: > [{quoted}](name=axeI,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=5BTJcXHo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-21T11:10:45.621+0000) > > No, the new conqueror is mathematically a nerf for bruisers and infact it's one of the only effective and sustainable damage rune that bruiser class champions could use. > > The fact that several mages + others can abuse the new conqueror in line with their spammable abilities (Cass, Ryze, Singed etc) is a concern so conqueror should really be limited to melee classes exclusively. > > Mage items are too gold efficient and when you couple that with a rune that shouldn't even be accessible to certain ranged champs, it becomes an issue. Squeezing in abilities/aa's as a melee to get the full activation and effectiveness of conqueror is far more tedious than a ranged champ that can spam abilities from medium-long distance. > > So no, they should not nerf conqueror any further than they already have. Rofl. You have no idea what you're talking about. Fiora, Jax, Renekton, Master Yi, Camille, Aatrox, Darius, Garen, Xin Zhao, Olaf, Nocturne, Riven, and pretty much any champion of this type excel with the new Conqueror. At the base level, it's a free B.F sword with insane healing at 10 stacks, which is not hard to achieve if your champ has an auto attack reset and/or ranged abilities. Camille can hit 10 stacks almost instantly, so can Jax. The instant they get any lifesteal item, they can outheal a 1v2 fight with stupid ease. The rune gives AD< so it is actually bad on Ryze and Cass versus other options, but the healing in it is stupid.
LMFAO, you have no idea what you're talking about. You do realise that some mages can abuse conqueror better than melee champs right hence why select mages are receiving rounding nerfs in the next patch. Now I know you're posting on "Broken Scripts" to hide the fact that you're low elo on your main and that's okay. You must be so inept in your ability to even fight a melee champ effectively, if you're letting them stack for conqueror passive versing them as a ranged champ. I assume you only play ranged champs since you complain about conqueror needing a nerf. Stop crying, and be a better player mechanically and perhaps macro aswell. Unfortunately for the most part, riot balances the game around low elo because they cry so much (like yourself) - so you might actually have your wish granted one day. You account for 90% of the league community from iron to gold. If you think conqueror is an issue, it isn't. It's a sustain rune, if you want to nerf damage - apply your same metric to every other damage rune or eliminate runes altogether.
: Well the good news is since it's getting ported to android, i would think i client update is in order i.e. they just release a whole new client that's cross compatible with everything and provides consistent experience. The bad news is this is riot we're talking about... their shit is *still* based on DX9
No client update/upgrade or improvement is in order. This client has been horrendous since it's release a few years ago. Every new patch breaks/hangs things, produces more bugs etc. This billion dollar company cannot even produce a stable client without shoving relentless skins at our faces every patch. It's obvious where their marketing strategy is at. Riot is without doubt the most stupid video game company - even with disposable income and profits in their hands, they have never attempted to alleviate the client-side issues that have persisted for so long. It's almost embarrassing that they mention they're putting the "S" standard in their games when basic client functionality has been abysmal for years. Don't you worry though, next patch we'll see a rift of new skins, game balance updates and nothing citing improvements for the client. This is stockholm syndrome. Everyone talks about how shitty this client is, Riot does nothing because they're not liable for the mess they create unless you open a law suit against them. You would think the whole scandal about gender discrimination would have taught them a lesson. For real, anyone would think that in order to even play the game properly - you would require a client that is efficient, stable and optimised for any league of legends player. It may be a free to play game, but by god's word - this client is ridiculous and Riot get paid to do absolutely nothing about it. :) I would honestly recommend people to stop supporting this company through microtransactions, but we know their entire market audience and appeal are to weebs and mostly the chinese and korean league base.
: Can we nerf Conq?
No, the new conqueror is mathematically a nerf for bruisers and infact it's one of the only effective and sustainable damage rune that bruiser class champions could use. The fact that several mages + others can abuse the new conqueror in line with their spammable abilities (Cass, Ryze, Singed etc) is a concern so conqueror should really be limited to melee classes exclusively. Mage items are too gold efficient and when you couple that with a rune that shouldn't even be accessible to certain ranged champs, it becomes an issue. Squeezing in abilities/aa's as a melee to get the full activation and effectiveness of conqueror is far more tedious than a ranged champ that can spam abilities from medium-long distance. So no, they should not nerf conqueror any further than they already have.
: I never said that teamwork as a skill is not relevant or will be cancelled out. What I said was the bad/good/average *teammates* will all balance out over time. The "team factor" I was referring to was the team factor that the OP was talking about, not teamwork as a skill. As far as AFKs and the like, it's a valid point but it doesn't affect MMR, because MMR is a *relative* representation of skill. That is it only has value when compared to the MMR of others, the number itself is meaningless. Everyone else experiences all tose same hiccups so it all equalises. It doesn't screen mentality because it doesn't have to. The system is designed to represent your average skill as the best representation of where you sit. You aren't going to be judged by your worst or your best games, but the average of all your best, worst, and everything in-between games. Someone who regularly plays with a bad mental state will only punish themselves in the long run.
