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: Cilent chat broken
Have a same issue here as well. Could not choose summoner spells and chat in champ select.
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layowin (OCE)
: Akfer on purpose [Name And Shame]
I don't want to be rude, but it get very annoying when you have to face with trolling and afk people. Rito seem to want those "people" to get better but we need punishment for that, and I think the punishment Rito have right now is nothing. Furthermore, what will they do when they get out of those punishment? They get better or they get worst? I think Rito need to learn or build up something. Name and Shame is something we should have to get those player out and view their face for them to know what they did was wrong. No name no shame, they just laugh at your report system Rito. Too much complain about this and I think Rito just want to concentrate on the top 10% player rather then the low 90% one.
: Trolls n stuff
how can they be abuse if you have like 10 rp in a row then there should be something about u right? 4 rp in 1 game could be count as warning or something like that and if you get rp in the next game and the game after that means you troll for 3 game in a row. Then you should be in low priority game or get some punishments. The way I see is if I rp someone and block them, should I get no match with them. I have 3~4 games where I just block another player and the next game I get match with him again. Should it be a problem too?
Oman2 (OCE)
: Intense lag during games - no response from Riot Support
Like my friend and I have the same problem, we were having a game just before this post, when I or him enter combat, everything like frozen, I can see my hp bar drop but can't do anything. The problem is we played in our own house, that means 2 computers, 2 ISP, 2 problem not 1. Our ping is fine, with out combat I can still do a full combo on Leblanc, he still can farm and use skill with Amumu, but as soon as we had big combat, problem happened. So I don't know if this is what but I think this is the sever problem more than our computer problem.
kJs (OCE)
: That's at least 12 games if you have a 50% win rate. 3 games a day. Get the icon in 4 days. 4 games a day. Get the icon in 3 days. 6 games a day. Get the icon in 2 days.
And in black market, the game tense to last longer, about 30~50 mins a game so 2 games a day my friend :D P/s: I still have uni to do so not so much time to play.
Bipolar (OCE)
: Tryhard.
When I saw I have to win at least 6 game, my eyes were wide open with the mouth said: "Ritoooooooooooo!!!"
Flood (OCE)
: I said yes, but it really lies within the gray area. While newer players can learn from veteran players, gain tips, tricks, builds, objective control, skill use etc they do tend to get a little frustrated when the newer players make mistakes. This usually puts everyone on tilt.
Yes, like in rank, 50% of my lost game due to stupid mistakes from other player. And 50% of those is usually new player. So I think we need to upgrade this on because the game is 5 years old so bad player from ss1 still can be put with new player in ss5.
: Yes but your not necessarily better then the new player, and if you don't want new players in your game, get out of the starting MMR for new players.
That's what I was wondering, should the starting MMR be a bit lower than now because new player can be good but not all of them, I didn't say I don't want new player, I said should we put them together with veteran.
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Ritual (OCE)
: AFKS?! Lose less LP if you have an AFK. Lose extra LP if you afk.
I don't know about this, but I might agree with you that afk should get more lost LP than other. With the one who is not afk I thing they should get something to protect them from those who afk.
: >I know that people will abuse this system but it's better than make us suffer our time. But what if people abusing that system makes you waste even more time? And are you suggesting that toxic players can't change for the better? If you force said players to not play with people who reported them, then those player's chances of reforming go down, for they're seeing even more toxic behaviour from the players who aren't reporting them. Riot's gone really in-depth into what happens when you create a "Prisoner's Island" punishment system, where the reported players only play with other reported players. You could look up the ramifications of that, if you're interested. But I digress; the matchmaking should not match you with a person you literally just reported. That's insulting, and generally discouraging people from using the report feature.
What I do is may be they should be "Prison" for some games so they can understand the feeling they did to other players before. And I agree that the report and block system is sometimes make me very angry and frustrated
: The world is a small place, and if the servers had a system which would account for all the reports/blocks players have made (literally thousands a minute) and prevent two players who blocked each-other from being matched up again, then it would be severely detrimental to our match-making system. But then again it wouldn't really affect it much if it was just for say, people you go out of the way to block. That's just lazy programming. It could at least auto-mute them when you find them in champ select, which would be a local tool, not server related.
But the point is even they are being muted, they still can ruin my game. I block them because I don't want to play with them, not just not to ignore them. P/s: What I want was something call an early report system, where you can report them before the game and dodge that game, rather than suffer 20 mins. I know that people will abuse this system but it's better than make us suffer our time.
