: Yep one or the other. You are guaranteed one of them when you get your Honour 5 capsule, so you'll get the other one when you hit it this year. For those that already have both, looks like they're going to get chromas.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Are you sure? Check to see if you have Medieval Twitch or Grey Warwick on your account ;)
ohhh nice! i see Medieval twitch, is it only one or the other?
: Medieval Twitch & Grey Warwick Honor 5 Chromas
i got honor 5 last season and only got a ward skin ... how come no champion skin? :o
: RP adjustment in Oceania
13% is a pretty big jump ... people with lots of money can stock up now while people who arent so rich will have to pay more in 2 weeks, the struggle is real


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