: Teamfight Tactics Showdown Roster and Prizes
Hello fellow tacticians, Definitely understand the sentiment here - the format and prize pool etc are part of the process of making a 'twitch rivals' official event. We know they aren't necessarily the best players - so we will look at what we can do to serve this need too in a different way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter - it does give us an insight as to how these types of events feel for competitive players. Cheers
: So Is Cheating Gonna Be Addressed In TFT?
Hey Klavinmour, As Seras has mentioned - we would love to get some more details about a player or game where you see this happening as we 100% will not allow this to happen. Would love if you could provide as many details as possible, or keep an eye out in case it happens again and let me know? Thanks for passing this on - I haven't seen any instances of this myself, but if it is happening it needs to be resolved ASAP so thanks for sharing.
TotalGimp (OCE)
: What kind of negative behaviour? I feel like it's important to know if he was instagating the negative behaviour or just reacting to the endless amount of summoners that are just playing to make people who enjoy the game on a competitive level lives hell. (My 2 cents). The effort shouldn't be in "educating" it should be harsher bans targeting ranked players trolling for fun not the players abusing the individual for ruining the experience for 9 other players.
Yeah definitely agree with the sentiment - Pro players definitely do get targeted even more than the regular player and this was no exception to that. The unfortunate reality of being a pro player is that people get to see you, they know who you are, what you do and can be quick to form an opinion about you. The bar for OPL players behaviour is high as they are seen as role models for a lot of players - so the expectation from them is that they will never be the ones to be instigating it, and are generally expected to ignore / not get baited in by trolls. Hope this helps provide some context.
: why is it Melbourne again shouldn't it change states every year :(
Hey Mate - we absolutely would love to bring some events to other states too, but this current partnership with Visit Victoria (Victorian Government) and ESL + TEG allows us to bring this amazing live event to Melbourne for the Melbourne Esports Open, which puts Esports on the map in Australia. Thanks for supporting the OPL!
LishusTas (OCE)
: Firefox is normal browser, IE didnt work either, nor refresh on either browser Minor Update, Firefox in the URL bar thing has "connection not secure". I disabled protection and managed to get it to load a background image of kartus and Morgz with an error has occured message. I'm not sure if this gives any insight. Adblocker made no difference to accessibility. Every other menu tab at the topside works fine (news/univers/boards etc) except esports.
I'll flag this with the guys who look after the website, cause I'm not sure exactly whats going on lol Thanks for sharing this extra info mate!
iConnix (OCE)
: Hey Belquin, Thanks for the update. It is unfortunate to see OPLTips discontinued :( I did manage to find Snowball Esports via a quick google search :) Pretty bummed that it's only prizes for Top 3 (as opposed to Tiered Prizes on OPL Tips (i.e. 1st, 2nd-10th, 11th-50th), but i guess it will do! ) Thanks!
That's fair - there will likely be less tippers though, so you should be in a good place to take out prizes {{summoner:14}}
LishusTas (OCE)
: OK, so im not set up with an IMgur or similar, as im not super savvy, so icant share teh print screen i just took. but if i go to link you suggested (the site i did infact try to access) i get a predominantly white screen, with a bunch of menu items in "link text" squished into the top corenr, a riot, lol and M rated logo, and the Copyright and links to media, terms of use and rules at the bottom. I may be better served if i could email the screen? It is the website you suggested, the same one i had bookm arked and used all of split 2 2018. It could be software on my part perhaps? but i dont have the same issue if i try to go to LEC or LCS esports for example Lishus
That's really weird. The LEC and LCS websites are definitely different than ours so could display differently for sure - but the main website should definitely be up and displaying properly. Could you try another browser or hit Ctrl + f5 for a hard refresh on the site?
LishusTas (OCE)
: OCE esports tabe not working for some time
Hey LishusTas, Could you head to oce.lolesports.com and let me know if you can see all the up to date information? You should be able to see the articles on the teams, the schedule and everything on there. What is the esports tab that is blank? I'd love to be able to fix this but I can't seem to replicate the problem myself . Thanks for flagging the problem with us mate!
iConnix (OCE)
: OPL Tips for Season 9?
