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: "It's not an esport" Yes. Despite years of tournaments. Let's see, TF2 UGC goes into it's Sixteenth Season this year. TF2 is an Esport, it has Tournaments it has Proleague. What else does it need? A rock is a rock, you can't argue against that. Also it's not difficult to check my claims, if you even participate in a tournament through a Valve game you get a "badge" item in your Steam inventory. You can easily go check mine. But why even bother? You're literally the poster child of modern gamers, nothing but lazy children who would even refuse to check their local timezone against an international event despite every mobile phone these days having an international clock inbuilt meaning it'd only take you a few seconds to look it up. I would talk about DotA2's balance, but Icefrog is a complete moron and was nothing more than a Public Relations face back on DotA All Stars and did nothing but fuck up back in the day when it actually game to character design or ideas on how to improve the game. I'd talk more about CS:GO's balance, but that was thrown out the window when they made the AK-47 more powerful than the Galil despite the fact that the Galil is the more advanced version of the AK-47 in real life, and was designed to replace the AK AND IT HAS.
k boss i really care pls go on =)
: Wow you are incredibly thick if you didn't pick up on my sarcasm when I said "And no, I've got no idea how to control recoil in CS:GO." I even went on to explain how I have experience playing the games professionally. Pretty sure I couldn't have played CS:Source professionally if I didn't know how to control recoil, and it's not like CS:Source isn't literally the same game mechanically as CS:GO, since CS:GO is just CS:Source with a graphical overhaul hence why I was bored of it quickly and haven't bothered to put much time into it. By "last" what do you mean? I still play all these games, I haven't stopped playing them. I've retired from professional play, no more tournaments, no more playing for cash. If anything was my "last" multiplayer team based game it would be LoL since I last played that several hours ago, while it's been a few days since I last played TF2. Do you know how much of a hassle that is? Here is a break down of TF2 for you. You need 9 main players, Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Engineer, Heavy, Demoman, Sniper, Spy and Medic. Then you need at least one substitute for each class. You can cut down by having your back up players be multiclass so you don't need to keep track of 18 people, but it's still pretty rough. Now I've played in, six? seasons of TF2 competitive. It's a nightmare keeping track of 18 people like that. Hell the reason I retired is because end of the day it's not worth it, you don't make enough money and because of that it's not worth cutting into my time with my University work in Biotechnology. If you ever have the time and need proof that Valve know nothing about balancing games for competitive play, look up the ban list for TF2 weapons. In competitive play you are pretty much restricted to the stock weapons, unless if you're Medic then you pretty much have free rein as long as it's not the Vita Saw.
im not even gonna bother anymore with these keyboard warriors as soon as someones shows them up them become "professional players" and instantly know everything stop talking about tf2 its not a esport for a reason so judging valve by that is unfair the fact that you need to bring up a completely different game to make valve sound bad talking about csgo just shows that your not even making sense now all your really saying is that tf2 isnt balanced im abandoning this thread please mr keyboard warrior go bother someone who cares now
: In competitive play the bot is always killed before anyone has a chance to kill it. Like I've already stated I've put an incredible amount of time in CS:Source and some into CS:GO. But I stopped playing CS:GO because Valve know nothing about competitive play or how to balance a competitive game.
I feel like your just disregarded everything ive told you and gone and made a silly conclusion saying "Valve know nothing about competitive play or how to balance a competitive game" i doubt csgo would get best esport 2015 over league,dota and hearthstone at the international video game awards los angeles December 2015 results of the awards night ill adknowledge your opinion but wont think anything of it because you said it your self "I've got no idea how to control recoil in CS:GO" so how would you know what good balancing is or how the game play in general works in a game so different to league again csgo is a balanced game for every over powered aspect in the game there is also another aspect making it balanced weapons one shoting people usually means that those weapons are hard to control and learn and take pin point accuracy like the ak47 i told you about before maps seeming like they are sided to a team usually means that proper team communication inst being used also yes you are right the bot can be killed before you can control it but my point was that there are options to deal with trolls and others that negatively effect the in game compared to league is clearly lacking if you have anything else to say right now please dont speak i really dont want to come of as a know it all but your knowledge about csgo is lacking and your quick to make assumptions based of information my sister could tell me after watching me play a single game i mean your last team based combat game was tf2 was it not? a game that does not fit the competitive scene in fps. so it sounds more like your trying to give opinions on csgo with having much experience with the game? now talking to you has really been a blast but i feel like i should probably be talking to a csgo player about csgo goodnight Klavinmour and good luck in the fields of justice -crystalmath
: Bot's can't play to the same extent as a human. Especially in LoL. Do you know why bots are horrible in LoL? Because LoL is about decision making, bots can't do that. There is only one way that you can improve bots in games such as LoL and that is to remove the limiter on them that retards their actions and reactions. Do you know what happens then? You end up with something that no human can play against because it moves and acts faster than you can process it's movements and actions. Know what happens to bots in CS:GO? They get thrashed, bots get thrashed in EVERY game they exist in. And no, I've got no idea how to control recoil in CS:GO. Not like I ever played in multiple tournaments for TF2, CS:Source, Unreal Tournament and several other shooters. Hell my last competitive season of TF2 (last year) I decided I'm retiring from team based tournaments, etc. I've played a lot of games over the years, so I've got a lot of experience with how companies control trolls/griefers/etc. So far Riot is the best I've seen, despite their seeming lack of effort over the last two years.
