: try not to die as much, play low skill cap champs, no yasuos or lb's. stick to annies and ashes. instead of mechanical skill, work on game skill. focus on your map awareness, farming, and game knowlege, like cooldowns, power spikes, once again, not dying, or not continuing to die after you start dying. youtube, streams, work as well. dong huap is pretty great too.
thanks for the tips
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: How to push mid lane properly
Thanks for all the constructive feedback ;)
AngelBird (OCE)
: I just can't
Step 1 Using ur hard earned ip buy syndra (doesn't matter if u have never been mid before) Step 2 Get some runes and masteries Step 3 carry the game harder then that fed twitch because u are playing the most broken champion in the game :P
Rogue2249 (OCE)
: Most Important Role? (Your thoughts)
Support because if your support sucks than ur adc and rest of the team will die
: Losing every game of ranked
Dude I feel u I'm stuck in b5 but I find it helps to take a break especially after u lose 2 games in a row and try again later when u are refreshed it stops u from losing all that hard earned Lp
: Consumable ammunition
Interesting concept but the problem is many players would prefer to build items that are permenant such as bloodthirster and it would most likely only be use after full build such as stat increasing potions
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