Xuízunä (OCE)
: Thanks for that wean! I will give that a shot and see how I go! Without conqueror i would be useless fighting tanks right? How would you counter that with electrocute?
No offense but you're both cooked, riven is fine right now and conqueror is probably the best tune choice. Watch twitch.tv/1adrianaries1 and this guy will show you why
: Can Cull get buffed? :)
I think a small stat buff could be nice but basically everything here would make it hella busted, it's a tough item to balance perfectly as it essentially gives free gold to marksmen
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SuperZev (OCE)
: Permanently Banned
>excessively used racial slur then now you know why youre permad? they dont take that shit lightly my nephew
ThatsBS (OCE)
: Mechanics of Rammus
(dont play rammus top lane)
: Hey man I'd love to try and climb if your up for it
hey bud, you might have accidentally stumbled onto the wrong place (this is oce boards)
: #My Philosophy Usually, as many members of the boards know: With many forms of player behaviour, I believe that most _(if not all)_ of the blame rests with the player alone, and that the player should be fully accountable for their own behaviour. Toxic players are toxic not because of any flaws in the system, but because of choices they make. I believe that scripting is not the fault of anyone else, but the offender. and that Smurfs are created mainly to satisfy the individual player's need for self gratification and the inability to accept that they are anything other that the 'god' they are in their head. All of that is their own fault, and no one else's, least of all Riot's. However when it comes to boosting, I personally believe Riot is not completely devoid of blame. My beef here lies with the Victorious skin line. __________ #The Victorious The annual Victorious skin is created based on the success a certain champion has during the season. The champion, due to their success, is highly picked in widely viewed and appraised pro play. Videos such as pocket picks, and other e-sports interviews mention and showcase that champion _(among others)_. And e-sports commentators and Youtubers go wild when said champion makes plays. So due to the near-religious enthralment and dedication many players have with the competitive scene, players start playing the champion, and quite a lot of players find them quite fun and so continue playing them, perhaps even becoming mains. So Riot has inadvertently hyped up this champion _(among others of course)_, increasing the champion's player base and following, _(and a vast majority of the player base is low elo.)_ Not to mention all the players that already were playing this champ! Then at the end of the season Riot dangles a new limited edition one-time only prestigious skin for the champion, and says: **"look at what 67.16% of you will never have!"** _________ #Human Nature How can you expect people, in their desperation for a one-time only skin for the champ they've been maining for a year now, to not turn to boosting? It's like purposely starving a dog, then slapping a juicy steak a few meters in front of it and telling it to sit and stay, just so you can punish the poor mutt when it leaps at the steak. It is within Riot's power to change the Victorious skins, to make them not limited edition, make them available for purchase from the store once a year _(but only for golds and above.)_. That way, players believe they still have a chance to work their way up and earn the skin, without having to resort to desperate measures when Riot announces the skin a mere few weeks before the end of the season. If they don't get gold this season, they can still earn the skin next season by working hard. Theres no need to resort to cheating. It's still a reward, you still have to get gold, but now it's without the pressure of having to get gold this specific year. Rather than suddenly realising that if they don't get gold in the next few weeks, they'll lose out on a skin for one of their favourite champions, _forever_. What other option is there? ___________ #Morals **I disagree with boosting**! I think it's unfair and shitty to players who are trying to work their way up lawfully. And if I have a booster in my game ill be angry and unimpressed! But as long as the Victorious skins remain in the game in their current form, I cannot, and will not, judge players for having their accounts boosted, nor would I expect them to be punished. I wouldn't kick a starving dog for stealing a steak, so likewise taking that logic, I could not agree to ban a desperate Bronze player for wanting his one chance at a Victorious skin. Could you? How would you feel? Think about players like: HeartVine with Xayah or Quinn Deep Terror Nami with Nami I Stealth I with Talon. Myself with Azir, Aurelion Sol, or Taliyah. Talon12 with Yasuo. We all have champs we love to pieces, and even have reputations for loving, think about your own main, could you honestly say that when faced with the possibility of losing the chance for an awesome skin for them, forever, unless you climb whole divisions in the next few weeks. That you wouldn't feel even slightly trapped? Im not saying that myself of any of the mentioned players would or should resort to boosting! But using the love they have for their champions as an example, you can easily see how some players out there might. Im not saying it's right to boost, but it is an unfair and crushing cycle. _____________ _____________ #TL;DR: I think boosting is really shitty behaviour, it's unfair and immoral. And I could never condone it. But as long as Riot dangles one-time only limited shit like the Victorious skins in front of desperate players _(the majority of whom will never be able to obtain it otherwise)_, I personally cannot judge players for doing it _(if that is the reason they are doing it of course)_. But ultimately, it is wrong. And for the sake of the health of queues, there should be punishment.