I'll agree to disagree with your follow up comment on AFKs and the like. AFKs + the lot contribute to losses in which the true MMR of an individual who is caught with these team mates falters with potentially an MMR (+/-) of their actual skill representation (even over time) As for behaviour screening, it was a passing point. The system is not perfect and still puts together teams where it may seem fit/balanced etc although there are discrepancies which Riot have mentioned still exist; however try to make it as fair as possible with matchmaking even if it looks unfair for one side. This isn't made up. Ultimately Riot needs to improve on a lot of things with their ranked system in regards to AFKS, remakes and so on. One individual could be a pretty tilt-free positive, blazé person when playing in solo queue and still be managed to be put with teams below their individual skill level and go on a losing streak + still be punished in the long run.
: Rank is ultimately in the long-term a visual representation of relative skill. When your visible rank matches your relative skill, you will stop climbing and plateau. At this point where rank matches skill, the skill has to improve for the rank to. For example, you play a game versing people evenly matched with you and win. Great! You were better than those people so the system is going to assume some improvement. You then verse people slightly higher than those last ones and you lose, ok you must be a touch lower than them. Rinse and repeat. Playing against people of your accurate rank your win-rate will sit at 50%, because that's how the system is designed. You don't climb by playing games, you climb by improving, otherwise, the people in Challenger would be the people who play the most games per day, not the people who have the highest skill on the server. Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation.
> **Teams are a factor, yes, but you are the only common factor in all of your games, so over a large enough sample size, _the team factor is practically speaking eliminated from the equation._** That is nonsense. League of Legends is a team-oriented game. Your individual play and skill is not relative or a conversion for guaranteed wins. Over a large enough sample size of games, team factor IS and will ALWAYS practically be included in the equation on top of your own personal contribution. You also undervalue and not appreciate the fact that as LoL is heavily reliant on team work, the end-goal is to collectively **win with your team**. This also credits those who AFK, grief, intentionally feed or give up purposely in which **unfortunately affects the true individual player's skill in conjunction with MMR and winrate representation.** The system does not screen test player's IRL mentality, psychological/mental health and from that point their behaviour in which they portray in a ranked game. An individual could practically be a Plat 1 player however matchmaking is systematically flawed to skew better teams on the enemy side while you're held captive to deal with those on potential losing streaks and negative winrates coupled with behaviour that is common to that of rage and tilt. You also fail to acknowledge that you climb having built the confidence from your own skill that has improved while praying to the Riot RNG Gods that matchmaking is actually even and favoured your way in addition to having team mates with strong mental fortitude. Don't discount the fact that these are real factors, and while you're in control of your own gameplay, actions and effort - this does not sway your team member's behaviour and their ability to overwhelmingly surrender from 20 minutes onwards. Not even a high elo player who is smurfing can completely 1v9, given the circumstances described above. They hope that their team just feeds less and respond to pings so that they can be carried which unfortunately in most cases within low elo iron-gold (majority of the LoL community) listening and learning to be carried is somewhat challenging for those individuals to grasp. This is why I do not feel sorry for those in low elo. I also do not feel sorry for those who choose to climb higher knowing the stress that comes with the grind in solo queue. We've all been there once and it can be frustrating however the competitive edge in this game makes it that personal rank is bragging rights for many. You may be an Emissary that cheerleads for Riot however your statement on this matter doesn't countenance additional subjective factors on how ranked actually rounds off functioning.
: got banned for 14 days for chat misconduct 1st offence in years
Un1que (OCE)
: Looking for Gold/Plat ADC/Jung/Mid for duo last minute climb
How about playing a carry lane/role? Being coached by a Master OCE Support main doesn't mean shit. Climbing as a support out of low elo is generally a more tedious progression. No matter how good of a support you are with mechanics, macro, vision, map awareness - you're solely relying on the other 4 to carry (even if you win your lane with your adc). That's solo queue and blind faith mixed with the coin toss of teams. Low elo players generally lack game sense, macro, rotations and focus purely on micro mechanics and kills rather than objectives and CS. You also slow yourself down by duoing with someone as matchmaking becames more scuffed if you're asking to duo with someone in high gold and plat. Play a carry lane/role that has a potential to impact greatly compared to support in low elo because you're asking to be carried.
: Is Riot intentionally funneling Chinese players onto Oce?
Drain the swamp. These chinese players have got nothing good to offer on the OCE server other than serious tilt, AFK, ultra-sensitive ego's and name calling in their native tongue getting off scot free without punishment. If they're not from playing from mainland china, they're international students here playing from internet cafe's and ruining the solo queue grind experience for those that try to climb in ranked. There's no racist sentiment here, these guys assume and call their teams "white dogs" and so forth where the instant report system does no penalise these individuals for clearly racist slurs and offensive terms. Because Riot is a stupid company and refer people to open up tickets to support to get any incident or match where such reportable punishment can be looked at, their priority is for profit and revenue, selling more ahri, kai'sa and lux skins to the weebs rather than weeding out systematic issues with their game, starting with these losers who ruin other people's games. Riot is disgusting, always have been. If I was CEO of Riot for the day, i'd fire every single one of those in charge of player behaviour and how the system lets everyone down.
