: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.24B notes
Amigo007 (OCE)
: that would be neat
I'd be down for Lich Bane to be turned into an AP Triforce-esque item in exchange for it losing some damage from the passive. More kiting for mages.
: S6 Leblanc is OP but Zoe is fine? Riot please
Except Leblanc actually took a brain to play, Zoe is more about whether or not your opponent is unlucky enough to not notice your E.
: Except removing lichbane just removes the AP version of Triforce for no real reason.
Give Lich Bane Phage's passive DansGame
00shots00 (OCE)
: half your champions are very mechanical he wants easy ones lol {{champion:11}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:23}} I use them
Yeah, basically any tank or all melee champ just roflstomps Yas, provided you don't get cheesed at level 2.
Achenar (OCE)
: Lunar Revel Art Contest - Sponsored by Wacom
" so nothing too risque or of a violent nature." But the game literally has Darius and Draven who get pleasure out of torturing their victims as well as Ahri who legitimately has sex with every guy she meets for essence. OmegaLUL
: Is it actually bannable? 'gg ez'
I mean, it's effectively you taunting the other player and going against the summoner code of being "sportsmanlike". So yes, I can see why it's bannable. Also, it would be nice if people got more creative with their end game banter rather than "gg ez".
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Introducing the Instructors
Well, if you're looking for an assassin instructor I'm your guy. It's pretty much the only class I play, and even when I don't play assassins I play other classes LIKE assassins.
CrankyOne (OCE)
: Can some one Tell me how to counter Yasuo?
As per usual when learning how to counter a champion, play them or study up on them. Learn how they play and what their goals are. Yasuo's goals are to bait out key skillshots (if any), abuse his mobility to punish his opponent(s) and whittle opponents down for an all-in. How you counter Yasuo is by either punishing HIM for screwing up his trades or using his Q on creeps to farm or by being braindead and either shoving him in or letting him shove you in (depending on your champion and lane). To truly counter him however you just press G->select the assist me ping and spam it on your lane and spam the attack ping on Yasuo. This way your jungler knows you want to camp the hell out of him. Yasuo is one of the weakest champions when it comes to dealing with jungle pressure, abuse it. As for champions to pick when up against Yasuo....honestly you can pretty much pick anyone and you can punish him, just pick someone who you're comfortable on (if your champion has a key skillshot(s) then please, learn how to be patient with it/them the last thing you want if Yasuo eating it with Windwall). Champions I personally pick into Yasuo mid lane are: - Kat (obviously, she's my main), -Ryze (who cares if he eats a skillshot if it's only on a 2 sec CD, amirite?), -Zed (just be patient with Q), -Irelia, Lucian (lasers > windwall), -Azir, -Akali and -Orianna. Champions I pick against top lane Yasuo are: -Fiora (you almost hard counter him post level 3), -Nasus (just farm under tower DansGame), -Akali, -Riven (her all-ins >Yasuo's), -Maokai (what is damage OMEGALUL), -Malphite (what is damage OMEGALUL), -Irelia -Pantheon -Camille (W poke is broken) and next patch -Rengar
: The Lethality Meta
Just bring back the old armour pen. system it was flat out better.
Talón (OCE)
: What champs are similar to Talon?
Talon? Banned or picked? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Talon's awful rn, no one wants to touch him with a 10 foot stick.
