Wuks (OCE)
: It may take a bit longer for the Honour level to be restored to its original value. Was Player Support able to adjust the level, or is it still showing 0? If you're still having issues, I can pass a note along to the Player Support team.
sorry for the late reply. honor has been fixed
cromat (OCE)
: Unjustified ban after being forced onto an off role in NORMALS?
Update 2: Everything seems to be fixed. My honor is back, and they said I will be eligible for rewards. I know it probably isn't said often, but thanks Riot support OCE! EDIT: just went into my account. Still dishonored and level 0...
cromat (OCE)
: Unjustified ban after being forced onto an off role in NORMALS?
Update: Riot has reviewed my case and removed my suspension. However, my honor level still shows "dishonorable" and unable to receive end of season rewards. I've continued correspondence and hopefully I can get the whole suspension reversed so I can get my ranked rewards this season. https://i.imgur.com/vCkmrdv.png
Ninox (OCE)
: There are stats that show that, just not ones we can see. KDA, KP, CS, that kind of thing aren't very helpful in some cases of intent feeding (usually the kind that starts part way through a game, or if someone is just having a really bad game). I haven't yet heard of a false intent feeding ban, but in the spirit of innocent until proven guilty I gave OP the best advice I could assuming it is a false ban, namely to submit a ticket about it.
you can check my heat map. i died within my own jungle due to enemy invading, and whenever i tried to gank a lane.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi Cromat, Seras is right that a support ticket is your best bet here. I can see that you submitted one earlier today. Support queues are a little backed up at the moment due to worlds, emotes, end of season rewards and new ban systems coming around all at the same time, so it may take a while for them to reach you. We're trying to increase the effectiveness of our feeding detection system, and regrettably this means some false positives as we increase the system's aggression. If it is determined that this was a false positive in your case, you'll get your ban reversed.
Thanks, I'm glad that I got any official response to this. Hopefully I can get my ban reversed.
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