Niji (OCE)
: Sounds good :D however this is not my main, add Mesprit in game and I will get back to you :3
yeah i will add you but you will have to add the leader to join
MaherKBT (OCE)
: Sounds great, add me up ign: Maherkbt
yeah i will add you but you will have to add the leader to join
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: Ill probably get abused for saying this (and I've never done it myself... yet): But think about the purpose of the banning phase, what is it actually really for? The answer is: It gives you a bit of strategy to give you the best chance of **winning**. Usually you can do that by banning champions that are so powerful that you don't want the enemy to pick them, for example people ban Jax or Ahri, because they are a powerful pick, and if their team isn't going to pick them, then you can make sure that the enemy cant use them against you. However.. The best strategist looks not only at the enemy team but at his own. For example: Your proposed team has no tanks and is AP heavy, and the support still wants to pick Brand supp. Lets take a look at Brand: Brand is a squishy immobile AP mage, he has no CC except 1 very unreliable stun, and ALL his abilities (and build path) burn the target, he has no shields/heals/allied-champion-buffs etc etc. In other words, Brand can not be relied upon to land his Stun accurately or quickly (like Leona can) he can not reduce the enemy's damage in any way, AND his burn gives the very real possibility of stealing the ADC's kills (Which is not good considering the ADC is your most valuable source of damage). And unless he is fed (and you don't really want your supp fed instead of your adc) All he is good for is landing his 1 unreliable stun. He is a champ that relies heavily on damage, and as Support, he is NOT going to get enough damage (not they you want damage as a supp) to be as viable a pick as proper support champions with proper supp abilities. So strategically, you are more likely to win if you prevent this player from taking Brand support, and force him to pick a different more valuable support. After all, the banning phase is about giving you the best chance you can of winning the game, and **sometimes preventing your own team mate from doing something dumb, is better than preventing your enemy from doing something smart.** _Strategy._ Why they banned Riven for you, i don't know. Perhaps your team had no tanks and it was irresponsible of you to pick riven in that situation? Maybe it was a mistake, i don't know. Just remember, the banning phase is NOT about making sure the enemy doesn't play OP champs, It is to give you the BEST chance of winning. Sometimes they are the same thing... but sometimes not. PS. An analogy would be the army: A soldier's friend is shot, and this soldier wants to run back out into no-mans-land to save his friend, but his superior officer holds him back, because the officer knows that it is a bad idea and will likely get the soldier killed. The soldier may not think it is a bad idea at the time because he wants to do it, but other people know better, it isn't 'fair' because it is stopping the soldier from doing what they want and that isn't fair, but it was the best thing for that soldier, even if he didn't know it at the time. I would much rather have a team mate thats angry at me and Win, than make him happy and Lose.
omg i did not expect or even realise league of legend had such intelegent players online. i thank you for your feed back and constructive criticism and i now understand that in many cases YOUR ALLIE MID LANERS A DOOSH but that in some cases he may be making a decision he thinks is right based on the information he had. seriously though thank you. you gave me a lot of insight to my own actions
: It's funny, I think you'll find that people who play more than 1 champ are more open to banning champs on your own team... Funny that. The truth of the matter is, if you pick twisted fate while you have a full AP team with 1 tank. Against a team with 2 or more tanks, when that game reaches late game, you will lose. It doesn't matter how good you are at TF you can't take down a Voli and an Alistar who build full MR.. You just can't, and what if vayne is their adc, her invisibility makes your point and click targetability (and your slow skillshot) completely useless. So because you were too stubborn to pick a champ that aids your team, you are now useless against 3 of the enemy team. If we had no tanks and you were going twisted fate top or something, I would ban him for sure. Back to the topic of brand support, a bad supp Alistar, is going to be more useful to the team than a good brand support. Because regardless of skill level, a supp brand is good for 1 thing: a very unreliable stun. Where an Alistar even if he is bad has a heal and a knock up, a knockback and is virtually unkillable for a few seconds (none of which require any aiming whatsoever). If we had a Voli top a rammus jungle and a Galio mid, I would think twice about banning brand supp. But if we had a teemo top, Diana Jung and xerath mid, I would ban Brand in a heartbeat. Playing 1 champ like TF in all positions regardless of strategy is never going to get you far. (If you want proof, think about how many pro's get to where they are now by disregarding strategy to play just 1 champ each time) Skill is very helpful in this game, but it doesn't count for everything, you can be a prodigy TF but you still can't get through a ful MR volibear. Pretend you were an absolute marksman with a handgun, you can shoot the wings off a fly at 100 meters, but you'll still lose to a guy with a bulletproof shield and a pocketknife. No matter how accurate your bullets are and how much skill you have, you can't get him behind his shield. My advice to you would be to think about the team and not yourself. "I'm only good with TF therefore I'm going to play TF." Is a very selfish view. So unless you have a 100% win rate with TF in every situation. You need to learn other champs and learn to pick chanps that go well with your team-mates chamos and well against the enemy's chanps.
your like rosting everyone its unbelievable
: Me and my friend are looking for a ranked team(MemeTeam)
me and my friends are starting a ranked team to climb a bit of elo if u want u could hit me up I wouldn't mind some extra players around
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