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: Will Draft URF or One For All ever return?
Ofcourse draft URF was more fun. You could actually play what you wanted. It has been suggested to them to give the option to play URF and his disabled third cousin ARURF. But they don't want to do it because then people can chose to have fun {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} We can't have that now can we?
KazKaz (OCE)
: GIVE US REGULAR URF! We do not like ARURF at all, and balance isn't a problem for us. Just for the love of God, allow us to host URF custom games, that way we can arrange picks with friends.
Atleast they should give the option for both. That way people who don't like when people play what they want can play arurf.
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: How come there are no bans in URF?
10 bans are too many for urf. 6 would do.
IVIemes (OCE)
: Thats also a good idea and would defiantly make ARURF so much better if a few op urf champs got banned out and games would be more even ( I would guess) However i got to disagree because i feel that bans in ARURF is not the bigger problem. From what i've seen and herd is that people miss spamming there most loved champs in the game mode. Just free choice to play a tryhard spam no stress gamemode, try some stupid champ combos in lanes with your mates and most of all when you got to pick your champs the games were not as one sided as they are know (Based off my games)
When everyone is op, it balances out.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Hahahaha exactly, so annoyed as well ARURF is a waste of time when you get a shitty champ that doesn't work well. I'm sure the majority of players would rather pick their champion then be forced to play one they don't enjoy. Leave that to the ARAM people. BRING BACK THE REAL URF
I can understand people getting tired of playing against the same champs. But atleast give people who don't mind the option to have fun rather than be forced to play something they don't want and most probably don't like.
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Peroxis (OCE)
: MMOs these days
I've played Istaria. Not a very developed game. First one I played. Things i liked most about it was it had playable dragons. It wasn't just nice cos dragons, but it was just a unique race, with it's own buildings, culture etc. In other words it stood out. You felt like a dragon, whereas all the other playable races were essentially the same race, but looked different. That's a big problem I have with MMOs. Most of the options are essentially the same thing thing, just tweaked slightly. Whether it is race or class. And the same goes with the world they're in. I currently play WoW and the fact that it's playable areas go back years is easy to see how the design has changed. The oldest areas are essentially the same areas split off by mountain ranges. The previous expansion, legion did a great first step at making areas unique, and i mean really unique. but again they were mostly separated by mountain ranges. Currently in Legion I think they took it to a whole new level. Area design is great. We have a continent with distinct areas that are not just cut off by mountain ranges and each flows with the neighbouring one. It doesn't just cut off. And each area is unique, but makes sense. The same goes ofr artifical buildings like cities, camps etc. They didn't just stick different looking areas next to each other. The new class system gives you a sense of playing your class. That's what I mean by when I say classes feel the same. There's nothing clear that separates them, you just know you're playing X class. Although I feel they could do more. And finally the same problem with races. Some feel more unique than others, but essentially they're all the same. I've gone through the lore and the art made by Riot, they have a chance to make a really great MMO that can be very different from the others. With unique classes, factions, world design etc, a brand new feel. Hell I'd fly to murica (or wherever they're based) and pay them to teach me how to draw and do game design if that's what it takes.
Talon12 (OCE)
: It is the simple god damn fact, no god damn fucking excuses you mentally disabled douche. Urf became ARURF for the sole god damn fucking fact, that because they were privileged to pick, people made a fucking meta, which made the mode stale and shit real fast. That is the simple honest to god truth, it is not my fault you don't have enough muscle between your fucking ears to understand that urf is random because you douches thought a meta would be a good thing to create. All variance of the mode had dropped out and there was at least 4 if not more of the same 10 or so champions were picked every single god damn urf game, it was an actual fact that there was a 1/1200 ratio of games not including at least 2 of those 10 said champions and a 1/4000 without at least 1, which caused a staleness to the game, thus ARURF. So get off your fucking highchair and live with it. I get it, you're a 12 year old, but that doesn't make your thoughts reality, you aren't a god as you so believe.