Milieu (OCE)
: How to climb ( My Experience and advice)
I'll said good post. However you miss a few things 1. You need to play for your team, not for you if you want to carry the team. For example, I have and s3 adc picked {{champion:96}} , I'm in s4 but I can go top or mid, you will think oh, we should pick a very strong hero for our lane. I picked {{champion:117}} for my adc. In the end my KDA was 3/5/20 which is not a mid laner KDA but I won the game. 2. Vision is good but what you do with the vision is more important. Due to I play mid quite a lot, if I saw jungler near my lane, I ping him and might waste his time a bit. However, if he move, I need to see where he goes to warn that lane either. 3. Not all game is perfect, sometimes I get smashed but I still try to fight for the team. Like if I play a 3/10/5 {{champion:238}} at 25 mins (Don't even laugh) I won't go for team fight, instead I might try to kill their adc or ap and die with them, put my team to not fall behind. 4. Don't be sad when you lost, rage when you still in the game but don't bring that to the next game, that will just make the next game become worst.
iEpTo (OCE)
: Escaping bronze while being support main?
I would say you can, but it might take more than what you already done. You will need to help gank for mid and still be able to protect your carry. You might learn how to rotate well between lane. Ward control is what really need if you want your team not dying. 1 more, learn how to call for objectives, that's important in any role and help a lot. Also play careful, do not need for any highlight, once you land a good hook, that's highlight already.
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Bipolar (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=5a43VHTu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-31T13:23:59.601+0000) > > Kits should be designed with counterplays in mind, and by that I mean pre-defined weakness, and not just relying solely on the enemy players' mechanical faults, that's capitalising, not counterplaying. > > Kits that lack actual counterplay is just trouble in the long run. Kite him and dont walk on his path, boom his damage is gutted, he's an assassin, dont get hit by his obvious skill shot and dash or stand on his path, lol. His ult path being visible his his predefined weakness.
His Q is really hard to hit you if you play careful. I againts ekko a lot recently and I found him not that good. He very squishy, so found some champ that you can win trade damage with him. Push him out of lane and make him under level. If he try to roam when he has lv 6, warn other lane and push as hard as you can. After that you can just finish him in teamfight easily because he has nothing in his item.
Krebitz (OCE)
: LP loss/series loss for dodging a game
I think what it should do is give 2 chances to dodge when you in series or something like that better than just count as a loss. Sometimes you don't want to spend 20~40 mins try to win a game for your series having an trolling person in there. Give a chance to dodge that game and wait like 5 mins for a better game might be a good idea, when you done using those chances you can only said :" FFFF this really my unlucky day!!!". My point is give a chance to dodge more than have nothing.
: Are any of you silver idiots having trouble vs Ekko?
I found that kass is better to play againts ekko, trade Q with him when he throw Q and i hit you. The shield from your Q will take all the magic damage from his passive and when the Q return. Do that a lot and you will have an out farm kass againts a no item ekko after 10 mins. Then you can do whatever you want to do with him.
: IF you do not delete/nerf Ekko, I will no longer playing LOL
He's weak in laning phase, any mid hero can out trade his damage if you can dodge his Q which is quite easy. After that just out farm him, without item at 15 mins you can kill him anytime. He get stronger if he can farm, destroy his farm and you'll win. Just that simple, no need for kill, destroy his farm.
: Top Champs
I'll suggest Gnar, long hand and when you r in mega form your damage and hp can allow you to trade with other. Irelia is also strong but need a lot time to practice and she quite depend on item. AA and Fiora is good for 1v1 but in combat they quite hard to do anything. Nid, the better you r the stronger she'll be.
: But objectives dont improve your kda, why take that free baron when you can chase the last guy half way across the map for another kill
No, no, why adc and ap chase a last support from their inhibitor to our t3 for 1 kill and then let their team take baron after that and win the game. Because they want 300 gold from a kill more than 300 gold from baron or 2 t4. Wow what good thinking.{{champion:35}}
: which champion to buy?
I'll suggest azir or ziggs due to they r strong and quite easx to play. Farm like 30 mins then 1 shot their adc :D.
Olee (OCE)
: Cassiopeia tips?
