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Arkangyle (OCE)
: I don't know what it's like as an ADC but in top I generally find I can pick up an S by maintaining a cs/min over 6 and having a KDA of around 4+ I'm guessing the cs/min requirement is higher for ADCs but I can honestly say I've never got an S ranking with a cs/min below 6, with the exception of one game where it was like 5.8 but I went 7/0/5. More wards will help too. You should always have a red ward active in laning phase and throw down extra wards pretty much as soon as they're off CD. Then when laning phase ends go throw a new red ward onto your team's red or blue buff brush and replace it as needed. For the sake of 75 gold each time it'll help your overall rankings a fair bit. So yeah. Farm more. Ward more. Die less. Participate in more kills. Pretty simple really.
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: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
a bit late it is 4pm here
: and they can say that but imagine they say mid 2016 come out with it in a week the hype would be huge just log in and boom Aurelion Sol
They would not say when he will be released unless he is almost finished. I think this will be a teaser and he will be released april-may.
: I have doesn't work
if repairing doesn't work i don't know what will
: Update
try closing then opening the client if the does't work try repairing the client
: Regarding The New Updates
It is a good patch but some champs are powerfull (graves/yasuo)
Essembie (OCE)
: Why pd disabled?
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: Championship Thresh Skin Code Giveaway

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