You keep repeating meta being the reason despite the fact that I literally made a list of all the godd champs that are quite often found in urf which was almost half, if not most of the champs. Yet you keep repeating "meta" you clearly can't even argue and defend your own argument. Every single champion had a perk. Fuzz was untouchable, zed spammed, soraka silenced, lulu polymorphed, bard got a meep upgrade every 2 chimes, thresh and blitz had hook etc. And almost all coul be countered. Those who couldn't were usually banned. and if you didn't ban the champions you concidered anoying then you're the problem not the game mode. I have seen countless games where people leave in champ in select, reroll (and if they don't have rolls they have to stick with the champ), people complain they can't play the champ, people not having playing the champ even if they are winning cos they can't play him. Not only are you mentally incapable of handling this relaity, that people want to play the champion they want to play. They also don't want to be forced to play stuff they don't want to by trisomy patients such as yourself. You have thus far shown you are intellectually incapable of defending your own argument, you simply repeat it. You can't even respond to the other person's argument, such as in my case i lireally made a list of all the good champs seen in urf...and you (wait for it) repeated that it was meta. Ofcourse some people play some champions more than others. Zed is a well known champ for high burst and mobility even in norms. You have to have severe neurological depravity to not understand why people pick him. Or veigar, or nasus, or blitz. If you are tired of seeing the same champs. Go play aram, there is already a game mode for people like you. And much like twisted treeline, there is a reason most people don't play it. The mere fact that you are not shows that you shouldn't even be arguing in the first place. If you can't bring up another argument other than people playing champions you don't want them to play, don't respond. I will literally copy paste this comment.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Those champions are all given because of smurfs using accounts with few characters, to heighten the chances of getting the strong champs such as fizz zed and shaco. And the other half you listed were free to play anyway. You just can't accept that this is the only exception to the game other than removing it altogether
Stop making excuses. I didn't say that these champs are seen all the time. I went through the champion list and picked all the champs which in my opinion are really good in URF. Not including other champs which i'm not aware of, or if someone knows how to play them well in urf can be really strong. Lastly it has been stated that a lot of the same champs are seen a lot of the time. This is either because people reroll the shit champs untill they get something that is either not trash, or they can decently play. Because even a good champ given to someone who doesn't know how to play him is useless. Or they just have mostly the good/fun champs already. Lets not forget that seeing the same champs constantly is a bit too much of a coincidence and basically what you're saying is that something like 70% of the community are level 1-30 "smurfs" with a handful of champs, just for urf. I bet they're russians too ay? Do they melt steel beams with fet fuel as well? And it is not fun to be forced to play a champion you can't play or don't even like but get because he's free to play. Same goes for a cahmpion you can't play very well in general or in urf. Incorrect. choosing what to play is always more fun. You just can't stand the idea that someone else will pick a champ that is fun in this game mode so you want riot to force him not to. Even the idea of releasing both game modes and giving people the ability to choose between Urf or its brother with down syndrome offends you.
Talon12 (OCE)
: My sympathies for your mental illness. It was specifically stated that they took away urf because people created meta's really quickly, therefore ruining the fun of the game mode, thus ARURF was born.