: An Easier Way To Kite For Beginner Players On League Of Legends
: Tell me about it... kat still has boots as her recommended starting item ... rito pls
Kat also has Luden's in there if I'm not mistaken. That item is hardly ever picked up on Kat, not even as a situational item. Also she doesn't have Liandry's in her core/situational item list, which is extremely odd.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Hashinshin being right for once - Top lane sucks
Top lane bruiser players: "Our class lacks an actual keystone right now, we need one...." Riot: "It's on the way!" (during preseason) *8.2 hits* *no bruiser keystone* Top lane bruiser players: "We really need a keystone guys....We don't want to just run Grasp...." Riot: "We currently need more time to design and implement a keystone for bruisers!" *proceeds to rework every single support starting item and their final items* Top lane bruiser players: "Looks like we're just going to quit...." Riot Meddler: "Top is actually not the least queued role and it's actually fairly fun and well balanced right now. Look here, STATS!" What top laners hear from Riot: "Just play tanks and you'll win :ok_hand: :laughing: Otherwise go to another lane." ------------------------------------------------------ Well, maybe if Riot stopped being so blatantly biased towards tanks and showed bruisers some actual love people would queue up for top lane more. Why learn someone like Riven, Fiora, Irelia or Darius when you can simply learn how to press 2 buttons over and over again as a tank and beat your lane opponent simply for picking a non-tank? Same applies to ranged top laners, why pick them when you could pick a tank and just simply not die in lane, have immense lane pressure and have arguably the biggest contribution to teamfights out of ALL the game's roles. I personally think the icing on the cake is that Riot is defending all of their antics with statistics that we can neither agree with nor properly refute because they aren't showing us where they're getting them from. The same thing applies to the controversy surrounding Blue Essence, we have no idea where those graphs are coming from and/or what the working out in terms of maths was used. In the context of that issue they completely forgot to include Blue Essence being completely RANDOM post 30. As for the top lane statistics they are extremely likely to be false since support has been one of the more popular roles as of late. I've legit never autofilled to support following the Ardent meta, only top lane. That should tell Riot something... In saying all of that their use of statistics is a sneaky business strategy which is in short, lying to the players on every account. This we cannot say to their faces since they've provided us with apparent "statistics" which they used for their graphs and their fanboys will defend them to their graves.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Stopwatch
Just make it so that Stopwatch isn't allowed to be built into anything if you use it. That way you're not getting a 300 gold discount on GA/Zhoyna's/Gargoyle's AND a broken active. But, another thing to consider is that Zhoyna's is 2900 gold. There's a reason for this, the active is absolutely gamebreaking. Now everyone gets a gamebreaking active for free/600 gold???? What is Riot thinking lmao....
: A support Brand with 2.5 items, who didn't have Linadries also almost did the same amount of damage as a full build Vayne... to me this chart simply says the Vayne didn't know how to DPS properly. If you take time to break down WHY the numbers are that way instead of just thinking "wow big number, more damage, wow so broken" I;m not saying Ornns damage isn't a problem, im simply saying this is a poor example that it is.
She's 17/4, what are you on about?
: Thats league these days :/ What even are classes? Or strategy? League atm is basically a 1-hit free-for-all, that rewards people sitting back letting their teammates be cannonfodder, and then coming in to clean up. This has been all of my fights for the last few weeks: The mages and supports smack bang in the front lines _(because they lack the mobility to be anywhere else)_, clinging to each other for dear life, cowering in fear of the shadow of the Titans who are doing the actual meaningful fighting. One titan _(usually Jax or Nasus)_ wins, immediately dispatches the whimpering mage and support, then the winner now on low HP and their cowering mage/support, gets cleaned out by the ADC or assassin lurking far enough away from the fight to get kills, but not close enough to actually be useful, who then boasts about getting pentas and quadras. Long gone are the days when each class had an even role to play.
Wait.....you literally just described what happened to every FPS ever. Guess that's how companies are marketing their games now because people are into braindead no strategy games.
: This is good point but I highly doubt riots numbers in this game have gone down since 2015 and this game is every growing and I’m sure there are more players joining than leaving resulting in an overall growth due to just the fact of league being that most popular game out there publicising itself to introduce new members... I got 5 or 6 friends that have picked league up these holidays and recently hit 30 and one even played ranked got silver so yes I believe older players are somewhat leaving which is expected in every game but the amount of new players is overcasting the amount leaving which is why riot games league of legends is growing in size still.
