: LF Clash peeps (Jg, Adc, Top)
I can JG if you're still looking, I'll be on around 7pm after work
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DaRsnn (OCE)
: added you on league mate
Sweet, I finish work at 3, I'll jump on when I get home.
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Lökí (OCE)
: Gold/Plat Clash team in need of a good mid laner!
Hey mate, I'm looking for a team, and main Ori mid, but also have other champs. let me know if you're still in need of a mid :)
: Lf 1 mid laner gold/plat for clash tonight
Hey mate, I'm not home at the moment, but am Plat and main Ori mid but have other champs, hit me up if you're still in need.
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