And I gave you a massive list of champions which are all really strong in this game mode, filling this meta. And you're still complaining people played the same thing. Here let me post it again, perhaps you missed it. fizz, syndra, karthus, maokai, lux, morgana, shaco, eve, aurelion, annie. This is ten champions here. azir, bard ,blitz, brand, cass ,cho, diana, mundo, draven, ekko, fiddle, galio, gp ,garen, graves, hec, heim, illaoi, j4, jax, jayce, jinx, kalista, karma, kassadin, katarina, kayle, kennen, kha, kog, lb, lee sin, lucian, lulu , malphite, maokai, yi, mf, mord, nasus, nautilus, nid, nocturne, nunu, olaf, orianna, quinn, renekton, riven, ryze, shaco, singed, sivir, sona, swain, tahm, talon, teemo, trynd, tf, twitch, udyr, varus, vayne, veigar, velkoz, vi , viktor, warwick, wukong, xin, yorick, zed, ziggs, zilean, zyra. "meta"
: moreso the solution of having both queues, u 2 arguing if the perfect explaination to that simple solution
I actually made a post about releasing both modes under urf and the post got downvoted by people who don't want to let anyone play what they want, even if they can play random themselves. So it is not about them not liking classic Urf, it's that according them noone should be able to play classic Urf.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Love how you don't know what you are talking about, you contradict yourself. You also don't understand that urf goes stale when people pic because they create a blasted fucking meta. Which ruins the fucking mode. Which is the god damn fucking reason it hasn't been around for so long. So sure, lets go back to fucking picks eh? great idea, you are literally saying "Instead of having all random urf, lets have no urf altogether." Learn your god damn shit and understand why it is how it is. Stop crying because you cant ruin the fucking game mode.
Urf didn't go stale because the list of op champs was quite decently big. And everytime you played you played what you wanted. Not all games had zed in them, some had fizz, syndra, karthus, maokai, lux, morgana, shaco, eve, aurelion, annie, **this is ten**, azir, bard ,blitz, brand, cass ,cho, diana, mundo, draven, ekko, fiddle, galio, gp ,garen, graves, hec, heim, illaoi, j4, jax, jayce, jinx, kalista, karma, kassadin, katarina, kayle, kennen, kha, kog, lb, lee sin, lucian, lulu , malphite, maokai, yi, mf, mord, nasus, nautilus, nid, nocturne, nunu, olar, orianna, quinn, renekton, riven, ryze, shaco, singed, sivir, sona, swain, tahm, talon, teemo, trynd, tf, twitch, udyr, varus, vayne, veigar, velkoz, vi , viktor, warwick, wukong, xin, yorick, zed, ziggs, zilean zyra. And you know what...These are the only ones I would concider really good or decent. And there's some I did not include which some people CHOSE to play and they were really good at and they trolled hard, so that list is even bigger. Oh but I am sure people pick the same 10 (or 9 if people have the misfortune to play with you) champions every game.. Also, your intellect apears to be lacking somewhat. Urf isn't on all the time cos it's a special event, notb ecause you got bored of it. Not only are you deficient, you also seem to have accute narcism as you're equating the fact that people can play what they want and not have to do what you want with removing the mode all togther. Youre mentality is quite sad tbh. You have my pity.
: It's more of an afk check. It's another thing to say hey, a ranked game is a commitment not just for you but to your team as well, are you *sure* you are ready and able to play this game. If you can't manage to be present for the few minutes of champ select, how can you expect people to believe you can be present for a whole 40-60 minute game?.
makes more sense. But still? penalising is too much.
Talon12 (OCE)
: No the point to urf is to have fun. Not be subject to cancer game after game which is quite the opposite of fun. There is a difference to picking kat because you want to have fun and jump everywhere, or picking zed because he is a broken shit with .5 sec cd instakills and no counterplay.
The fact that everyone is op is the counter. What the hell is so hard to understand? Now someone gets an op champ and there's literally nothing you can do about it cos you got a RANDOM SHIT CHAMP. There's a wide range of op champs in urf. Hell I two shot a zed once as bard. Do you get it now? No?
: supports hardly get s's unless you cuck your adc
It makes it even funnier when you see a support with mastery 6 or 7. Cos they didn't get it by supporting very well :P
: I think there should be a vote at the start of a match for ARURF or URF. At least until a more elegant (if there is) system is introduced.
the vote can be bypassed entirely by simply letting people choose which one they want to play. If anything this way you don't punish those who voted for the losing side.