Sure, I can agree with this to an extent. But honestly new players are rather irritating since they don't understand any context behind game changes or game aspects in general. They don't understand why something is OP or UP they simply complain just for the hell of it. But that's besides the point. Furthermore, I also said that players are simply not playing as much anymore; veterans that is. This is because the game is just....not fun anymore, unless of course you participate in ranked and surpass your own stress threshold. Fact of the matter is, the game isn't fun for veterans anymore since there are no unique/fun items to mess around with and champ designs are rather boring. Sure, new champs are great and everything, but older champs are constantly being reworked to suit the aesthetic, rather than staying in the game to remind everyone that that was how League once was. Riot is simply choosing to leave veteran players behind in favor of newer players, since that's where their marketing strategies are aimed at. This should never be the case since Riot promised in their early years that they would be a for the player company, similar to Bungie's approach as they loved their game. However, this has not been the case and we've seen Riot's corporate design rear its head over the past few years. They don't love their game for the sake of loving their game, they love the money it grants them. I said LoL is going to die if veteran players keep leaving because it's the veterans who keep a record of how the game once was and it provides newer players with guides as to how to play the game. Imagine if all of a sudden all the current pros quit the game, we'd lose access to many of the mainstream strategies to do with champions, builds and the overall game. This is what is happening for newer players, they're losing their experienced friends who can teach them and they're losing the context behind LoL as a whole.
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
Please, for the love of god, make them permanent in custom games. We want to have fun with our friends, especially in a 10 man where we fight it out in a custom game with altered rules. I'm sick of my friends leaving League simply because it's the same thing over and over again. My best friend would EASILY play League again if URF was permanent, the guy loves it. This said friend has a group of 20+ other friends who play League/used to play League that hardly ever play anymore for the same reason, it's the same thing, over and over and over again. Why play League's one 5v5 gamemode when you can play something like Halo, CoD, Overwatch, Warcraft 3, DOTA 2 or Gmod? Which all have at least 10 other ways of the playing the game. Hell, even Pokemon Showdown has more gamemodes than League does, and that's a fan-funded game.
: Where you getting that no new players are joining?
It's not that "no new players" are joining, it's the fact that people leaving compared to people joining is not equal. More players have been leaving or simply not playing as much this preseason or any time between season 5 to now. There's a reason why all we see for League content is stream highlights, all the non pro players/high elo players have already quit the game due to how competitive it is compared to its fun factor.
: Out with the old and in with the new
I mean.....LoL's gonna die if the veteran players keep consistently leaving every season.
Tactictoe (OCE)
: It doesn't sound like you're letting go of stuff from capsules you don't really need...
You mean the 90 BE shards I'm getting?
sneek132 (OCE)
: GIVE US REGULAR URF! We do not like ARURF at all, and balance isn't a problem for us. Just for the love of God, allow us to host URF custom games, that way we can arrange picks with friends. ~Copy and Pasted from "Lovesick"~ Ps- If you guys are worried about balance then just add in bans to urf games then people can choose if they want to leave a certain champ open and risk versing them to get the chance to play them.... -Zed main here :S-
I see what you did there. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Hafri (OCE)
: I think the overall gain is marginally higher from the capsules (just less of a drip feed than it was in the old per-game system). They also made it super obvious that they were removing IP boosts because XP is the only way to gain blue essence, through levelling up. Honestly every issue you have that you listed in your post is entirely borne of your own misunderstandings. Also small wonder you have no Blue Essence income if you aren't really playing. That, and the fact that you would barely be earning IP under the old system anyway through lack of participation.
No. I'm level 50 right now and I've only got 6000 blue essence all up from playing 100+ games. So no, overall gain is not higher since RNG exists.
: Snow Battle ARURF launches
GIVE US REGULAR URF! We do not like ARURF at all, and balance isn't a problem for us. Just for the love of God, allow us to host URF custom games, that way we can arrange picks with friends.
: Zoe has a 102.33% ban-rate...
I hope she just gets removed from the game tbh. Her entire kit just screams unhealthy.
: Chinese Players are Ruining the game FOr OCE!!!
: Welcome to the damage meta so far.
{{champion:142}} <--------------- this C U N T still hasn't been nerfed in terms of damage I don't care about any other champ atm, just nerf Zoe.
