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: I will stress this first and foremost, if post game reporting is available it is *always* the best option to report. That said, if a lobby dodges, or your post game doesn't load etc etc you can submit reports to Player Support. Support can't and won't tell you anything about another players account though (privacy and also prevents witch hunts) so don't expect anything more than a generic "thanks for your report" response.
Yes, I went to player support when this occurred & worked out fine.
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jclar371 (OCE)
: Uhhhh rotating game mode??? i don't wanna play blood moon if its coming back again
There won't be a rotating gamemode for a while, but next up is One for All (ref: )
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: Legacy / Limited Time Skins going back on sale
The vault opens usually around or after Snowdown. Just keep your fingies crossed & keep your rito points in-hand. :v
: is it sad i feel proud of this?
yeah be proud, sometimes bots are annoying :v
: New free champion rotation: Zoe, Jinx, Taliyah and more!
lmao Zoe secondary support.. ok... The amount of fake Zoe supports I've seen that just go full AP & piggyback off their ADC is ridiculous.
: Hey thank you for that, i'll try submit a support ticket now <3 can't wait for my {{champion:63}} new name {{item:3151}}
it doesn't look like you ever got your name changed :s
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