do you know what player controllable bot means means that you can take control of the bot so theres no actual ai controlling it -_- that means that the bot wont get destroyed unless you play badly it sounds like you dont know alot about cs i dont want to be salty but pls stop talking
: I know exactly what you mean and how you feel and also part of the reason I am still here. Honestly, what other games are there? And think long and hard about this... there are none. CS is worse in that you need to be 1000% more competitive to even think about enjoying that game. I have been here 5 years and when I tried CS I started hacking like 3 weeks in it was that bad. And I have played all variants of that game. The only one I have played recently that was actually fun was Team Fortress, but that doesn't really have many players on this side of town. You could try DoTA, TF, CS, WoW. Unless you are a hardcore gamer there are not many games like LoL where you can, or at least used to, play without hassles, can get into a game and win or lose you still had fun. You can play 30-60 minutes a day, or 4 hours a day, you didn't feel the need to sit here for 2-3 hours every single day minimum. All other games I have tried just feels like you need to sit at your PC daily for hours or you are wasting your time trying to be a casual. Than there are the single player games, you can play them for 12 hours and finish the main story, than you can either sit around doing all the side quests, or like some of us, feel like it was a waste as the side quests don't actually do anything to the game and you are playing for nothing. LoL is a mindless game you don't have to put effort or thought into, you can play to win, you can be serious, but you can do it one game per day and still feel like you have achieved something, that is why we still stick around, you don't feel like you need to be committed to this game to play it.
i picked up cs easy i have nearly 5 years experience with other pc fps games lol
Bakon (OCE)
: Stop taking that crystalmath, that stuff's bad for you.
Essembie (OCE)
: Lets be honest, you've never had a girlfriend. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} just jokes bro and / or sis.
: League isn't the only game that can be ruined by one player. Have you never seen a ranked match of CS:GO ruined by one person who team kills his entire team at the start of each round? And don't even get me started on the balancing issues in CS:GO and how it literally is most popular gun = most powerful.
yeah i have seen cs-go if you kill 3 people your automatically kicked from the game and put on a 30 minute plus wait timer and its not popular gun = most powerful because the ak47 is the most powerful but at the same time the hardest rifle to master with a harder recoil pattern than other weapons but this isn't about cs-go remember a gun in cs-go is only as powerful if you can control the recoil and burst it properly i can see you might not have known this but thats okay this isn't about cs-go and also you can vote to kick a player from the game in csgo and have a bot that can be controlled by a player witch makes it significantly better than league for dealing with trolls
: You're complaining that a game is competitive when the whole system of it's genre is competitive. Hell MOBAs started with the original concepts for DotA back in StarCraft a COMPETITIVE GAME, then evolved to DotA All Stars in WarCraft 3, surprise surprise another competitive game, except now a competitive game in a competitive game. Then along comes LoL a game based on a competitive game within a competitive game. As someone who's played thousands of hours of LoL, DotA All Stars, and games across all genres. LoL's community is not the problem, it's nowhere near as toxic as the vocal majority complain about. Let me just explain Vocal Majority for a second. They are the people who complain for the sake of complaining, people who don't have any issues to complain about don't talk, they are content with not being heard because they have nothing to be heard. So yes, you see most of the posts on the boards or reddit or wheverthefuck are people complaining that the community is toxic, when in reality they are the player base minority but the vocal majority. Now I don't know your gaming back story, so I don't know if you're ever played DotA All Stars or DotA2, or CS:Source or CS:GO, or hell let's take toxicity to the max crank it up to FUCKING ELEVEN! Eve Online. Each of those games have a community FAR FAR WORSE than LoL. You said the highlight of your day would be playing with a group of FOUR friends in LoL. That right there is your problem. It's not that the game has gotten toxic, it's that you split yourself off from your friends who made the game fun and eliminated any potential for toxicity on your team. Get back with your friends and you'll rekindle your love for the game and you wont see any "toxicity". {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
if you didn't read i said that we end up screaming at each other now when we play the game and usually its not because of the competitive nature its because of aspects of the game that cant be avoided like someone picking yi and right clicking all of a mate so hes tilted all game long just small little shit like that it doesn't matter now cs-go is most likely gonna be our go to game not saying i dont wanna play league anymore its just cs-go and other titles are becoming a more enjoyable experience and yeah i realize the game revolves around competitiveness but when compared to other games league is also a game that can be completly ruined if a team mate decides be salty and feed or just troll around
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Volcanuz (OCE)
: Wow i think teemo is my only main i havent got a penta on.. I would love to get a penta on him!!
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: Ocean Week Mystery Champion update!
i aint get nothing yet and i had like 28 points
Talon12 (OCE)
: when did free gifts become a thing...
i got all the champs so i get a skin gift i was just curious because my mates get there gifts and i haven't yet got mine
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: Just a thing i think you might enjoy doing /mute all
yeah but team communication can be a good thing
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