: New Hextech-Exclusive skin: Hextech Kog’Maw
Yes hello we are Riot, give us your money!!! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Climbing in Season 7 Starts With a Core Understanding of League
I mean yeah, but good luck with climbing when matchmaking is full of toxic trolls xD Please address this Riot, especially in Platinum there are players which are not deserving of their rank who ruin the entire ranked climb concept.
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: Team Maw Recruiting Plat+ ADC
Mazoh (OCE)
: you seem abit retarded
How so? I'd be more than obliged to hear you out ^_^ Though if you use your rank to justify your weird/toxic response I don't think you're proving any point apart from,"I'm desperate".
Dànny G (OCE)
: Looking for Plat 1 plus Top, Mid and Jungle
First name: Ben IGN: Lovesick Age: 17 Roles (in order of priority): Mid->ADC->Top Current rank: D5 Discord: Yes Previous competitive experience: Scrims, played in OOL 3 times, played in quite a few local(ish) online tourneys
: IF Riot wanted to fix the toxicity they could. Seems like they just wanna ban support singed for PR stunt
That Singed support was a champ, made League feel like DOTA 2 for once.
Rioter Comments
: Recruiting an ADC for an active e-sports team
Hmm, bar the "positive attitude" I do fill this criteria and I'm happy to join. When I say "positive attitude" I just mean, don't mess with me and we'll get along just fine. Thought I might as well be upright and honest about that. But in terms of attitude I strive to win and I'm not toxic, nor am I boosted or the sort. My IGN is the same as on here: Lovesick Furthermore, my top ADCs are: Twitch, Vayne, Ashe, Lucian and Ezreal. I do play every other ADC, and the only reason Jhin isn't up there is due to the fact I refuse to play busted picks, in an effort to properly learn the game and not abuse tactics, but I do play him. The only ADC I refuse to touch is Corki (not my style of champion), and potentially Draven (other ADCs do his job better+he's too situational). The order (from best to worst) of my other ADCs goes as follows: Jhin, Tristana, Jinx, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Kog'maw, Sivir (awkward asf auto attack animation for me) and Varus. Notice, I left out Kalista, that's because she is currently not strong in the meta and until she is I will continue to leave her out. Though I will say my Kalista is actually rather good.
: I vouch for you bro, tho do you have one set position ?
As I've stated above, my priority order for the positions goes, Mid->ADC->Top. I cannot elaborate any further as I'm good at each position in my own way, though if I had to choose I'd probably say ADC if the team is consistent and I feel safe on it, Mid lane if I have free reign over my champion pool (to an extent anyway) and top lane simply as a fill position if needed (or if the jungler is so solid to the point where I can trust him with my everything in game). I don't learn one set position for the time being, I learn champions which interest me. However, I tend to disregard this when playing on a team and I look to hone set champions by the coach/manager, so long as they fit even a bit of my playstyle, with the exceptions listed above (who are all mid laners said above). Primarily though, I am a carry orientated, win-more kind of player. If I get ahead I generally stay ahead and look for means of dominating the game, if I get behind I HAVE to rely on my teammates. Though I have been looking to improve on this mindset for awhile now, and I'll continue to try. You'll also notice that my favourite champions are all flashy, in your face kind of champions, so already you probably know a lot about me already.
Zerkz (OCE)
: Intense bro
I just feel very strongly about this game now, as it's no longer a game anymore to me, it's a means to a possible future. I well and truly do value this game like the Bible, since this is the one rare thing I can actually excel at. In fact I'm very open to say that this game has become a part of my daily life to the point where winning or losing games effects how I act, and my behavioural patterns overall. I wish to enter competitive play as I know I can do well if I apply myself and because from what I can see a lot of other competitive players are novices in the big picture if I were to truly hone myself. In other words, this game is important to me and I want to get serious.
: LF Diamond 3+ Players to form a team (2017 OOL)
I'm up for it. I fill out all the requirements bar Diamond 3+, but if it matters I managed to actually hit D3 and my mechanics are deceptively above my shown skill level.
Semkosis (OCE)
: Team FuroX LFP Plt-Dia Elo, along with a possible chance for an experienced analyst!
