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: Why is Corey so Bad at League of Legends
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: Quiting Can you help?
that is account sharing and I recommend that you don't because you become responsible for there acts on your account and I think it is against the summoners code aswell. so try to be careful but you will need to read up on it to be sure.
: That feel good moment.
that moment you burst someone so fast as veigar you are called a hacker even when your now only 1/5 XD
: That sounds pretty great! Kind of like DBZ's History of Trunks where we get to see a 'future that could have been' timeline with grizzled LoL champs. Who else would do you think would fit in this mode? As far as reworks go, I myself am especially down with the Galio one, as each skin now feels like a legendary one. Enchants (*ahem* Blue Buff) Galio looks ace.
well ekko and zilean are the main characters in this maybe they fought and time was destroyed and ezreal. vel'koz and kassiden were caught up in it too. the last 3 would work very well story wise aswell, vel'koz because he was very curious about zileans tower of magic, ezreal because he was searching for the 'object' that made the mass energy to sell or something. and finally kassiden because he wants to hunt down the void i.e. vel'koz. this I feel could work very well and the thought of these champions looking older would be very awesome. but then again annie and others could be caught up in it as well but these examples are just the ones that storys could match up with the event. but for the game mode itself maybe the fight takes place in zileans tower or around it the teams need to take objectives until the tower on their side opens then the first team to reach the top of the tower wins. this gamemode is a race against and with time as the objectives each team needs to take Is on the opposite teams area this could cause huge fights and would require a lot of team work. anyways hope you like this idea
: An older Annie would be cool! Maybe OG Tibbers is far more worn, with some hectic patches and a torn-off arm from years of love? Or even has some modifications? Do you think she'd be better at controlling her power now or barely able to keep them contained? The problem with the ageing factor is that none of our other characters age (room for a grandma/grandpa line anyone?). To me, Annie is so unique to League because she's a little girl with a hell of an attitude. If she were to become a teen, we'd be stepping on Jinx's territory and I think we'd lose a lot of what makes Annie... Annie. An older gen skin line could do it, alongside a teenage NuNu and a left out, un-aged Amumu (forever alone), but that steps on academy territory. This would be more than a skin too, as it would be a complete character rework with a new model in-place; the old animations wouldn't fly for a taller character... which brings us back to the previous issue. But these are mere logistics! I'd be keen to see some fanart of older Annie, or a short story at least — because now I'm intrigued: just how does a dangerous little girl with fire powers, a temper and a giant bear for a bud turn out?
I see what your saying but what about for a game mode time called time warp. different characters gain new skins of them being older because zilean or ekko screwed every thing up. so the teams fight on a new map (maybe an older league of legends crumbling stadium). the story behind this could be that zilean or ekko made 2 separate old timelines intercept and the only way to fix it is to take out the opposing time line so they can return to the past. as you said after annie will go back to being annie and the rest of the characters. but they all have cool skins as well as ekkos' character being less hollow and more story behind him. again this is an idea and annie is a very iconic character and the rework Idea was because her graphics are starting to look older and you can tell she has had a lot of love from the creators but she has kinda been ignored and since the rework on warwick came out so awesome (seriously I love the new warwick) that I wonder how much better her character could be if her graphics were updated along with a new cool looking skin. again I love to play annie she was the first champion I bought and she is still fun now. but ideas can still stay idea and innovation from the public can make league of legends an even better game. all the best riot!
: While its not a bad idea thematically, and a tibbers with mood swings would be terrifying! I don't really see the point, you're only changing her because she's an older champion, not because she doesn't work, or doesn't fit the game. and in my opinion, you shouldn't fix what doesn't need fixing! Riot has broken so many champions with their new wave of reworks, when many of the champions worked perfectly fine beforehand. Why risk breaking a champion that has worked well since 2009, just for the sole purpose of making her new? Now admittedly Annie isn't my favourite champion. her ability to last hit every minion from half HP with no cost, coupled with her ability to nuke a single champion into oblivion without counter play, is a little unsavoury for my taste. But she's hardly a menace to the game like other champions such as Lee or Yas.
a skin would work just as well, I didn't say they needed to change her. but it is strange that she never ages though.
: An older Annie would be cool. Like what would a teenager who has a demonic bear turn out like?
I know I want riot to try this it has so much potential
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hi I was wondering if you could take a look at my post on player creations and tell me if its a good idea or not. I think it would work well and I apologise for posting this a bit more then I wished to (the creation not this comment) lots of luck for the future!
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: Sounds pretty good. Go Demacia!
yeah go Quinn and Valor! XD
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I think more story is an amazing idea, giving conflicts between characters and why there is leugue of legends will help a lot. giving us more conflicts between characters is a really good strong idea for you because leugue is about conflict between 2 teams so It would make sense for a narrative to go that way. maybe you should do an event were you implement a game mode that allows people to choose a side (for example demacia and noxian champions) and only allow campions from that line to be picked. the match will start and new obbjectives on a new map will make it feel more story like, and when 1 side wins that is tallied up for a certain side and the side with the most victorys progresses the story in that allternitve narrative at the end of the game modes set time. that will allow a really cool game mode to come out and the story can be progressed and the community is envolved the entire way. lots of luck for the future and keep being awesome riot.


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