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: ga too is never ever an item you have in your head like "yeah im gonna build ga this game". its purely a spot purchase. must be picked. real time situational dynamic strategy etc etc BLAHBLAHBLHBA
a great item for allof space and moba time has been merc equivalent. debuff and now in lol variant it has lifesteal.. come on.. just look at those components. good on any hero. maybe not so much for nasus.... but still maw & ssupgrade is bullshit broken combo right now blood is as blood does. botrk hero variant. could build on nasus but sheen better tower destroyer and ur not a split pusher ur an tp ghost/homegaurd into middle of 9 brawling chaotic forces FSUing (fucking shit up) kicking ass and taking names! chaos & destruction .. from nothing to everything in one sequence. great character identity banshees because you want to be a swag %%%% with a necklace go get laid neckbears
drag66n (OCE)
: warmogs is only good if uve calced it right as your only hp item that gets you over 3k. or a couple of extreme cases where ur monstrously fed and it doesnt fucking matter so much WHAT you buy.
ga too is never ever an item you have in your head like "yeah im gonna build ga this game". its purely a spot purchase. must be picked. real time situational dynamic strategy etc etc BLAHBLAHBLHBA
: How to build Nasus now?
warmogs is only good if uve calced it right as your only hp item that gets you over 3k. or a couple of extreme cases where ur monstrously fed and it doesnt fucking matter so much WHAT you buy.
: Hmmm, yeah forgot the Tri Force got a bit tankier. But it's still pretty expensive, and is a crit build on Nasus even viable? Wouldn't Death's Dance be better (from the CDR options I'm looking at)? Bleeds damage, life steal, ad, and also CDR. I'm thinking of getting rid of Frozen Gauntlet as an option all together. It's funny, the CDR increase kinda messed everything up lol! If my team doesn't have CC and I'm going a balanced build, I could always get Frozen Mallet for some slow. So now for a balanced build I'm thinking {{item:3110}} > {{item:3065}} > {{item:3078}} OR {{item:3812}} (whichever I'm convinced after I do some research is better) > {{item:3742}} OR {{item:3022}} > either more health, lifesteal, or GA.
deaths dance needs a 5 damage increase its weak as shit i ran these numbers that item is fucking garbage at 65. deadmans plate would be good if u were playing at 3k+ vs evenly skilled opponents in a ranked 5 where you have your 4 teammates on either side of you literally within 10metres distance, online etc i wouldnt fucking bother it makes a huge difference. rushed frozen heart is what "you" should get. like first item. spirit visage is completely situational you need team of heals or like a jungler babysitting u with smite/heal. or like a nidalee etc, dual tri lane map breakdowns i aint going through that here. trinities shit, ok for carrys not playing standard 1-1-1-2 lane meta ie from a solo lane etc frozen mallets only good in combination with clawgauntlet or a couple of other stacks. never a one off purchase... do you guys even.. goldfish. attention spans of goldfish. you know cannabis cures ADD right?
: {{item:3025}} +{{item:3065}} +10% cdr from runes is the best base imo. If you want to go triforce then get an early frozen heart or dead mans plate instead of gauntlet. And no, minions killed by iceborn aoe dont add to stacks
does spirit fire still work on towers? gaunts does, q does, stack under spirit fire.. i swear it use to. someone once told me it did. only reason i tried nasus iirc. stacks dont mean shit. if ur playing nasus to see how high u can get ur q as top priority ur playing nasus for the wrong reason and ur probably highly nonfunctioning autistc. ie would just like to throw in here that high functioning mental disorders is extremely oxymoronic and semantically linquistically insulting.
: Yi? I just dominated one on norms with Nasus. 500 stacks at 25 mins. 15/4/6. IE… that's an interesting thought. Does a crit Nasus build have any merit?
yes it creates threat, practice mogul khan from dota to understand what i mean, taunt. other games too h knows about threat, tanks draw threat. dragon age is another good one to practice psychological elements of crowd control. irl too! nice shiny ie. like a dainty painty meowy evee that runs across your path in her pink triangles xxx they are called damage tanks i guess. its what i main. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Infinity_Edge http://www.playdota.com/heroes/axe https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=black+moon+deftones&page=&utm_source=opensearch also tempest, centaur, warlock, the list goes on. prophet. au im for real get them the fuck out of aus. stop fucking harrassing me ill fuck you over loser https://www.google.com.au/search?safe=off&tbs=simg:CAESyQEaxgELELCMpwgaYgpgCAMSKOcL8BbsFt4WlBfvFvIWxxbBC-4W0y2NOIo6rzqQOPwsqzvSPuUp8TcaMJyGGTrnd8WsQMd9H_1NldFU8fZyL7cdbykgkTsRXZPpDILeEMYT4LQCoL0idSi3MdiADDAsQjq7-CBoKCggIARIElxQnrQwLEJ3twQkaPwoMCgp2ZXJ0ZWJyYXRlChMKEW1vZGUgb2YgdHJhbnNwb3J0CgYKBHRleHQKCgoIb3JnYW5pc20KBgoEZm9udAw&q=infinity+edge+lol+item&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjS4fz3m4nKAhUiHKYKHW5JBnwQsw4ILA&biw=1024&bih=499 http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Threat http://i.snag.gy/kdu77.jpg whats the price of bullion investment grade phsyical ounces of silver right now? doesnt matter, last cyclic chance to sell out and buy back in later... gl on that delivery gaurantee STOP FUCKING HARRASSING ME I WILL SLIT YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTERS THROAT IN HER SLEEP HOW MANY HAVE I KILLED?! MORE THEN YOU ILL WAGER THAT MARGIN SLIMS EVERY DAY. WHATS THE MATTER YOU LOSER FUCK YOU STILL CANT WORK OUT CAUSATION RESPONSIBILITY? OMERTA DEAD BLOODLINES #200
: While that might be the norm where you were raised the "n-word" has a negative connotation around the world. When a persons logs into the game they don't immediately know where or how you were raised. You are completely unknown to them. Dropping the n-bomb when a majority of people take offense to it will likely get you in trouble. To put it another way, most outlets have power to them. People having grown up around these types of outlets know that while they could probably stick their finger in it, they shouldn't However, X was raised in an area with a bunch of abandoned houses and it was completely normal for X to stick his/her finger in the outlet without being zapped. X moves away from "the hood" and sticks his/her finger in the outlet, gets zapped and then gets mad at the people that live there because that outlet has power.