Play defensive, try to hit Q on their champion to get as much stack as u can. When you need to push, Q on 3 creeps then E on each of them to kill them, E give mana back when you kill it with E. Do that for 6 creeps then go help other lane. Use your ult wisely, sometimes you don't need to stun them but u can use it to slow and deal damage. Learn how to positioning yourself in team fight (very important) and learn how to kite with her, she not a brush damage, she is a dps. Build like this {{item:3070}} >>>{{item:3001}} >>>{{item:3003}} >>>{{item:3089}} or {{item:3285}} >>>{{item:3157}} (for safe if you winning then forget this is fine) >>>{{item:3116}} and build {{item:1001}} to {{item:3020}} when u can to have more movement speed but if you can go for big item then go for the item first. And learn how to farm and ward mid, she get really weak if the enemy commit to camp her, like 1 game I get top and jungle camp me every 3 mins. And I think that's it. Enjoy her late game damage, 2 E and their adc might disappear.
vicelore (OCE)
: 50% win rate = B4
Let say like this, you have 50% win rate that means you can win and can lose with 50-50 chance. Therefore, you are not better than the other. Secondly, you should she how the Gold or Diamond player play, they can have game they get smash but their cs, their objective is still stronger than the game you win in bronze. I have 2 acc, 1 is plat 5 and 1 is bronze 1 (this is my friend give to me because he's not playing anymore). My ave cs for laning heroes (not jungle and sup) is around 150 at 20 mins. Which means not really good, but compare to bronze, even they win lane really hard, their cs is about 100 at 20 mins. See the difference? Next, usually a winning team in gold or higher control dragon and other objective very good, they can push to t3 at 25~30 mins. With bronze, after winning their lane and take t1, they run around and have no idea what they doing. After that, they join team fight a lot but take no objective after each winning team fight, instead they spread out to get more farm which make me angry sometimes. So see the next difference? Winning lane in gold means their cs is away the other team around 20~30 cs or more, in bronze is they might have 2 kills but their cs is below 30~50cs which make no different. So you should see how the pro plays and said why you still stuck in bronze more than complain. It takes me 3 weeks to get from Bronze 1 to here, due to every time I got to series, they match me againts a bit higher rank and I try so hard but can't help to carry the team. So learn first then complain, ok?{{champion:69}}
: which is the best ad jungler
Rengar, J4, Vi and Rek'Sai, they all really high damage in early but you might need to be able to control when to jump in and jump out in combat with them.
: How do i support?
This is my experience from 2 years main sup: 1. Ward is always need and you do not only need to ward, you also need to warn your team mate due to sometimes you have ward but they just ignore the mini map. 2. You need to learn how to rotate to help other lane not just you adc. With this I can only said play a lot and you will learn how to do this. 3. You always need at least {{item:2043}} every time you want to go on big object such as dragon, baron, sometime even just to make sure they don't have ward behind you when you go high ground. 4. Protect your carry in team fight: If your carry too dumb to go on team fight, ignore that guy, let him die. If your carry is super good, buy everything you can to help him, not you, him. Like {{item:3222}} {{item:3190}} or even {{item:3504}} to make sure he can win your team fight. 5. Last one, do not try to highlight yourself, let the carry get the compliment, like if you give him double kill, said "GJ ...", be the background. I know support doesn't mean you get nothing but you know you did well is fine.
Alamo (OCE)
: I need help with my champion pool
You can try zed, leblanc and cass. They have skill shot and have similar play style with talon.
: Server Lag Times
Ping spikes happen at any time in the day. I don't know about others, but my time is usually from 9pm-11pm. Sometimes it depends on sever or your ISP either.
: Get Out of Bronze - Stop Feeding #1
The map awarenesses is the most difficult thing to do in this list, even I play for like 3 years the map awareness sometime still be my weakness.
: Do you share your internet connection with anyone else?
No, when I play I make sure no one use the internet so that my ping doesn't get high even if i share with my cousin she use it for study so the ping was maximum is 100~120 but this is when it get to 1k~2k ping.
: Possibly the server's fault. Who's your ISP exactly?
My ISP is TPG, and usually it runs fine, but for early in week like Monday I get lag a lot, most was after 9 pm, before that it's fine.
Karauh (OCE)
: Trolling in champion select
Yes, everyone is talking about this and Riot... How can I said this, may be something like what the f took u so long to do something Riot, you only care about master or challenger rank what about lower rank? What about trolling, no one want to spend 20 mins to do a report. So let wait and see how Riot respond this, they might ban me for tell the truth either :D
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: Oceanic player
I'm in the seires to be up on league, what will I do, tell me.
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