australia, its pretty much like saying mate, and its not really racism" Yeah, but its also the word used to describe a female's genitals, and thus, a swear word. Its not really a matter of discrimination over gay people, its just, where do you draw the line? should n^^^^r and c^^t be unbanned as well?
I do find that a bit of an oversimplification, considering how the context for both of those words is incredibly different. Gender- and racially- motivated violence is much more predominant, for one thing. As well, you don't have entire communities of those minorities saying, "this is how we want to be called." Instead you have the people against whom those slurs are violent descriptors saying, "this offends us. Do not use these words in public." But you do have heaps of LGBT community members at marches and protests and festivals saying, "I'm here, I'm queer!" I do think the definition of a slur changes when the people the word was designed to hurt decide it does. You are totally 100% right about the necessity of drawing a line though. And outlining Australia's attitude towards slurs is a really good point. I guess I would rather the word be censored than see it be used as a way of joking between friends in the Aussie sense. Like the subtext of those jokes is always "you're disgusting and I love you for it" which is loving and great, but then you're equating "queer" as "disgusting" and the implications of THAT--especially used against people who struggle with their sexuality/identity--are just gross. Anyway thanks for the talk~
ßmo (OCE)
: Half of use dont care about your sexual orientation.
Aaand what exactly made you think I care about yours? I thought I made it abundantly clear who this chat thread is for.
Sackboy (OCE)
: Title is click-bait. Alrighty, queer is most likely filtered due to it being more derogatory than the others. A lot of gay people don't like to be called queer, as queers meaning is odd. I'm not writing heaps on it but yeah.
*Wow! This one person got bored and tried to actually talk to people on the internet, you won't believe what happened next!!!!11!!!* omg liek such clickbait Edit: Well, I guess I did try to make it relevant to the topic? Siigh. I go to LGBT forums to talk about LGBT stuff in games, and all they want to talk about is the next party happening and pokemon. I like talking about language and people's opinions on it and how it evolves, but that irritates people to no end apparently. I'm boring, so sue me. For reals though, why is it considered more derogatory than the others? On whose terms? Why is the current cultural context being ignored in favour of what might be no longer relevant? I go to gay bars when I want to, sometimes queer events. To everyone in lgbt communities Melbourne that I've interacted with, it's already been reclaimed, and the only people I know who claim it as derogatory are straight people. I'm aware the cultural context of elsewhere might be different--again, it seems much more sensitive in the U.S, but we're not America, are we--so I guess I'm just trying to suss out whether other LGBTQ people on OCE servers see it as such. See the flip side of the coin to my limited experiences. I'm very curious about why people feel the way they do bout some words but not others.
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