not enough bananas in the world. http://i.snag.gy/kdu77.jpg
: What is Katarina's best build combination?
firecape and orb walk >next tier strategy only with zilean on team get all the xp boosts lvl 7 vs 5 is ur entire eyeball ur build sucx is bronze pub
: over lapping Croud controls
servers are a bigger issue im still waiting for demigod rerelease make sure its timely
: its a great strategy to .....
shutthe fuck up and carry
: Jhin Deadeye theory
give it tracks like blitz alt skin
Brookles (OCE)
: Farming better tips please
action is a resource play an rts (otherthan sandbox MOBA) and learn economics in and out and then transfer that to your play, study ludwig von mises' treatise on human action & praxeology. learn ergo sum homo economis xx ergo sum homo economicus homo economicus also gold and backs... nobody knows how to play this game, your pro tiers are fucking garbage. anyone decent doesnt play this game. im the only one. do you understand? im talking globally. im the only.
: How do u not go on tilt
truth is greatest and mighty above all things. try getting a consistant moral compass and fuck an ignorant masses democratic fallacy ram it up your fucking %%%%
: Quality Top Laners
main quinn and look for 4 tank team meta.
: I was chat restricted for saying the 'N-word'
sad days when theres such things as censored words sad days when one of those words is hitler sad days when thats my father
: How to build Nasus now?
core item: infinity edge core summoners: teleport ,secondary: ghost, ignite or smite can work as well core time bracket for power play:20-60 mins core position: mid primacy avoid yi games. try to duo with your jungler source: platinum http://www.sott.net/image/s11/235105/full/Heartland.png
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: When you got New Years Day plans but that solo q grind can't wait.
: So tell me about the AU political scene.
> [{quoted}](name=Colonel J,realm=NA,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=UMwrGTEl,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-12-17T08:26:48.057+0000) > > factions DCLXVI White Lotus Society Illuminati (protip its controlled opp.) http://www.bullshift.net/data/images/2013/09/doom-protip-cyberdemon.jpg also Shirai Ryu Lin Kuei Black Dragon Society
: Going to Transfer in about 15 days
: So tell me about the AU political scene.
: IVE BEEN CHEATED so many times by riot in ranked its not funny
: New free champion rotation: Ezreal, Janna, Jayce and more!
i think kha is in the lowest of bottom tiers of characters in this game
: Looking for chilled people to play with in Norms Or Ranked
: But a lot of competitive games, such as CS, LoL etc are team based games. Not everyone works well with others in a team environment. This is definitely a skill that is needed to succeed. There is only so far individual skill can get you in team based games.
well i learnt the perogative of my "skill" (being transferrable outside the one immediate exercise) predominantly in heavy 1v1 competition. I was matched with and actively sought out the greatest differences (greater than) i nskill i could find and thus had a huge ELO/skill rating with far fewer games and a lower win rate then relative conservatives. from that foundational basis i intergrated into teamcomp play and excelled at that. maxed. you have to die A LOT in moba to truely learn. a unique thing moreso to this genre of gaming then others. learn from every mistake, every engaugement, wake the fuck up.
: Princess Leia Morgana
demø (OCE)
: How can i guranatee a position in Normals
u know its a lie that there are set positions in moba. theres no such thing as calls or lanes. its a map.
: Very disappointed with the lack of continuity!!!
: Ok riot, lets face the music.
take more map innitiative
: Scams going around
trimming armor for free!
: There are going to be plenty of games where even if you are playing well, that one guy on your team who is 0/3 after 5min (usually top) is gonna start abusing you and blaming you for everything because no solo laner ever gets outplayed in solo q, if they lose it's always the jg fault. Basically as jg you cop the most shit if the team is losing even if you are doing ok. Learn to block that shit out and focus on your own game try not to mute if you can cause communication is huge for jg but you can't let it tilt you or drop to their lvl or the game is basically over
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: Is Skill in Video games Natural, or Acquired?
1v1s a more accurate skill rating, you dont play 5v5 chess
: hello everyone i wanna say
life isnt jolly how dare you be happy


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