Hey iConnix, Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the lack of info on OPL tipping in 2019. It's good that you raised this as we should have released something about this earlier. Over the last 2 years we have been working with a partner to bring OPL Tipping to fans, which we really loved as an initiative, but unfortunately during the off season we were unable to come to an agreement with our partner to continue to provide this product to fans for 2019 and were not able to create anything ourselves instead. We really love the tipping program and it will be something we look at kicking off again in the future, but in the meantime - the good people at Snowball Esports are working to release a lightweight tipping program for 2019 (which is coming in hot) that we will provide some RP prizing for. I'll post in here when it goes live if you would like to get on board.
: The system's development team would be situated in the US I am guessing? Would be interesting to know. In fact while we are on the subject, would any of you know who would be best to try and get in contact with about some of my ideas for the future development of the ranked system?
Yep, they are primarily based in the US. I think the best way to contribute ideas is to message the Rioters on twitter, contribute to threads on reddit, post in the comments on Ask Riot etc. We look at all those channels :)
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Rioter Q&A - (Group 1 of 3)
Questions to Conquisitor: Where did your name originate from? Would you say that you are a Twisted Treeline enthusiast?
: Ivern has bark, not skin. I'm sure we will release a new Ivern Bark at some point, if you have cool ideas, i'd love to hear them!
This is a Tim 'Carbon' Wendel supported request. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: When are you guys gonna fix the banning system, so that people who do nothing don't get punished but those that do the wrong thing, do get punished
Hey Darkshade918 Tough question - I feel like you are trying to get a point across, and I hear you - the system isn't perfect. I don't directly work on the team who develops this function, but from my experience in game, I've generally had a really good response rate (report of a player leading to action and feedback report to me) for players who are actually ruining games. Its something that we will keep working on refining over time; thanks for bringing it up, it shows us that its something important to you and I'm personally very aligned with ensuring that this system is in a good place for the enjoyment of players.
Bookbash (OCE)
: To Belquin: Can we please grow the scene by bringing back OOL and the ability to make your own esports team, and reward those teams that qualify into the OCS like previously? The scene will not grow with just having the same old orgs and organisers. Not only did this help showcase good players, it also helped showcase good managers, coaches etc. And more people were involved.
Hey Bookbash - fair comment, I think that the responses to Taze and BioPanther Fan in this thread will give you an idea of how we are currently thinking about the OOL / amateur level esports. It's something we will put some more thought into for sure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Taze (OCE)
: My question is for Belquin As the Esports Lead, I’m responsible for overseeing the creation of Oceanic LoL esports from grass roots through to Pro. Q1: With OOL being removed, there was an article that came out saying for us to not worry about OOL being removed because ESL, PRO teams etc.. would be holding tournaments to replace that side of the scene. Which didn't seem to really happen in 2018 besides communities running their own. Are there any plans for 2019 for these replacements tournaments happening? Q2: After seeing how esports works, getting a lot roles seems to be a lot about who you know not always about how good you are. Are you guys going to be offering any way over the years to bring back any sort of grass roots ways for teams or players?
Hey Taze, Q!: That's a really good question. We did try and work with tournament operators even this year to create some opportunities in lieu of the OOL, but haven't really delivered here. There isn't currently plans to focus on an amateur / OOL level competition, but as I mentioned above to BioPanther Fan - its an area we see great value in fostering and are really keen to work with partners / tournament organisers to fill the gap here. Q2: This one definitely relates to the first one, in that we see value in this and I'd love to have a robust ecosystem at the amateur level to allow for aspiring teams, coaches, staff etc to gather experience. I guess you could say our focus in the grass roots area has been around High School and University as opposed to the amateur competitive space. Thanks for the questions, It's definitely a space the team will need to put some more thought into.
: @Belquin Any plans for something under the level of OCS to allow OCE talent to emerge, not just players but also coaches? Or is that someone for third parties to look into themselves? @Perigan OPL Imported casters for the 2 biggest events of split 2. What goes into picking which casters will work the event? Will you be looking for more local casters at the beginning of next year? Also I just have to say that I really enjoyed this years broadcasts. @Conquisitor Any chance of another event like the Nautilus statue? It feels pretty cool to be able to participate in something good for the planet (no matter how small it is in the scale of things) while playing games. Oh, I forgot to add. With split 2 we saw the introduction of Nichboy to the couch segment of the OPL. I love the Nichboy moments as I think it's a refreshing and entertaining segment. Is there any chance we get more of it next year and potentially on the OCS broadcast as well? Just to go along with that though, I'd also love to see a little more in depth analysis after the series has ended and before the next one begins (Although absolutely not in place of Benji's segments. Those things are gold.)