: fucking retarded riot fuck you
I'm not sure why the system kicks you? They want to make the wait time shorter by kicking one guy rather than auto locking and thus making everyone else wait for someone else to fill the spot and also punish the guy for not...well, locking. Not even trolling or bad behaviour, or griefing...seriously?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Talon12 (OCE)
: you are just not thinking, the random is to stop people from using smurfs with only broken champs like zed which gives people cancer when he is in every game, the random matching both teams same 5) is to stop people getting a 5v5 where one team is super weak and the other is nothing but the strongest in urf. They can't have you pick because you idiots made a meta in urf, hence the random.
The whole point of urf is to peak the strongest most broken champ and go ham. And you know what? the 9 other people on that game will also pick the strongest champs and go ham. Eveyrone picks the strongest champs they want to play and go ham. Everyone is broken, you play what you want and it's fun EVEN when you lose. And quite frankly making a garbage system worse to "protect" low level accounts from one flaw of trash system, is ridiculous.
ikr it's such a simple solution. You'd think anyone with even base brain functionality could think of it.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Or. They make it all champs available, random 5 champs picked, and then each team has the same 5 champs. Makes the game fair, and the randomness element is more, well random.
I don't you fully understand what aterrible idea this is. Not only are you suggesting people get champions they don't even want to play, their team make up is out of their control and a single good champ on either tin will result in a win/loss (basically the game is decided at champ select, you might as well log off after load screen) Now you're also suggesting people end up randomly getting champions they don't own, don't even know how to play or in some cases, don't even like playing (and hence didn't unlock them) if that would make people have more fun.
: So basically add a meta to URF, not like running into an ali every game will be much fun
That's kinda the point of meta. There's a wide range of champions that are ridiculous in urf. Everyone is op and everything is messed up. Complaining about unbalanced champs in unbalanced game mode :V The only thing I am proposing is to release both modes together under the URF tab. Kinda like how you can pick between norms and ranked in Summoner's Rift.
: why are people downvoting this
mostly people who want to force people to play champions they don't want. The idea of giving people a choice on it being random or not offends them.
Sneed (OCE)
: if people get what they want then how does that make it fun? it's literally a stomp every game. AR urf makes sure you cant pick the most broken guys every time.
it's not about it being a stomp. The game mode by DEFINITION is a stomp. It's not supposed to be balanced. Does 80% cdr, extra attack speed, no mana cost etc. sound balanced to you? Yes people played the same stuff, but you know what there's a wide list of things that's op af in urf. Ever played Bard in Urf? I doubt you have. You don't have fun playing what you don't want to play. That's why most people don't play Aram. That's why we don't select roles and are autoallocated champs. If you want to "see" champs, you can browse the champ list, play aram or watch gameplays on youtube. Enjoy.
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: the only people who think classic urf is better are those who would cycle through the same 5 or so OPs every game
atleast they played champions they wanted to play. You know what. I don't want to play soraka, or thresh, or lulu, or zac, or shyvana, or singed, or fizz, or zed etc. I want to play a champion that I WANT to play and I will have fun even if I lose.
: they made it random so basically people dont just spam the same champs or champs that are op in urf so its a bit more of a fair game mode. Complaining in caps won't help your situation either.
People played what they wanted. In many cases everyone had an op champ. So since everyone was OP everyone was on the same level, it was fair and everyone played what the wanted to play. Even losing was still fun. Now, even when you're winning it's still bad.
: Whats with the complaining?
Because they ruined the URF game mode. That's what aram is, a quick, one lane match with random champions. AR URF is URF where you are forced into a random champ, whether you want to play him, or like him which is most likely than not weak in this game mode and you're stuck in a 20 minutes game of feeling horrible because not only are you getting smashed, you also have a champion you don't even want to play, and URF is ruined. URF was fine, people played whatever they wanted, even if you were losing, it was still fun, the current version is just a horrible 20 minute one champ carry.
