: League Readers and Writers Club - All welcome!
Hey, this sounds really cool! I'll be sure to join once I get home. Looking forward to meeting other literature fans! :)
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Star (OCE)
: Hey Azakii, Unfortunately you'll have to own both the skin, and have unlocked the icon to have the first strike border. > [Click here](http://imgur.com/a/OkAP2) If you purchase the skin after the promotional period, you'll unfortunately not receive the border (which is limited edition, and currently Riot have no plans to bring them back).
Hi Star, thanks for the information. Saddening to hear that, but I appreciate it, thanks!
: Oh yeah I made a mistake; I just read here on the Project: Disruption FAQ that you needed to own the loading screen border and the skin b4 August 17. Sorry - I thought it would work the same way as skin shards in loot crafting ;-;
Aw, snap! I understand now, thanks for the update. ^^
Malygos (OCE)
: Congratulations everyone and a huge thank you to all who voted for me, as someone who wants to seriously write for a living it's an amazing confidence boost to win a competition like this. This competition was great, I really hope Riot does more like this in the future (perhaps even a bi/trimonthly thing? Build a community around it??? Please?????) But seriously, massive kudos to everyone, especially you Frosty. It was an immense task and you pulled through, would absolutely love to see more of this.
Congrats to you and the other winners! You totally deserved it, your story was amazing! I really hope to see another fanfic contest too. Please, Riot! At least make a new section on the boards for fanfic...
: If you have unlocked the loading screen border, I am fairly sure you will have it even if you buy the skin after the event.
Ah, okay then, thank you very much!
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: Froskurinn's Picks What are those for?
I imagine that those ones are honourable mentions that didn't make it to the final but were still enjoyed by Froskurinn.
: FanFiction Contest: The Shortlist
Congratulations to all those who made the list! Really well-written pieces that deserves to be up there. Well done! :)
: Is the shortlist coming out later today???{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
It should be, but the time is unknown, and I'm getting paranoid about it!!
Oneechan (OCE)
: As a support main, I frown every time someone says Diana beats Leona. But your Diana is written so powerfully and with so much character even I must recognise her power. WP WP
Haha, thanks! As a Diana main, I do admit I made it seem like an unfair battle, but I'm just biased, heh.
: The Fourth Act (Zed and Shen)
A really nicely written piece of work here! Your writing style is beautiful. Well represents the relationship between Zed and Shen! Great work.
: The Moon and the sun
Diana and Leona on a mission together. Not surprising, but intriguing. Great writing, and I look forward to see if they would become allies. Funnily, I wrote about them too. It seems like we both have different views, but I'm glad that I can relate to it!
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Ooh, exciting. I'm really looking forward to the shortlist. Good luck to all those (serious) people who entered!
Fyooosh (OCE)
: Nicely written! Even if you aren't familiar with the lore, your story-telling paints enough of a picture that the reader gets a good feel for the conflict and the characters. Knowing the back-story helps a little, but it isn't integral. Also, one advantage you have if you don't know the lore is that there's more mystery in Diana's final words. I'm a big fan of both Diana and Leona, so I loved this piece. Good luck!
Ah, thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback you gave, I'll have a think about it.
Horizonn (OCE)
: The Beginning of the Storm
Interesting plot twist to Yasuo's lore! I like it. Also, what is your reasoning for the sudden cut in the sentence to the next line? It seems rather odd to me and strange to read. Just curious!
: A wanderer isn't always lost
Really captivating! I liked how you used ingame quotes; I thought that was interesting. It gave me a better understanding of Yasuo's lore, so overall, great work.
Yukarin (OCE)
: //Reboot: Code >>PROJECT_Fiora<<
Whoa! I really enjoyed your fanfic. This one is really unique, I really admire how you put the PROJECT skins from the champions' points of view. It really made me wonder how it was like being transformed into a PROJECT skin. Well done!
: Four Words
Wow, a really neatly crafted piece of writing! I love how you incorporated Jhin's obsession with the number four, haha. Since you posted this on a NA account, hopefully you can get it on an OCE account so it would be an official entry!
: *facepalm*....yes. Mixed up my dates big-time there. Have you read my entry yet?
Haha, the common mistake! Your entry? I haven't seen it yet, but I'll make sure to check it out later! No time right now, it's schooltime, sorry. :(
: Shortlist comes out tomorrow, good luck to you! (I bet you'll be one of the final ten :P)
You mean July 27th? Pretty sure that's next month! xD And wow, thanks! I'm not so sure about that, but I'll keep my hopes up!
: Well I mean it's ultimately Sno and Wuks and them who pick the shortlist, so I have faith they'll choose the best.
Yep! The votes don't entirely matter here.
: A lot of other quality entries got downvoted too. I think someone is going around just downvoting them out of jelousy.
Yeah, I've been noticing that lately too. Pretty sad and unfair for those great pieces of work.
: Don't know why anyone would ever downvote you, this was very nice. Great job!
Thank you! I appreciate it. I imagine some people not understanding the lore between the two, so I'll add something about that later. ^-^
Miss Auri (OCE)
: Diary of a Shuriman Merchant
Wow, this was not what I was expecting! Terribly amusing, and I love how you incorporated some of the player's traits into the champion! Especially Riven, gosh, that toxicity. Otherwise, great work! My favorite one so far.
: The Terror of the Void
Amazing work! Very captivating. I really adore your skill and I wish I could write like you.
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