Wolves (OCE)
: Royal Allegiance is Competing in OOL once again, We are currently after 2 Dedicated Managers
Eh, fine, I'll do it. The only way I'm doing this is if I can have the respect of the players right off the bat, otherwise it's really a waste of my time. If that's all settled then I'd be glad to do it, I need a way to pass the time anyway. If you're looking to recruit team members, I do wish to be on the higher end team (which I think is RA2). My positions are top, mid and ADC, only this time round I don't intend to be the team bitch, so if you seriously consider me, I won't play picks that I'm not comfortable on unless I'm told a day or so prior so I can learn their techs. If you remember me being a sub top/mid laner then good on you, if you remember me as being a good player, then you're now talking to a very different player. I'm no longer just good, I'm amazing, though I can't say that to myself seriously since I'm never satisfied with my current skill level, so I keep learning. As for being a manger, all I need is a brief run down on the procedure and I can make this organisation nice and tidy.
: Add me? I'm a mid lane main who wants to get better, so you can teach me?
Frankly if you feel comfortable on certain champs stick to those champs and only include champs from the tier list you can actually play. Tier lists are very deceptive like that. Don't treat them like the bible.
Taze (OCE)
: Summoner Society looking for players for OOL team (APPS CLOSE THIS WEEKEND!)
Name (IRL): Benjamin Wolff IGN: Lovesick Age: 17 Roles (in order of priority): Mid->ADC->Top Location: Northern NSW Current rank: D5 (though this is a poor representation of my skill level as I could easily be top 10 in Challenger if I played enough) Discord: Yes Previous competitive experience: I've played in 7 tournaments, 3 years of OOL, played on 13 teams (3 being trial phase only, 2 as a sub) and a lot of scrims. As for the requirements, the only issue I have would be "Good personality", as it's really up to perspective and how you take it, as right now I can be rather morbid. But if you can get past that I'm fine. Maturity wise, lets put it this way, I don't find trivial matters funny and I think about how to change the world on a daily basis. One bonus is that I've abandoned school (for personal reasons; depression and suicidal thoughts) and as such I'm now available 24/7. I suppose I'm droning on now, but my godlike champions are: Vayne, Riven, Katarina, Ashe, Twitch, Fiora and Irelia. I can feasibly play every other champion in the game bar Azir, Taliyah and Aurelion Sol, but to a lesser extent to aforementioned core listed as godlike.
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ZDFraser (OCE)
: Perhaps the members of Riot find it painful to read and listen to comments of the community because the community is often rude and ungrateful. Like now for example, everyone is being very abusive in the comments section and expects Riot to read all of it and kiss up to them for their trust? The community needs to meet Riot halfway for there to be any trust. Also, Riot is probably afraid to play their own game with the community. Could you imagine the pressure? Just because they work on the game, doesn't mean they have to be good at playing it. That and given the current relationship between Riot and the community, it would be expected for some people to attack Riot during game play. I'm sure Riot must set up private matches with each other from time to time but playing with the community will accumulate better feedback as it will come from those with different perspectives and experience with the game. I just hope that will be possible.
