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: 3000 MMR is average MMR to my understanding. So around Silver 5 - 3 in League. If you found the DotA community terrible though, I wouldn't be so sure that you'll enjoy League ahah. It can get toxic at times, especially ranked. As for your farm heavy split push champion, I'd recommend {{champion:75}} **Nasus** or {{champion:23}} **Tryndamere**. They are both Top lane champions, which I imagine is what you guys call _"offlane"_. Last thing from me, make sure you are very weary of ganks. DotA players always seem to forget there's a jungler in League, who will punish you for overextending. Keep wards and map awareness up.
I am not trying to contradict what you are saying but until now I never see how toxic OCE is. In my opinion, OCE is by far the 'cleanest' server. I am not sure if there is any toxic, I will still believe you because you played way more games than me. Ok so, I actually agree how you mention about the jungler. DotA players always try to win lanes and they seldom gank.
: Your servers are going up shit creek
i have 160-170 ping i dont even have any problems playing. maybe i get used to it {{champion:75}}
: What Champ Should I main
which lane are you most comfortable with? for me, mid is my favorite lane i main {{champion:99}} and {{champion:84}} . if you like {{champion:37}} , try support lane and try champs like {{champion:267}} . if you like {{champion:7}} , u should go for midlane and try other fun champs like {{champion:105}} .
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: will there be a chat for the loading screen?
There will because we can see from what the designers emphasize, they want us to discuss about which champions to pick and ban.
: New champion select roundtable
I actually like this idea. This can help the beginners to learn about lanes. I know sometimes some new people might not sure where to go and they go mid where somebody has called out mid lane. With this, I really hope that they can be more knowledgeable about the lanes in the game and everything will be much in order.
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Tele (OCE)
: You have ultimate to help for early kills. You can't solo the enemy team if you're not fed. If she could it would be broken, because her combos aren't that hard to pull off.
I actually tried using her a couple times. I was on solo mid. I could not kill Annie, when I landed my ult after the QEW combo, she ran away with very little HP and that was really annoying. Plus, she summoned Tibbers straight away once, forcing me to run away and got killed.
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