: ****I would Not recommend you to join this server.**** First of all, it is run by the same admin/mod team that ran the old discord, which promoted hate speech and toxicity. They say they aren't going to be about this in their new server, but through looking at the other servers looking to rebuild a community, I can see that they haven't changed a bit. I was looking in the chat of one of said servers, and was surprised to see one of the admins of this server openly flaming the way that their server was going about things. I found both this server and the other server through a boards post, and when I was viewing the posts yesterday, this post had 31-0 upvote ratio while the other one had 18-0. When I checked again recently, this post's votes hadn't changed at all, while the other server's had a ratio of 19-22. It seems plainly obvious to me that the admins of this server are actively trying to sabotage the other servers to get ahead, by using all of their accounts to downvote other people's posts. This really is childish behaviour, and goes against their 'values'. Toxic children like these shouldn't be running a discord server!
Couldn't agree more. I don't see why the admin/mod team on that server can't just have a tiny 10-20 ppl discord server where they all can chill, since it's only them talking to each other really. It's such a troll discord league community, and while i'm an advocate for free speech - these guys have no shame in inciting behaviour that would otherwise be called out for in real life. LoL already has a toxic OCE community, this _**"Rebranded Discord Server - Oceanic League Lounge"**_ compliments such toxicity to the next level where things that may offend or cause disunity towards individuals is left approved by the so called admin/mod team. It really is a cesspit and for those reading these posts - I highly recommend you DO NOT JOIN this server. The probability of being disappointed in joining a chill community atmosphere is high.
: You say that like there is only one other person who has created their own server from the previous one. I believe that there are multiple ones created by people who think that they could carry on that community in their own ways. As one of the previous long time members of that server (as well as ex mods/admins), I can tell you that the insane population growth was because of the owner's efforts as well as other members who had advertised the server in the past. Once they start gaining members quickly, it acted like a catalyst and proceeded to get as big as it did. Also that server didn't grow that big in just a few weeks or anything. It took months or at least a year before it even got that big so I don't know why you're talking about it like that. I'm not sure if you were aware of how the server actually acted and behaved throughout most of the time it was up. We aren't really competing with anyone either. We have our own goals and we will aim to achieve them over time :)
Ah yes, you were one of the chief people associated with moderating a toxic server - and for the most part achieved the status of maintaining a discord server where it breathed arguments and toxicity. I'm well aware of how the server actually acted and behaved, having been a casual floating member of it for well over a year or so. Of course you're competing, the downvotes and seizing numbers to monopolise an OCE discord league community is something that you guys are trying to accomplish. Let me tell you, you as well as the ex mods/admins who are recreating basically an identical environment to what it was before is only going to come full circle eventually. How is Trin doing by the way? Is he okay? Because he sure made the right choice abandoning the server. There is this wild obsession of power that some of you guys have some fantasy over. It's never about the community. :) **DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER. **
Boris1 (OCE)
: The owner deleted it due to reasons that I don't want to discuss. You can ask one of the Admins on this server, they might want to talk to you about it.
Seems like you're competing with another person who is reviving the old-new server. If it's anything like before, you will not have much luck building a great community.
PokeBear (OCE)
: The New League of Legends Oceanic Discord!
A fair warning to those who are considering joining this server. I remember being in this server before on and off from time to time. It's just a **cesspit **filled with the same 20-30 active people in a clique just being overall nasty and spouting disgusting inappropriate garbage just to start arguments with anyone etc. If I do recall, the admin/owner of this server was Trin. It's not a community where you necessarily find people to play league with or make friends. It's an established collective group with a hierarchy to assert their powers when needed. Community RP giveaways were the only decent thing this server had going, aside from that it really wasn't a friendly environment nor something I would recommend anyone joining. If the OP honestly thinks reviving this and restoring the same values as before is going to salvage it - I say this to anyone reading. **Do not join this server**, a rebranding, a new admin team won't change the fact that it's a haven for hate speech (not that I'm opposed to free speech) but it breathes a lot of this rhetoric that it's okay to be an asshole to other people. Good riddance. _**Edit: After having a discussion with the new owner, I wish him and the team well to uphold standards. Those that choose to join this server do so willingly and can judge whether it's fit for them/their needs.**_
72 sins (OCE)
: Most mechanically intense champion?
Irelia. She's not just a Q dash champion - two of her abilities have 2 part activations (W & E). There are varying degrees to make creative plays with her combos and making use of her marks on targets. You also would want to maximise use of her passive before going ham on an enemy. Believe it or not, she is a 3/3 skill difficulty and is rewarding to play when mastered.


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