To be completely honest someone like me who actually plays the game would work out a lot better as opposed to the current balance team(s) at Riot. Riot needs a team which is both skilled at the game and understands its design. Not to be rude to the current balance team, they're clearly trying to be cool about it, however a lot of the changes are only slight changes to competitive champions and the moment it comes down to casual play Riot has no idea what to do so they try to fit the best of both worlds and rework champions entirely, which imo sucks. As a Kat main I love her current design. I love her speed, her wardjumps, her functionality and everything about her. I don't mind that she is snowbally and I don't mind her flaws at all. However it pains me to see it when Riot has to resort to a full rework to try and "fix" a champions overall design. Imo her current kit fits her perfectly, but hey, Riot wants to make another minigame like Draven and rework Fiora because they want to "increase her skill cap. and make her healthy". On a more serious note you are 100% right and honestly Riot SHOULD be playing more with the community and talking to champion mains before completing changing champions. They should actually listen to the insight players have. A little bit of self endorsement here but I made a Kat rework over on /r/KatarinaMains under the name "WQLFY" and it's pretty comprehensive. If Riot could actually pay attention to small ideas from the community the game would be a great environment. Sure, people think it's a double-edged sword since naturally people want to be pessimistic, but you won't know until you try it. All I want is to see the game return to how fun it was seasons 1-3 and mid season 4. Before all of this competitive nonsense and before this current time where Riot only cares for the money and views. Also, their changes don't benefit competitive play at all, the opposite. All the changes make it boring and completely one-dimensional. Sure, there's SOME hype, but if you remember the tournaments throughout season 2 you'll remember just how much more hype was generated over teams like TSM, Cloud9, Fnatic, Moscow Five and the rising stars Taipei Assassins. Crowds went absolutely nuts over this stuff, games were entertaining, there were funny moments during them (especially by swaglord Darien) and competitive players actually had a LOT of fun playing the game, as opposed to now where they only want money and fame. If you want an example, where do you think the "xPeke" meme came from? Yeah, you're right, that one moment when xPeke on Kassadin backdoored at ~1/3 HP and won the game for Fnatic. People were cheering, the crowd was actually entertained and happy. Nowadays it's literally just like "which Korean team did you vote for?" and they make a friendly competition about which one wins. Not being racist about Korean teams, ik their work ethic and determination are insane, but like....the game and its meta are perfectly suited for them. It's overly safe and there are no real options for insane plays, unlike previous seasons (before season 4) where players could carry the game by doing risky plays. Ik lane swaps still existed and the like, but.....there was insane champion diversity (apart from ADC to an extent, and the Renekton era), hell you even saw GP jungle from time to time. Sure, LoL is now a competitive game, but that's not what it deserves to be. It has the potential to appeal to both worlds, and all that has to be done is proper balancing to do it. Plus, 6 years into this game and the report system still sucks, as does the tribunal. Pick up your game Riot. Also, for the love of god, could you PLEASE make Urf permanent as well as giving us a gamemode which allows us to play pre-reworked versions of champions (bar pre-release TF), that would be amazing and it would give later players a chance to perhaps test out versions of champions they've never seen before and honestly it be the best form of nostalgia one could hope for. To top it off it'd also be nice if we could have the option to revert to the old map (it still retains the same hitboxes and jg+drag+baron changes) as an icing on the cake.
Suppeh (OCE)
: ok first question. Why after saying "we need to shift our tone" you go onto say "we need to deliver good shit" who is editing this website? OK and then why is the same excuse always put out by riot as a "scrappy start-up" company that you clearly are not anymore, u have millions of dollars now step it up. Instead of talking about "philosophies" have u ever ever played your own game to realise taking solo q out of the equation was a very bad idea and took a lot of competition out of the game where in other game modes such as normal mode there was already an area where people could just play for fun and troll. Why not listen to the community on this issue? It would be a very good idea if instead of making excuses maybe just maybe admit you made a mistake and revert these awful changes in a slight attempt to regain our trust to make it seem like u give a single fuck about the communities opinions and desires. To say you have been lacking urgency is a very big understatement here riot. There has been no sandbox mode or replay system or voice communication in the chat in this multiplayer game for all this time in six whole years. In comparison Blizzard has had sandbox mode and replay systems in all their games from scratch since the original starcraft in 1998. Blizzard never makes any excuses because they unlike riot are a good reliable company. Also why are riot games with a plural, you have made one game and its a rip off of dota so thats just not correct either. More seriously, why have u been so silent in the first place if your intention was to set a healthy relationship with us ( the community) why have you, RIOT "GAMES" made it clear that you only want to make your own decisions if this is not the case and you really listen to any feedback please provide us with some examples where u have done so in the last 6 years. This is clearly a poor effort to reach out to a very frustrated and neglected community on Reddit and on the forums, if RIOT really cared about our opinion on the homepage there would be a feedback tab or popups asking about how the current state of the game is more regularly. Rather than now it is very late and very lazy of them to pretend like they do so after such a long long time. Everyone in this community should realise that they have been mistreated in this way and clearly this is a false white flag from RIOT, just ask the all the professional players what they think of the last patch and whether RIOT ever asked them if it was the right decision to make laning phase more like solo q and terminating lane swaps.
