Ninox (OCE)
: Well if you bought it with RP it should show up in your purchase history in the store. If it doesn't then maybe the history will show something else you bought instead?
nah the history doesnt go back that far
Ninox (OCE)
: How did you acquire the skin? i.e did you rent/upgrade it from hextech, did you get a code for it, was it gifted or did you just straight purchase it with RP? Do you have any refund credits left and have any of them been used? Does anything relevant show up in your purchase history in the store?
purchased with rp im actually not 100% sure i had it but i really strongly thought i had it
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Madze (OCE)
: LF D5+ Mid and Top "Goal Challenger"
: D4 LFT
ill add you in game im also looking for 5s team of regulars i might be able to piece together a team
RageBlade (OCE)
: Hey man I am diamond 5, if you end up joining a team that needs another player to play i don't mind joining! I love to play ranked 5. My Ign: Seethingsin
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: Creating Rank 5 Team (Team 2) DIAMOND + Only
: LF Diamond + Main Jungler for my Ranked 5s Team
: Diamond 5 Support LF duo/5's team
im keen for 5s d5 mid main
yeah im keen im d5 will mid or jg except most days i get on at like 9:15pm and whenever im not working i can play all day
: LFM Plat 1 and above Ranked Team
ill add u after game diamond 5 atm mid or adc
: [LFM] Diamond 5's Team Looking for Jungler (Diamond + )
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: Hi, would be willing to Top if that's not taken. - Plat 4 currently. Also have a Plat 1 friend who mains jungle who would be willing to join us if you want.
yeah sweet as i accepted your add
Knuuckles (OCE)
: i can supp if you can find one, only s3 at the moment but have pretty decent knowledge of the game
am looking for plat+ sorry
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: Looking for rank 5 players. Plat and higher.
IGN Captain Gok Rank plat 2 Age 19 Whether or not you have a mic. and skype/curse yeah all and teamspeak server Champion pool can play anything that fits comp and like most champs Position anything but support preferred
Makkam (OCE)
: KnightRealms eVo LF Plat+ TOP
ill give it a go i added advise :)
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: eVo eSports LFM's Plat+
IGN: Captain Gok Rank: Plat 2 AGE: 19 Role: Jungle/Mid mains Champion Pool: can play anyone at a decent level and jungle i can legitimately play anyone required tank cc or high dmg literally anything and mid zed jayce yas syndra fizz liss kat anything really im very diverse in my champions Competitive History: none Why we should choose you? im very friendly and not shy i will have a joke and enjoy a laugh but will be put my serious pants on when needed and play very seriously

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