Hey BioPanther Fan, Thanks for the question. It's definitely something that we see as important and is something we are looking to help foster, but not necessarily something that we would run directly ourselves. For us, we really want to build out the foundations of the OCE esports ecosystem in a sustainable and scalable way, and we are keen to develop relationships with partners that can help us elevate the ecosystem.
: OPL viewership will only grow naturally. That starts with player development and infrastructure improvement (can't watch a stream if your internet is shit). People won't watch OPL if they're looking for quality gameplay (right now), especially when it's in the same time slot as LPL and LCK. You can't bait players into watching OPL with a skin thinking they'll suddenly find it entertaining. I was around in 2013 during the first season of NA LCS (which is basically where we're at right now). Viewers will care about players, then teams, then the overall strength of the league (specifically in that order) and it's only going to happen naturally as the region starts producing better players and/or players with a bigger presence in the community. I need to have a player I can rally behind. In the short term, this means building up player personalities. In the long term, this means having a higher volume of players with a level of skill worthy of a viewer's attention. You can't buy viewers. For the time being, just stick to rewarding the ones you already have.
Thanks for the thoughts DarkSoul and you are right, we do need players and teams to rally behind, and hopefully they're developing into that. I still do think its worth attempting to get the OPL in front of new viewers and running a skin giveaway was one way to raise that visibility, also to provide value to a sponsor who is helping us run the OPL in a more sustainable way. We have seen a portion of the players who came to redeem the skin tune back into the OPL, so that's been good - but yeah who knows if that will last.
: Rusty Returns for Rift Rivals
Woooh - yeeeeeah Rustdog!
: This OPL promotion with Battle Boss Brand is a terrible idea
Hey DarkSoul and others interested in this topic. It's definitely a hotly discussed one internally too and you guys have provided some solid strategies of how to adjust and target different goals. Our main approach when doing a skin giveaway is to give players who may not currently watch the OPL an opportunity to tune in and have a look. The hope is that some people actually enjoy it and end up following a team / player or just the league. Of course it is also nice to reward existing OPL viewers, but you are right - there are better ways for us to reward current viewers. Once again, we do really appreciate the thoughts, it gives us a valuable perspective and forces a discussion on our end.
Valvoman (OCE)
: Why is it one week before the school holidays, during weekdays ( to avoid clash? ) and starting around peak hour in the city? Ticket Prices.... $49 AUD for one day.... In contrast: All convert to AUD * State of Origin Game 2 in Sydney - $55 Bronze League of Origin- $15 NA LCS FINALS Miami * Upper Bowl: $47 * Lower Bowl: $60-73 * Floor Seats: $86 NA LCS Summer Split Regular season - $20 MSI * Play in- $30 * Groups- $38 Semis * Floor Seats (Tier 1): $61 * Tier 2: $46 * Tier 3: $30 Finals * Floor Seats (Tier 1): $69 * Tier 2: $54 * Tier 3: $38 IEM Sydney Friday: $39, Saturday: $59, Sunday: $89 - Keep in mind we are't seeing the worlds best teams instead another 2 emerging reagions without Vietnam Even though the capacity is around 2000 and the scarcity of events in Australia/Sydney I think the cost of producing the event and it being held in the State theatre are being passed on to us consumers.
Hey Valvoman - the timing and dates are mostly to fit in with a global rift rivals schedule so players can also watch NA/EU and LPL/LCK etc if they wish to, not to avoid clash specifically. The other balance piece is the starting time which was decided so that it can be most accessible for digital viewers as well as live (from New Zealand viewers through to Thailand). You are totally right that the tickets are more expensive than they have been in the past, and we believe it's worth it. Running live events is extremely expensive and for us to be able to create these opportunities for players to experience live league of legends in Oceania, we need to push towards sustainability. This pricing is a step towards this and we still believe that there is good value for fans. I hope this extra context lets you understand our rationale and we will be keeping an eye on how things are tracking.