: New AR Urf thoughts
Indeed the fun is dead. I loved URF it was amazing. People should be able to play whatever they want "variance" is irrelavent. I don't want to be forced to play a champion that is bad in this game mode, or forced to sit there for 20 minutes while the enemy team has a good champion. I don't want to play this mode anymore. Congrautlations riot. You killed urf.
HeartVine (OCE)
: > I was aiming for a more free open world style. I don't know where you got the idea it wouldn't be. No where is it explicitly stated it wasn't and, as far as I'm concerned, the style it indicates it *is* free-roam, open-world. > I'm not very fond of the ability limit. This is something I brought up with the original poster, which we discussed. I pointed out that the in-combat limit of 4 was extraordinarily low for an MMORPG and suggested that "skill sets" also be switchable in-combat, to an extent (x number of sets switchable in-combat, others switchable out of combat). You would also need to consider that these are more "placeholder" values, likely if Riot *did* make an MMORPG there would be more abilities available at any given time (whether it uses the same system or not). > Where players can interact with the world and also with the champions. I believe this was also part of the suggestion, and further discussed (though, perhaps, not as you had thought?). 9261slipkn (the original poster) suggested interacting with "original League characters" through story quests, I expanded on that by suggesting side-quests that would allow players to raise/lower their standing with different factions and interact with "original League champions" and, no doubt, they'd be strewn across the world for players to find and interact with.
I meant not so much revolving around the champions. Even if you could switch between them a total of 4 usable at any time is still very low. It will result in a very boring rotation. I play a druid on WoW and cor rotation consists of 5 abilities which revolve around a "pendelum" energy bar. And I can tell you that although I absolutely love playing a druid, if I didn't have all my other spells to add variety I would get bored really quickly, and I still do sometimes. And actually most people stopped playing druids because of this. Yes that is not a bad idea actually.
HeartVine (OCE)
: A LoL based MMORPG has been suggested by lots of different people, though I don't think many people have ever submitted in-depth suggestions. The one thing that always comes to mind, for me, when someone brings up a LoL MMO is [this thread]( from the OCE forum archives. As far as I recall, Riot hasn't ever said that they would be doing (or even considering) a LoL based MMO (I think they've rejected the idea a few times). Though I remember that, a while back, one of the Rioters said something about an RPG (in a similar style to Skyrim) based on Quinn's time in the Freljord (if I remember correctly) was (maybe?) being considered (I think that might not be happening at this point, though).
Interesting. Although I think the game is too much based on LoL. I was aiming for a more free open world style. Where players can interact with the world and also with the champions. I think the champions area very important part of the franchise and being able to interact with them would be quite nice. I like the idea of champion abilities. Maybe, some champions could run "schools". I just though of this but, for example. {{champion:16}} could run a healer's school. If healers go there they can maybe learn 1 or 2 abilities similar to the champion ingame like her q for example. {{champion:267}} could run another school and if you went to that you could maybe learn something similar to ebb and flow or her bubble or some water based abilities anyway. Just rolling the idea in my head. I'm not very fond of the ability limit. It seems a bit restricting for an MMO. But apart from that. I had read in one or two other places that this had been thought of before but I thought i'd post my kinda visualisation of it. I would be quite interested to find out whether riot had concidered it. If so, what they think of such a development. MMOs offer a different gameplay from MOBAs. Making one would likely attract people who may not be into MOBAs but prefer an MMO. It would also be interesting for lots of fans of the game.
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: I was really expecting the snow day one to turn them into ice or at least be a light blue color especially since it's 1350
True. Even a simply colour difference would be nice.
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iSaturn (OCE)
: So I just got told to kill myself. Multiple times.
Nami summed it up quite well. I'd like to add one more thing I find helpful atleast for me. If you have a game such as that don't end there. Rather play one more game, or more games untill you get a good game (win or lose doesn't matter) where you feel content with the game. It will get your mind off the bad experience and leave you in a better mood both in and out of the game.


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