: ****I would Not recommend you to join this server.**** First of all, it is run by the same admin/mod team that ran the old discord, which promoted hate speech and toxicity. They say they aren't going to be about this in their new server, but through looking at the other servers looking to rebuild a community, I can see that they haven't changed a bit. I was looking in the chat of one of said servers, and was surprised to see one of the admins of this server openly flaming the way that their server was going about things. I found both this server and the other server through a boards post, and when I was viewing the posts yesterday, this post had 31-0 upvote ratio while the other one had 18-0. When I checked again recently, this post's votes hadn't changed at all, while the other server's had a ratio of 19-22. It seems plainly obvious to me that the admins of this server are actively trying to sabotage the other servers to get ahead, by using all of their accounts to downvote other people's posts. This really is childish behaviour, and goes against their 'values'. Toxic children like these shouldn't be running a discord server!
Couldn't agree more. I don't see why the admin/mod team on that server can't just have a tiny 10-20 ppl discord server where they all can chill, since it's only them talking to each other really. It's such a troll discord league community, and while i'm an advocate for free speech - these guys have no shame in inciting behaviour that would otherwise be called out for in real life. LoL already has a toxic OCE community, this _**"Rebranded Discord Server - Oceanic League Lounge"**_ compliments such toxicity to the next level where things that may offend or cause disunity towards individuals is left approved by the so called admin/mod team. It really is a cesspit and for those reading these posts - I highly recommend you DO NOT JOIN this server. The probability of being disappointed in joining a chill community atmosphere is high.
: You say that like there is only one other person who has created their own server from the previous one. I believe that there are multiple ones created by people who think that they could carry on that community in their own ways. As one of the previous long time members of that server (as well as ex mods/admins), I can tell you that the insane population growth was because of the owner's efforts as well as other members who had advertised the server in the past. Once they start gaining members quickly, it acted like a catalyst and proceeded to get as big as it did. Also that server didn't grow that big in just a few weeks or anything. It took months or at least a year before it even got that big so I don't know why you're talking about it like that. I'm not sure if you were aware of how the server actually acted and behaved throughout most of the time it was up. We aren't really competing with anyone either. We have our own goals and we will aim to achieve them over time :)
Ah yes, you were one of the chief people associated with moderating a toxic server - and for the most part achieved the status of maintaining a discord server where it breathed arguments and toxicity. I'm well aware of how the server actually acted and behaved, having been a casual floating member of it for well over a year or so. Of course you're competing, the downvotes and seizing numbers to monopolise an OCE discord league community is something that you guys are trying to accomplish. Let me tell you, you as well as the ex mods/admins who are recreating basically an identical environment to what it was before is only going to come full circle eventually. How is Trin doing by the way? Is he okay? Because he sure made the right choice abandoning the server. There is this wild obsession of power that some of you guys have some fantasy over. It's never about the community. :) **DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER. **
Boris1 (OCE)
: The owner deleted it due to reasons that I don't want to discuss. You can ask one of the Admins on this server, they might want to talk to you about it.
Seems like you're competing with another person who is reviving the old-new server. If it's anything like before, you will not have much luck building a great community.
PokeBear (OCE)
: The New League of Legends Oceanic Discord!
A fair warning to those who are considering joining this server. I remember being in this server before on and off from time to time. It's just a **cesspit **filled with the same 20-30 active people in a clique just being overall nasty and spouting disgusting inappropriate garbage just to start arguments with anyone etc. If I do recall, the admin/owner of this server was Trin. It's not a community where you necessarily find people to play league with or make friends. It's an established collective group with a hierarchy to assert their powers when needed. Community RP giveaways were the only decent thing this server had going, aside from that it really wasn't a friendly environment nor something I would recommend anyone joining. If the OP honestly thinks reviving this and restoring the same values as before is going to salvage it - I say this to anyone reading. **Do not join this server**, a rebranding, a new admin team won't change the fact that it's a haven for hate speech (not that I'm opposed to free speech) but it breathes a lot of this rhetoric that it's okay to be an asshole to other people. Good riddance. _**Edit: After having a discussion with the new owner, I wish him and the team well to uphold standards. Those that choose to join this server do so willingly and can judge whether it's fit for them/their needs.**_
72 sins (OCE)
: Most mechanically intense champion?
Irelia. She's not just a Q dash champion - two of her abilities have 2 part activations (W & E). There are varying degrees to make creative plays with her combos and making use of her marks on targets. You also would want to maximise use of her passive before going ham on an enemy. Believe it or not, she is a 3/3 skill difficulty and is rewarding to play when mastered.


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