how much time do you spend on boards dude o_O
: Recommend me a champ?
i would probably recommend maokai, theres some skillcap stuff like w outplays and using q to hit multiple parts of your ult on one target, but also relatively simple to be ok at (especially in jg where you dont have to lane) and good utility at all stages
Essembie (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=xgz9jova,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-05T02:18:39.611+0000) > > If you're going to make a champ whose entire play style revolves around balls-to-the-wall engages. > > Why give him enough maneless ranged burst to put most mages to shame.... > > not to mention free last-hitting with that passive... I cant think of any counter play. cho maybe?
counterplay would be a) not running deathfire on ahri b) exhaust on ahri is practically mandatory into zed, makes it pretty hard to die coupled with your ult c) counter roaming so that he doesnt get a large mid game lead if zed was as strong as you seem to think he is, then he would probably see more than 0 play in the competitive scene; hes just good at snowballing with a lead, which he gets easily against weak players
: Really Starting to Hate League.
idk i feel like a lot of my ranked games are pretty even, that's just my experiences i guess
KaynMid (OCE)
: We almost went a week without me making a rage post.
you should be taking opgg mmr with more than a grain of salt...
: this is what gets you a 24 game chat restriction and loss of key fragments and chest even after that
idk you look pretty antagonistic to me lmao, and the fact that you are flaming a jungler for starting on raptors which is correct on half the meta junglers is pretty interesting, i dont have any sympathy for you lmao
: Help Me learn
looking at a few; viktor game, not sure why you built tabi vs heavy magic, and i dont think morello is needed on this champ khazix; should always be cleaver after warrior, no idea why you grabbed duskblade camille; im not sure if you have ever played this champ but the core is triforce/hydra, and please dont run ignite top jhin; dont grab bork on this champ, pure crit or ghostblade/crit is better riven; run tp and fervor, core is cleaver and deaths dance kennen; ad on-hit is far superior to ap right now this is just a few games ive seen from your opgg history, mainly just builds advice but hopefully a pointer in the right direction
: I would be a better wrenchmen than everyone else.
7empest (OCE)
: Black Cleaver vs Lethality vs Regular AD
with the current state of graves i would always recommend the warrior/cleaver/phantom build generally, there are just "optimal" builds for most ad carrys at the moment, remember that cleaver can shred 24% which will generally be roughly equivalent to a lethality item once stacked, which is why its good on e.g. lucian. the only real switch-up on ad carry with regards to tanky teams would probably be whether or not you take a last whisper. hope this helps buddy
Jimstër (OCE)
: Trolls
you can take a screencap and send it in i think, annoying when you get more than 1 in a row tho
: Is cassiopeia just really easy to play or have I found my next main.
youre in low bronze boi, any champ gonna feel strong
: Strategy versing a kill lane
you should not really be able to die in that lane, you can just spell shield the stun and should never be in hook range
: Recommendations for champions
in terms of jungle, you generally want to be quite active, but perhaps a farm-heavy scaling jungler like graves or supportive style in ivern would suit you. for support, janna/raka/lulu can play very passively and reactively
: malzahar nerfs just killed any viability as a solo laner
the nerfs affect the support role a lot more, -2 armor means fuck all in mid, and 2hp voildings let an ad and sup kill them, whereas its harder for a solo laner to kill them, if anything its support malz thats gonna be gutted
Ingénue (OCE)
: I would recommend you play enough games so that you are familiar and comfortable in the match ups for your main and backup lane. It is also imperative that you are able to play support! Autofill happens and support is usually where players get placed. On top of this, I would seriously suggest you look into your runes (as suggested by *Father Time*) as having sub optimal ones put both yourself and your team at a disadvantage as you will likely under perform compared to your laner. Here are 3 basic pages that shouldn't cost you too much: **AD page (cost all up= 8,610 IP)** Quints (big ones) - 3 x attack damage Seal (yellow) - 9x armour Mark (red) - 9 x attack damage Glyph (blue) - 9 x magic resist (Often players add some attack speed in their AD pages by replacing the quints with attack speed, this also helps for jungling) **AP page (cost all up= 10,455 or 12,300 if you go for AP over MP)** Quints (big ones) - 3 x ability power Seal (yellow) - 9x armour Mark (red) - 9 x magic pen Glyph (blue) - 9 x magic resist or ability power **Tank page (cost all up= 14,145 IP)** Quints (big ones)- 3 x armour Seal (yellow) - 9 x HP Mark (red) - 9 x armour Glyph (blue) - 9 x magic resist > Note: all prices are estimates due to me using a S4 rune calculator
tank pages should generally run attack speed reds
: Ranked Antics
this is bait right? youre complaining that people are playing to win in ranked?
