Porkz (OCE)
: Weird lag with good FPS/ping
lol i have the same problem is well
: Same here, i wondered if something went wrong with my account. Maybe it will come later?
same here
: 10-Year Gifts
hello there, is the gift means if u got the kayle then u get the skin, but if u don';t have kayle that means u only receive the champion not the skin? because i only have champion but no riot kayle skin
c1osed (OCE)
: cant connect or reconect the game
trys aram normal and rank, those game can't conected, but ai is working
Hawki (OCE)
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Hpland (OCE)
: Thank you Riot, I have just now received my Rp. I hope everyone else in this thread is able to receive their RP soon too!
...thanks riot i have just received my rp
Mindstar (OCE)
: RP card redemption issue - 21/04/2016
so u guys just playing with us and don't want to give our rp back???? i giving all the information i can, and now u telling me to give my rp gift card's pic and reciept pic, who know where is my reciept, what i mean is that do u guys just want to playing with us rather giving our rp back right? if u guys acctually want to fix this problem, i think two day before it will be fix, so i want to say is if we not get rp back today, all of us gona blow up, because u guys are lazy or just don't want to give our rp back
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: where my RP worth of $25???????????????????????????????????????? i have no RP still ????????????????????whats takeing so long????????????????????????????????????????????????I WANT MY RP.
: Still no 50 dollars worth of rp in my account.
: Still haven't received RP.
..one of my ticket is saying that give ur gift card number, i did, but they did nothing to my account
: > [{quoted}](name=Princess Yaia,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=cLeYquE0,comment-id=00120001,timestamp=2016-04-22T02:10:29.139+0000) > > Tickets are being dealt with, RP will probably be credited to your account manually. Hopefully by the end of the day. You say this but yet today is the third and it still hasnt be credited to any off us...... so how are you so sure that we are going get it today you cant be unless you have spoken to riot themselves and they have said that everyone will get it by the end of today......
true...ffs, can't just do that quickly ?
: Im in the same boat bro I am yet to get mine I guess we have to wait a little bit longer. but its is getting to the point where its unfair.
: Rp still not returned to account after rollback??
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi all We've completed the rollback on the store visual update, and we've also given out RP for the missed transactions. Please take a look and confirm you have received your RP now. Cheers Mindstar
i checked just then, but i didn't receive the rp.....what should i do?
Mindstar (OCE)
: RP card redemption issue - 21/04/2016
wait just a question , what u mean by 24 hour, i recharge at yesterday 11.35am-12am, is this time count in 24 hour?
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi again - we've been working on this one and I have an update: We've identified the cause of the issue, and will be rolling back the visual update tomorrow once we have fully verified the fix. Redeeming pre-purchased/gift cards for RP will remain disabled until then. We'll also be finalizing all missed transactions at that stage, so if you have redeemed a code in the last 24 hours and not received RP, it will be delivered shortly afterwards. Let me know if you have any questions! Cheers Mindstar
Mindstar (OCE)
: RP card redemption issue - 21/04/2016
pls fix it... it annoying and i just want to know will my rp back when it being fix? because i recharge at the time when it turn down
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: Not a problem. Glad to have helped.
so all we need to do is wait? and for this problem i mean the rp system is down, do we get the skin or rp? because riot always giving skin rather than rp, but i purchase a rp rather than skin, and i need those rp to active my hex annie
: I wanna buy Jhin and a few hextech chest but it doesnt look like we going to get a resolve anytime soon
.ffs, i don't like the skin or anything they give to me, the skin they give to me is not worth than hex annie, i just want my rp, and ffs, why only oceania rp system is not working
: Pre paid Cards for Riot Points being successful but not getting added on.
i just want to get the rp, because i want to paly hex annie...because i need yellow piece
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: Has Anyone got the RP since it came back up???


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