Send Hugs (OCE)
: Hi, I just wanted to ask if there is a chance that all the teams that were affected will get a Bye so that we are all in the same position for tomorrow? As it would give most teams a way to get in the higher brackets and get better prizes for the whole thing? Totaly understand if that is still not incorporated into the clash system, but would love to see it implemented after this. Cheers, -THP
We are exploring options to resolve the remainder of the tournament - its pretty disappointing to have a whole tournament ruined let alone a night, but unsure what we can do for now. Good suggestion mate. Thanks
: So what's the long-term goal for the Riot Games-AFL partnership?
We really are exploring all options - at the end of the day we want build out the best Esports ecosystem for Oceanic players - if this means we need more international exposure then that's what we will work towards. If it means that the AFL can help us build it out exactly how it is set up right now, then that's how we will do it. At the end of the day, Esports is for you guys, the players and the fans - so I'm really keen to hear your thoughts on it all!
: Where the hell is WA in this man but this is still freckling AWSOME{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Definitely worth keeping an eye out for WA - they have a high school tournament starting up and we have a few players in OCS/OPL from there - who knows?
: OPL Finals?
Hey Man, for split 1 the finals do not have a live audience, but will be shown at some of the local Esports bars like Spawn Point if you are over 18. Welcome to Sydney!
: I asked my mate and he said he thinks it comes out next patch. Most probably is just a delay because they're a new team. Thank you for the reply <3
Yeah this is correct - it was a late icon submission but will be in a future patch! Cheers
volkiiii (OCE)
: Oh I’m not arguing that, but what makes the NON OPL teams earn their spot in OCS? They’re just lucky they got promoted? If a team with players and $$ turns up you’re basically saying “nope these teams are what we have sorry”. If this was the case years ago some opl players wouldn’t be where they are and maybe even the teams either. Tough choice on your behalf to do this I have respect for everyone at riot but saying OOL players just want fun tournaments.. backhanded much?
Yeah you are right to an extent - currently the OCS teams with spots are the best 5 teams from the last couple of years and there's a chance better teams show up - they will definitely need to consider the best way for them to enter the scene now, it may be about partnering up with the existing teams, buying them out or convincing us to expand the league in the future! But yeah it definitely changes the way the future players come through - we believe that this way will focus attention more on the player and his/her skill than being promoted as a team. We also agree that even OOL players don't just want fun tournaments - we are expecting a full range of amateur tournaments for prizes, for positions in teams (OCS/OPL), partnerships with universities, all types of things to keep competition alive for aspiring pro players :)
: Will there still be emails with codes that are going to be sent out? last message I got is that I have to wait for the email but I still didn't get any. I'd hate to send a ticket to support again only to get the same response because I will be just be annoying them.
Ok if this hasn't been sorted yet - please send another ticket in. I'll go flag it now to ensure you don't get the same response. Cheers!
TokSarga (OCE)
: How to claim my arcade corki skin?
Hey guys just want to check that everyone got this sorted through support!
Fitzky (OCE)
: To all the people making fun of SKT
Well said Fitzky! It was an amazing set of games by SSG, and SKT have had an amazing streak of dominance. I think people are expressing that they are happy that there is competition despite Faker being the best player in the world and SKT being the best 'Worlds' team. Obviously the way it has come across is not cool and I hope they take the time to read your post. WP!
Rexx (OCE)
: Worlds viewing party disappointment - Hoyts Melbourne Central
Really appreciate the feedback Rexx - that's really disappointing to hear that people decided to take extras :( We are sitting down today to review the viewing parties today and will definitely bring your feedback up. Cheers!
: Worlds Viewing Party - HOYTS?
Sorry for leaving it so late guys - lots of external factors. Will be announcing as soon as we can! Stay tuned :D
Jason (OCE)
: A letter to the Dire Wolves
: worlds broadcast times
http://oce.lolesports.com/articles/how-watch-worlds-play-stage-89026 Check this article out - should have all the info!
: Did Dire Wolves bootcamp for worlds like all the major teams?
Yeah they've been over training in Korea - scrims and solo q and are now in China ready to do us proud!
