Ninox (OCE)
: If you're being at least neutral in your games it won't take a year. It takes 3-4 weeks per checkpoint for the average player above Honour 2. As far as I know you climb a little bit faster than that below Honour 2. Any negativity will prevent you from earning honour for that game, even if it doesn't result in punishment, so if you are having negative games you will climb honour much slower.
so 6 months, the playable portion of the season.
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Plectrums (OCE)
: You might be that bad, sure. But honestly, who cares? Here's the thing: people who play this game take it really, really seriously for some reason, so they tend to be pretty good. Not great, obviously, but the standard is pretty high. I'm a normal human being, I'm not stupid and I don't have any major shortcomings (apart from being incredibly old by LoL standards), and I think I'm in the bottom 5-10% of people who play ranked. Maybe even the bottom 1%... but hey, there's always got to be a bottom 1%, right? Even if you took the 100 best players on the planet, one of them would be in the bottom 1% of that group. Anyway, my point is... um, I forget. I really need to stop posting stuff during the periods where my brain has shut down. I guess my point is that there's no shame in being bad, and _someone's_ got to be at the bottom of the barrel. It's an honourable position, actually. At least, that's what I tell myself. That said, maybe you're awesome and you've just had bad luck with your teams. Oh well.
someone has to lose money to become rich, someone has to be bad for someone else to be good
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Nightjar (OCE)
: hey you know what's worse? when someone who got autofilled support says "I'm taking mid/top/jg/wherever, you go support', takes your lane, spam pings you, and then refuses to go support, so you end up playing support kassadin or something, and if you have the audacity to even slightly insult them or be upset over their behaviour, well rip you're the problem in riot's eyes, and you'll be the one getting chat restricted, ect... and to answer your question, no, banning a teammates picks is not a reportable offense, even if they are first pick and have made it full clear their intention to pick that champion. Riot Logic.
this player then picked rammus and faked to initiate and persistently did nothing
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: Riot's Moderating practice, and Tips.
riot hq - world sjw hq
: Rito Plz (chat bot and no-no words) don't say any of these words
: You seem to know what you're doing on Malphite, but you're playing him into every match up, you're gonna want to expand your champ pool a bit. On the otherside of things you probably shouldn't be playing Evelynn, she's not the easiest champ to play, and her jungle pathing and ganking is not easy for someone with your skill. But if you're insistent on playing her, look up junglers like NightBlue3 on Twitch and try to adapt what he does with the champ, don't try to directly copy however.
always found heaps of success with evelynn... well in normals and even in ranked i had high dmg / kda but the way i was playing was too dependant on hitting charms and shit which is hard.. so i decided to play malphite for the sake of playing easy and effective champ
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