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: To say it's his fault due to him not protecting his account is just retarded and proof of how shit this community actually is, you do realise Riot have been hacked and had sensitive information, such as account information stolen right? Also, there are people constantly cracking accounts via methods such as bruteforce (it's not even hard to bypass login restrictions)
Thank you thats exactly my point if i had given my password away I wouldnt even had bothered writing this report. i would of just made another one but that fact that I didnt get it banned is the real reason that pisses me off last time i ever had a punishment on my account was ages ago and it was 5 game afk leaver 20 minutes and that was because of my internet. So No one has really answered my questions on how do i report this. And my password for my account I personally don't think would be that easy to by pass but it probably was they did guess it because even 5 year olds know what it means and the real thing that disturbs me as how did they get my username and the password correct it would have to be one of the most fluke attempt or they are hacking either or.
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: There is a chance you can appeal this.[ Send in a ticket to Riot support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and explain to them what has happened.
Okay thank you. Finally someone who has actually tried to help me and answered my question.
: You either handed out your account to some 1 to boost, or some one you know know your PW. I checked stat and history, this person or you. Played on the account everyday. Riot can do an IP check from the 5 weeks you havent played.
okay so what do i do till then?
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