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: League not letting me log on
same lol :( anyone have any idea when its gonna be back up?
NewTronix (OCE)
: True Ambition White is Recruiting! Plat 2+
IGN & Real Name: cooldudets Real name: Jamie Age: 16 Rank: Before season reset diamond 5, now plat 3 Role: mid, support, jungle Best/Favourite Champions: zed, tf, vayne, ramm, lee What you can bring to the team: teamwork, shotcalling Availability for practice: Saturday 3pm-6pm and 8pm-10.30pm or Sunday 3pm-6pm
BubbaCuz (OCE)
: Looking for a high elo MENTOR
hey bubbacuz, I think i may be able to help you :) i use to be diamond before season reset and am currently plat 3. let me know if u want some help. my ign is cooldudets :))
Saikyo (OCE)
: LF High Plat - Low Dia - Dynamic 5s
yo saiyko, i used to be diamond 5 before the season reset. am currently plat 3. if u wanna play hit me up :) ign: cooldudets though i cant play everyday as i still got school and can only play on saturdays and sundays from 3pm-pm. let me know if u wanna play with me haha
jrowe420 (OCE)
: Plat 5 player LF duo
IGN: Cooldudets Role: Mid, ADC, Supp Rank: Plat 4 Add me and we can duo if u want :) im also looking for a good duo partner too
Risky (OCE)
: Looking for players to create a ranked 5's team
IGN: cooldudets Roles: ADC, Mid, Support Pref Champs: Vayne, Yasuo, Zed, Thresh, Blitzcrank Rank: Plat 5
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