blashblah (OCE)
: Need Help [Yasuo]
I guess me being stupid to ask a this question when there's literary no counter play to a well placed windwall as an adc, except waiting it out and being useless for 4 seconds or banning him.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Literally just do adc things instead of being stupid like most tards don't walk into melee range of his wall and skirt around it
Problem is its hard to do "adc things" which is dealing dmg, when he literary negates all your damage with a well place wind wall.
: Wait it out...don't walk into windwall just so you can Auto him, you are an ADC, not very hard to be patient is it?
by the time i wait, team fight will be over. I good yas wall will cancel me out for 4 seconds.
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