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: Does Riot even play their own game?
Yes, Riot play all the time.
Edday (OCE)
: Good luck too everyone participating!
May the claus be with you. (That was my attempt at a horrible "force" pun in christmas edition)
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: Oh what?! I won this as well?
Yes you did! You were one of the very very few who entered. Merry Christmas.
Korossal (OCE)
: What time will Legendary Snowball start?
I have been contacting Riot for the past few months now. I have mentioned to them the clarification and transparency on our OCE boards compared to NA. It is an issue. We are never informed properly of ANYTHING.
: Free TeamSpeak for OCE
How long is the actual server for? My group and I could use a teamspeak area, I'd also love to help out the community :)
: hello everyone i wanna say
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Birthday wish (Riot)
Hopefully your dream comes true!
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Junko (OCE)
: WIN SKIN DECEMBER - 975rp skin of YOUR choice!
Congratulations to the winner SUPER HENTAI X!
bollockz (OCE)
: Oceania Tournament - A December to Remember
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Junko (OCE)
: WIN SKIN DECEMBER - 975rp skin of YOUR choice!
: North Esports | Looking for Master/Challenger Top Laner!
C'mon guys! This team is seriously good{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey, Apologies for that! We've recently seen a surge of scam links posted on every news post. Your comment must have mistakenly been banned along with it. Below is your comment in case you wanted to retrieve it. Once again apologies for the inconvenience. You should be able to post on the boards again in 2 hours. > "Poppy’s hammer is an integral part of both her kit and her personality." > > dont mean to be rude, but her hammer was the least significant thing about the old poppy, it was a little stick with a lump of metal on the end and was orange for some reason.. > only one of her attacks even used it. > ask anyone: "what did you know old poppy for?" and the answer wont be wont be: "oh yea! she had a really cool hammer!" > > if you ask me, what everyone knew her for was her defence, her passive, W passive, W, and R, all gave ridiculous defence, none of which had anything to do with her tiny little hammer. > > however I'm glad you took that away and replaced it with a proper hammer, the new poppy looks fantastic and i really cant wait to play her! :) > > she needs a norse god skin now equipped with mjolnir.
So glad your on it Maraudaur. Sesshomaru is a GD veteran, can't lose him!
Aircrow (OCE)
: ***
Aircrow, This is absoloutely perfect. I don't know if you know "Smite" in-game but I'm pretty sure he casted the same games! (Or Deakin Uni, one of them) Casting experience is kind of necessary for the role, but, in saying that if you are comfortable working with your brother that can be arranged as I understand family and how close they can be. I'll add you in-game and if you aren't on in a few days I'll e-mail you. Once again, really appreciate the offer and the backend support from Riot. Cheers, Jesse
: Depending on the dates i may be able to fill in as a last resort shoutcaster, bearing in mind I have no prior experience at shoutcasting specifically (I have done a bit of public speaking though if that counts). So if nobody else is available or willing I might be able to help out a bit.
Hey man we have worked out a new way for tournaments. We may also have a new way for letting inexperienced shoutcasters get their chance! I really appreciate the comment. Keep an eye out or add me in-game and we can discuss future possibilities :)
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: Awesome work dude just had a look at the site and it's looking good. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Thanks man! Really appreciate that :^)
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TRF Tails (OCE)
: Graduation
Congraduations :^)
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Nijel (OCE)
: Sounds alright. Might pop by some time to see what it's all about! edit: Alright, you got me! There's a 100% chance I'll show up.
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Junko (OCE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} 15 teams! That's an awesome turnout :)
I know right, crazy to think that 75-80 people are competing. Sheesh.
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Bombolz (OCE)
: Hey bollockz can we have subs?
Yes you can have subs. Please PM me in-game your Team name and the 5 members! Edit: And your subs, heh.
: Hello, It is necessary for every single member of the team to register? im on one of the teams and says that the registration is closed.
All members must register @ to be eligible for prizing. Currently it is closed, I will try and get them open until the end of the tournament to allow for everyone to be eligible. Not much I can do here.
: > [{quoted}](name=bollockz,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=IX7ZKBO6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-19T02:16:00.770+0000) > > I've never heard of receiving duplicate skins. Your best bet is to send a ticket to support. > > No doubt they will reimburse you RP / adequate compensation for having two of a kind. I don't believe OP meant he has 2 of the same skin... I believe he meant he has multiple skins for many champs.
Thank you, a lot more sensical.
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: Resell skins?
I've never heard of receiving duplicate skins. Your best bet is to send a ticket to support. No doubt they will reimburse you RP / adequate compensation for having two of a kind.
Bipolar (OCE)
: Why hasn't your name been force changed? It offends me that you have such an uncouth name.
I have contacted Riot about that, this is their response: "Hey Jesse! I'm Moonsugar and I'm here to help! It's awesome that you'd be so aware of the negative connotation of your summoner name, and we certainly appreciate your willingness to change it. I understand how it could be taken in a negative light, but it's not outwardly offensive and it doesn't look as though it's bothering players you're engaged with. If that were to change in the future we may be required to take action, but for now we'll be unable to provide a name change. You still have the option of purchasing one though the client store though! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! Moonsugar Player Behavior and Game Support Lunari Justiciar"
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: can u still do this if u have two people in ur team or do u need to have 5 people.
Thanks for your question. This will help me provide more information for the next event :^) A team MUST consist of 5 players to participate.
Aerie (OCE)
: So much fun! Thank you Riot :)
Your positivity is warming.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: how do we get into match with other players on match day
I'll provide you with that, each Team captain will message me on the night.
: Can i participate at my house or do i need to go to a venue to participate?
: Regarding The New Updates
I agree with you. Give it time. I have to say though, Riot thought they would make masteries more 'player-style' based. They implemented the key stones, which don't even work because in each tree for each role you are nearly always forced to get the corresponding one to your main damage output. These masteries are so easy and so minimal that it actually has taken AWAY the choice to base it around your play style. I miss the old masteries, a lot.
OakIes (OCE)
: To Riot, Moveable Mastery Pages.
Riot have stated that they are working on a NEW client. Hopefully this involves fixing all of these little bugs we hate.
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