Also, you haven't even gotten to the good bit relating to the meta and how little it has changed over the past year. We still see the same ongoing things, Utility in mid and bot and tanks/tanky bruisers in jg and top lane. That is where the fun really begins. Frankly, I'm just not playing ranked anymore this year because I know that either A)I will have to play freelo, which isn't skillful at all, B)my teammates will be awful due to bad matchmaking and/or C)my selected champion either gets nerfed for no reason or is so situational and weak that it's not worth it. I'm looking at you PATCH 5.2 RIOT! You nerfed Kat, 3 times in a row, when she's a trash champion to begin with due to said nerfs and getting no love. Then you begin to say, "We'll rework her!". Ok, I'll contain my rage, but that is a terrible idea, I love her combos, I love her kit and I feel like all she needs is maybe some fine tuning on ratios, damages and base stats. to get her back into the meta. Next thing you know, assassins will just be another form of disruptive bruisers, like Fizz and Eve are. Another champ in this situation is Rengar. Flat out, Riot gutted his one shot, literally gutted. Rengar was never broken, sure he one shot squishies, but news flash, Azir, Annie, Veigar, Brand and most mages can do that too AND THEY AREN'T EVEN ASSASSINS! I bring up Rengar also because I have a feeling like they'll rework him, and instead of bringing out his assassin side, they'll instead bring out the old season 2-3 Tankgar.
: Ask Riot the Trust Question and Aatrox
Also, shift of tone, I have a question for Riot, actually two tbh. When will solo q return? AND Do you think the meta is healthy? I'm not bias when I ask these questions, I'm just keen to see what "enlightenment" I'm in store for :3
Mufastang (OCE)
: Aatrox is one one of my favorite characters, he has a fun playstyle that i feel no one else has, i feel like he's in need of some buffs since he see's little to no play, but since you're bringing this up, you'll probably rework him anyway since a bunch of people never play him and think this'll make him some god pick or good or something.I honestly think you should leave him the way he is with just a few minor buffs, or rework him completely and give me another champ that i can enjoy as much as this demon-sword-swining-"Ya'llCan'tHandleThisLifesteal"-mofo That is all Edit: By buff him then rework, i mean buff him (since that takes no work but changing some numbers) and if that makes little to no difference then go for a rework, please the bulk of the audience
He will literally need huge base stat buffs and some ratio+damage buffs to even contend with the current top laners and junglers and I mean huge.
Suppeh (OCE)
: we need to deliver good shit? is this a joke. Saying that literally the next paragraph after you said u needed to shift your tone? Is ghostcrawler a 12 year old or what guys. If u wanted to be a good company admit u made a fkn mistake for once and bring back solo q that so many people complained about then. If u want to be a good company provide a game which basic fkn elements like a sandbox mode and a replay system that blizzard had in their game starcraft in 1998. YOU AS A COMPANY ARE NOT JUST SLOW AND LACK URGENCY U ARE BLATANTLY IGNORAN, CORRUPTED AND NEGLIGENT TO ANYTHING THAT THE COMMUNITY WANTS OR NEEDS. The only good thing u have done is rip off dota thanks.
They're trying hard not to lose players, yet at the same time they want to try new ideas. Unfortunately, you guessed it, them being a business comes before actually tending to all player's worries. They remove solo q, make bad reworks, balance poorly and remove gamemodes. Then they go around being like, "I wonder why we have so many unhappy players...." or they'll simply chime in with, "Oooh a new skin, lets copy Gurren Lagaan again! Everyone loves that show! Surely then they'll forget about all our shitty balance updates now." And to anyone on Riot who actually reads anything on this thread, bump it to other members of Riot, they deserve to see this so they can finally man up and create an innovative game. This is coming from a player who loves the game and who is getting bored of it due to how stale it's becoming in both champion pool and gameplay.
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