MajPinkie (OCE)
: Riven OP
this is bait right?
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: Angry rant from ELO hell
you might have noticed that decent players tend not to flame about their teammates, usually because they sack up and carry
: yea i am getting rekt mate . people in the community rather troll then try hard everygame im sick of it , i hate suffering LP loss due to other people afking . Theres aram and norms why come to afk in a ranked match its supposed to be harder. assassinsare ruined , supports that had no shield abilities, shields thanks to colossus. tried making adc's better some how they've gotten worse, 50% win rate mate i carnt even win a game back to back .
im sure its everyones fault but yours pal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Permutation eSports Looking for Players
would be keen to possibly play mid or top lane for ya, p3 rn, large champ pool
: Malphite opened with R on a flashless Vladimir when I went to gank
: no draft normals hindering my ranked play
we had draft norms for a bit and the queue times were absolutely fucked, although it could maybe work one day a week, its not sustainable long-term
: Bluebuild should be dead now that Iceborn has been nerfed to only be useful to Tanks/Brawlers. Ezreal's damage suffers a lot if he takes Iceborn over Triforce too. My typical build goes {{item:3042}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3009}} And the last item is situational depending on the needs. I rather like {{item:3033}} usually, but find that depending on enemy comp a {{item:3139}} might be needed more. Masteries I got for Thunderlords with the 45% CDR. Runes I play around with a fair bit depending on my mood.
this is an interesting build path... as for any other champ just watch what koreans build (almost always blue with fervor)
: Zer'sah, the Crystal Empress
your damage numbers (especially q) are far too high
: who beats rework fiora late game 1v1
I mean she's a top lane splitpusher so the idea is that shes incredibly difficult to 1v1. Bruisers like Riven and Irelia have chances but she can outplay or be outplayed in most matchups
: #WeAreChiefs AMA
Hey guys great 3-0 vs legacy! @Swip3rR who would be your least favourite top laner to come into the meta of pro play and have to face?
: WTH RIOT NERF taliyah ?
low quality bait pal
: Hey, presently the viewing parties with HOYTS are restricted by the cinemas that can receive the Sat Signal. You can host your own viewing party. We will try and add more as we develop the relationship and tech with HOYTS.
: OPL Grand Finals - 13 August Courier Mail Piazza Brisbane
Hey, is there any way for us to get viewing parties in more locations?
: Plat 3 + Jungle Main Looking For Duo Q
p4 top/mid main, add if you want
Dubby (OCE)
: Bot Accounts
ive had this same problem myself when levelling smurfs (manually). generally i just drop a report and leave a description of the obvious bot-like behaviour and trust theyll get banned pre30
: Sooo uhh whats this? I'm not the only one getting it.
same issue in NZ so its definitely a server-side issue
: related to other
i have literally no idea what this means
: I have been permanently suspended for no reason...
put this through player support, and you will probably get unbanned pretty soon (provided you really did nothing)
: on a "tilt"
: Ranked does not accurately reflect your skill
i mean, i dont like to be toxic, but ranked definitely reflects your skill - sure you might lose games like this where theres very little you can do (even eloboosters lose games) but overall better players are gonna climb much faster. if youre truly better than the rank youre at (and thus the opponents you face in ranked) then you should be able to hard carry a large portion of your games.
: Banning
you should send a support ticket to make sure this gets to a rioter, im not certain boards is the place for this issue, hope it gets resolved though
: I watch specific faker solo q vods (helps me visualise the apm i wanna aim towards as i warm up) while queueing for arams or normals for mechanics practice (to get rid of any anxiety). Also pump alot of curls during champ select / pauses to get rid of the jitters (im not shredded). Have a couple smokes to but i would definetly not advise going that route.{{champion:104}}
can you possibly expand on the faker vods, i think they could help me improve a lot if they help you (mid plat atm)
: Ritoto the Jungle Boy (Champion Concept)
this would be far better suited to dota lmao
Xuízunä (OCE)
Sounds like a problem with hardware. I once had a similar occurrence while playing csgo, and updating my BIOS fixed the problem. Might be worth a try
Bambooze (OCE)
: Problems with Patch 6.3
have you checked if these spikes are restricted to league or if they occur during other things as well? for instance if you also play csgo or something, and lag there as well, its probably your ISP or something similar


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