: Hello from Legacy Esports - Ask us Anything!
hm.... For Cupcake: What Champions do you recommend to play support? and For the Team: Any tips I should know about while playing ranked?
Trin (OCE)
: Oceanic Discord Server (League of Legends)
Zambuzz (OCE)
: What about Atlus?
Atlus, Froskurinn and RiotPulse will only be casting the LPL from now on and Rusty will be casting OPL/LPL. I will miss Atlus and Froskurinn.
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: Thank You
in 10 days I will celebrate 1 year since I started playing League of Legends. Thanks to my friend. but now I'm actually teaching him how to play. lol I'm happy that he introduced me to league and I would never want to change that.
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: League not letting me log on
same.. Hacker group names PoodleCorp has taken NA down. so they may have taken OCE down aswell... https://twitter.com/PoodleCorp/status/747216102216785920
: cannot find one for all mode under game mode???? not live???
If you thought of actually reading... It will be live from 11 am to 3 am the next day.
: It’s My Party Now
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