Kanga (OCE)
: I'd love to play with the pros, but I think I'd just get in the way... {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Still, I can't wait to check out all the stuff that Riot will be delivering this year!
Yeah man the pros are up there to have fun and play with other League fans - ou would be fine :)
: For the same reason they scheduled the OPL Grand Final at the same time as LCK Regional Qualifiers - the OCE Rioters are morons. I was making this same point about OPL not getting advertised on the LoL Esports website [TWO SEASONS AGO](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/esports/Hc3HFjce-ok-weve-had-competitive-lol-in-oce-for-2-full-seasons-now).
Hey ABlueQuaker, We thought it would be a better experience for the Oceanic players to have the OPL Grand Final at the time where most of them want to watch some Esports, which meant kicking off at 5pm on Saturday. Naturally there is some fans who would prefer to watch the LCK Regional Qualifiers, and that's totally cool - but for the OPL supporters, we wanted to put it on at the best time slot we could. Sorry that this didn't work out for you.
: OPL & The LoL E-sports site.
Thanks for the feedback Mighty Haegr - you have a strong point! I'm fairly confident this was a decision made as opposed to just something that we overlooked, but I can't recall why - so I'm going to ask some questions. Thanks a lot for passing on the comment :)
Gesteppie (OCE)
: OR it could make the OCE server go down for more than 6 hours x)
: Vods page not so useful
Ah, good point. I'll let the team know who are in charge of that. Thanks for the feedback :)
: Hopefully I get them all. Had almost 1k honors in each category.
wow that is intense - good job!
: where would pax aus be?
Lysaaer (OCE)
: Do you have a hard date yet and location for the OPL Finals?
Hey Lysaaer. This article goes through the decision in detail: http://oce.lolesports.com/articles/how-will-you-watch-opl-grand-final-86824 This one here has info on where and how you can get involved: http://oce.lolesports.com/articles/watch-opl-grand-final-hoyts-86906 If you are in Brisbane, I will see you there ;)
Wolves (OCE)
: Should OPL have 10 teams instead of 8? Maraudar where you at?
A lot of good points in here by Implosion and Jason. Its definitely something to consider at some point in the future, but as you guys have both pointed out there are a number of considerations before we make a change like that, so I certainly wouldn't be expecting it any time soon :p
: OPL relegation results
Hey Barnatos So far TM and Abyss OPL are both 1-0 and Outlaws and Abyss Academy are 0-1. Games continue after the grand final next week on the 4th and 6th of September I believe.
og1764 (OCE)
: Thanks Belquin, Looking forward to attending!
http://oce.lolesports.com/articles/how-will-you-watch-opl-split-2-grand-final-86824 there's the thread to the updated information - we will have details on how to pick up tickets out as soon as Hoyts site is ready! Cheers
og1764 (OCE)
: Any news on viewing parties for the OPL Final / Worlds?
Hey OG1764 - aiming to have something out as soon as practically possible - we apologise for how late the announcement has been but we have had a number of changes and are working to get something in concrete for you ASAP! {{summoner:3}}
: Abyss Predator AMA!
You guys have had some amazing individual plays across all your lanes and some other great team plays, but it seems that sometimes you don't get both of these together in the same game - what is your biggest focus for improvement - the individual laning component or the team play after laning phase ends?
Brucyx (OCE)
: We are Avant Gaming, Ask us Anything!
@Blinky - Kalista is back in the meta - you expecting to see a few target bans soon or do you feel that you get underestimated by enemy teams? @Triple - What are the chances of seeing some more assassin play out of you before the split is out? @Pinch - What do you think about the Orianna / Le Blanc / Taliyah nerfs - what will we see shifts towards as control mages?
DW Rippii (OCE)
: We are Dire Wolves, OPL defending champs. Ask us Anything!
Nice T-Shirt Shern - I just left Shinjuku yesterday and am now in Kyoto. To everyone - whats your favourite country in the world outside of Australia and why? Destiny/King - what do you guys need to focus on doing (or not doing) to shut down Lost and Cupcake in the 1st place decider?
: AMA Legacy Esports! 6-7PM AEST!
Question for Soulstrikes: When do we get to see Babip subbing in on the main stage?? {{summoner:14}} Question for all - how did you guys find the Vietnam Rift Rivals experience and what was the best food you ate over there?
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